News - Warzone Loot Cache Locations (urzikstan) Part 3

So there are 61 loot cashes in Ekhan. If you've seen my articles before, you will see that in parts one and two, we go from numbers one all the way up to 39. Now we're on the next part, part three, and in my opinion, this is the best part of the map to drop at. You can drop with your team and get a load out instantly.

There are so many clustered together, or if you're coming back from the goolag, it's great for a quick regain. You can get plenty of cash, and you can get your team straight back without further delay. 47, so this little cluster of buildings is now just away from it by the ridge. There's a turned-over car; this one was empty when I got there, but that's where it is, just behind the car next up.

So here we move on to 51, 52, and 53, 51, which are just out of here by this radar.

i visited every single look cache in the new warzone map urzikstan this is part 3.
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