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Best bp50 class setup mw3

Best bp50 class setup mw3

In today's YouTube article, guys, we are going to be going over the new top five overpowered guns that you need to be using here in season 2. Since the beginning of season 2 and throughout the weeks already, a lot of Nerfs and Buffs have happened in these hot fixes that we have received, and we need to go over a new list of weapons that you need to be using.

best class mw3

For our first weapon in today's article, guys, we have the BP50. I don't think anyone could argue with me; this isn't the best weapon in the game right now; it's banning the CDL. It's banning rank play, just overall a new weapon it's very broken, we all know that now for this classup though we're going to start with the rear grip here and add on a must have attachment which is the IV grip tape this weapon doesn't have the best recoil control and with it having a fast fire rate, those don't work together so we need to add this attaching on it's a must have we're making the weapon more calm really accurate really easy to use, but also we're getting a lot of recoil controlled for this weapon so we are going to have better control so we are going to be adding this on for our first attachment.

And like I said it is a must have here, now for the magazine for our next attachment we're going to be adding on the 45 round mag again a must have attachment here with this weapon having a fast fire rate we don't want to have to reload all the time and if I mean the 20 round mag is out of the question here we're never going to run that if you want to run the base magazine, just know you're going to be reloading all the time but with the 45 round mag, with you being accurate with this build and everything and we working on damage the time to kill is going to be crazy fast you don't have to reload all the time it's not going to slow your flow so we are going to be adding this on for our next attachment.

best class setup mw3

Which again is a must-have here. Now we're going to go to the underbarrel next, and we're going to be adding on the Xon Phantom 5 hand stop grip. We're going to work on a little bit of handling. With this weapon having some handling, it's going to be really good here, and we're also working on a little bit more recoil control as well.

With this weapon, it's easier to control everything, but now we also have faster aim-down speed. INR is the fire speed. You're going to have that run-a-gun type of play style. Steamroll through everyone and just have a nice play style. Be more aggressive. Get those high-kill-gain games. This attachment is really nice. Now for the muzzle we're going to be adding on the vt7, spirit fire suppressor we're going to show up we're not going to be showing on the radar, we have better control of our weapon better bull velocity where our bullets are traveling faster and air to hit our targets faster and also we're getting better damage range again getting a faster time to kill our bullets are traveling further and everything which is really nice and then for our final attachment guys we're going to the barrel here and adding on the l 9 heavy barrel we're getting better bull velocity and range getting that faster time to kill and everything more Gunk control and Reco control and again firing aimix ability, which is always important, now for our second weapon here which is actually the second best assault rifle and that is the hoger 556, now after the season 2 update with them nerfing the MCW.

Best holger 556 class setup mw3

Best holger 556 class setup mw3

The Hoger 556 is now better than the MCW. You could argue with me if you want, but with this weapon not getting any damage range Nerfs or anything like that, this is going to stay the second-best assault rifle in Modern Warfare 3 until it gets a damage range Nerf, making it better than the MCW. Now, with this class up, we are going to start with the optic, and you know, you can add on whatever optic you like, like I say in my articles, but for me, we are going to be adding on the MK3 reflector.

I'm not too heavy on the iron sights. I know there are people who can use them. If you like the iron sights, choose this, and you can use whatever you want. You can replace this attachment, but if you don't know what to run for an optic, make sure you choose the MK3 reflector, which I think is now the best optic here in Modern Warfare 3, so we are going to be adding this on here.

best class setups mw3

Now for the barrel we are going to be adding on the banner 80 light Barrel now I feel like this is a really important attack M for this class up just because here in season 2 as well this weapon did receive a small handling Nerf so this attachment here is basically going to revert all that we're getting more Sprint speed movement speed aim down sight speed Sprint of fire speed just fixing this classup to make it even better, have more an aggressive play style move fast around the map get into more engagements, get those High kill games and this Barrel is going to help out a ton here, now for the under Barrel what we're going be doing is going over here to the grips and we're going to be adding on the Brewing heavy support grip this can help with gun kick control aiming out of sway horizontal recoil control and firing aiming stability.

best gun after update mw3

Which I think is the most important thing with this class is that just making better control of this weapon is always good, because up close it's going to be really good, and then once you start getting into those medium- and long-range gunfights, this attachment is going to come in clutch, so we are going to be adding it on.

Now for the magazine we are going to be adding on the 40 round mag just for a larger magazine size now with the hogar, not having a crazy Fast Fire rate it's actually really easy with us having an accurate build you know you're going to be hitting your shots accurately, you're not having to use as many more bullets and everything so we are going to be add this on just to prevent us not reloading all the time losing our flow and everything, we don't want to lose that so we are going to be adding on the 40 round mag and then for my final attachment guys we're going to jump up here to the stock and we're going to be adding on the ascent Lord stock now I use this in my last build and honestly I have to say this attachment is very underrated.

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