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Best bp50 class setup mw3

Best bp50 class setup mw3

In today's article, I'm going to be giving you the top five most overpowered guns in Modle Warfare 3. After the update, all five of these class setups should help you drop high-kill game plays and nukes before we get into the class setups. With all that being said, let's get into these class setups.

Now we're going to be starting off with the BP50. I think the biggest issue with this weapon is the magazine size. I wish it was a little bit more, because it does have a high fire rate compared to other ARS in the game. Next, we have an underbarrel, and I went ahead and threw on the FTAc MSP, 98-hand stop.

best class mw3

I love this a lot because the strap speed on this weapon is incredible, so I kind of want to take it. What makes this thing great and makes it even greater is that it'll help you increase the movement speed, which is great, and on top of that, sprinkle in a little bit of vertical recoil control and gun kick control, so it'll help you land a lot more of your shots, and then we also get to increase the movement speed so we can be more aggressive.

get around the map a little bit more smoothly and quickly. In our third attachment. I went ahead and threw on the Lore 9 heavy barrel, and we got an increase in bullet velocity and range, which allows our BP50 to kill much more quickly at those longer range engagements, and on top of that, once again, more gun kick control, recoil control, all that type of good stuff, making us more accurate, less bouncy, and whatnot.

For my fourth attachment, I threw on the four-breaker heavy stock, and at this point, if there's any bounce or whatever it may be, you just can't land your shots. This should pretty much guarantee it to literally not move whatsoever, and to go one step further, my fifth and final attachment is the trust IV, grip tape once again, more recoil control, and all that type of good stuff if I quickly bring this thing to the firing range.

Lord, I mean, the thing literally doesn't move, and it has absolute, I mean, great movement, and also, not to mention, the aim. Look at this aim-walking speed on this AR; this is what makes it just so overpowered that not many ARS can replicate this next.

Best ram 9 class setup mw3

Best ram 9 class setup mw3

Now let's do the ram 9, which is my personal favorite SMG in the entire game right now, so starting off with the 50-round magazine once again just so you can take out a lot more enemies without having for load and whatnot, for my under Barrel I threw on the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop I get to fire speed so the weapon comes up quick R for sprinting and I get to increase an aim down sight speed so it's just overall a lot more quick and snappy, and you're ready for any given situation.

And what's also nice about this is that you get that on top of some better recoil control vertically, and then also gun kick control, which is nice for my muzzle. I had the Zen MN compensated flash hider muzzle. This is what really brings the whole Ram 9 Together, it has a high fire rate, so this makes it very controllable for the fourth attachment.

I went ahead and threw on the hvs. 3.4, pad stock, where you get a huge increase in your accuracy when it comes to medium-range gunfights. The thing genuinely doesn't move; you win so many medium-range gunfights with this because of how accurate it becomes when you put it on, and then my final attachment here is the retort 90 grip tape, where you get firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil control.

My build's a little goofy and weird, but this is all I've been using in both multiplayer and in the war zone, especially so. Again, in these medium-range gunfights, the thing doesn't move right here; it's tough to fight right here at this medium range, but with this build specifically, you get good movement out of its aim walking speed, and it's a laser again.

Best mcw class setup mw3

Best mcw class setup mw3

My favorite SMG in the entire game right now, and this article would be an absolute lie if I didn't include the MCW, which is probably the most overpowered gun in the entire game right now, so my first attachment here is the Dr. 6 hand stop. Huge increase in your mobility. I mean, it has the range of an AR, the power of an AR, but the mobility of an SMG, which makes it just that much better, so you get AIM walking speed.

Sprint to fire movement, so overall, you're just a lot more quick and lighter on your feet, which is great for a muzzle. I have the L4R Flash Hider, which gives us muzzle flash concealment so there's no flashes on your screen when you're firing the weapon, which is great. We also get a pretty significant increase in recoil control and gun kick control, which makes it an absolute laser beam.

best class setup mw3

For the barrel, we have the best barrel for the weapon, the 16 1/2 in MCW. With the Cyclone Barrel, we get bullet velocity and range, which allows our MCW to kill much more quickly at longer range engagements, and on top of that, more aiming, idle sway firing, aiming stability, etc. And then right here it gets a little goofy, so we're going to throw on our optic, which you can put on whatever optic you want.

I think the Mark I reflector is the best on it, and then you can either do the RB clot PSL grip, which is great for ranked play and multiplayer. But since there are a lot more enemies than just regular multiplayer, you might want to do a magazine, which you could do in the 4 or the 60. I probably recommend the 40 so it doesn't slow the weapon down too much, and you could bring this to the frying range.

It's essentially the same thing as the pro build, minus one attachment. And the thing still doesn't move, and on top of that, you get an increase in your magazine, which honestly makes it a huge W. And yeah, the recoil control and whatnot are still pretty much the same after taking that attachment off—probably the most overpowered weapon in the game. I don't know what you guys think of our fourth weapon.

Best striker class setup mw3

Best striker class setup mw3

We have the striker, which is the first SMG. The thing just doesn't have any recoil; it's very easy to use, and it's just been dominant since day one, so we have the 48-round magazine to start things off in the 60's OD. I really thought you always needed it, but you could really get away with 48, and this saves you quite a bit of mobility, which is nice.

Next. I went ahead and threw on the Zen MN compensated flash hider muzzle, which once again shortens those radar pings on enemy radar, requiring less time and a massive increase in your accuracy and recoil control, helping you land so many more shots. For my ammunition, I have on the auto high grain rounds, where you get an increase in bullet velocity and damage range, which just makes this thing even stronger.

Modern Warfare 3 - MW3 Best Class Setups Best Class Setups MW3! These Best Class MW3 have NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 3! Hope you enjoy these Modern Warfare 3 Best Guns Modern Warfare 3 Best Class Setups.
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