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Hey there, this is the one, boom, and welcome to my first class setup article for Modern Warfare 2. I know we are months into the life cycle, and I probably should have been pumping these out earlier, but this is around the time that people start to get a little bit bored of the current Call of Duty.

I can review the M4, and say, Hey, it's pretty good. What's more interesting, maybe even, is that here's the M4 sort of filling a role that you might not have thought it was good for because the roles are sort of the important part of Call of Duty, and this perk system be damned, we can still embrace our play styles and pick our roles because Infinity Ward, try as they might, won't get in the way of our fun, right?

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So anyway, that wasn't supposed to rhyme, so this is a unique flanking class, and this is for larger maps, medium and large, that have good flank routes. I would say to go to Rock Hydroelectric, Ellisilo, Embassy, or the Museum—actually, definitely the Museum. They're the maps I'm thinking of when I think of just what this gun is good for; it's not really for super long range engagements, and it's also not really good for a bunch of, you know, head-to-head engagements and more aggressive play; this is way more oriented around being safe, so if you want a reason to try this, or if you want a reason to continue watching this article.

I'll tell you this: I got flashed and stunned considerably less using this loadout properly. I also should say I have to admit I almost didn't make this article because one of the gimmicks of this class didn't work. In the end, it didn't end up working as well as I'd like it to, and two of the gimmicks actually didn't end up working as well as I'd like them to, but damned if this isn't still a really fun class, so getting into This is about flanking, about going on long flanks, taking your time, getting behind the enemies, and causing a little bit of hell in their ranks, so we have the M4 for this because it's very versatile.

It's got a good fire rate, and it's good at winning gun fights. It's not the lowest recoil, but it's not the highest either, so it's a well-balanced, versatile gun. So I wanted to sort of see just how versatile I could make it, so that was sort of the goal when I was working on this: how versatile can I make the M4?

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So we have the M4 here; we have all of our bases covered, so we have a suppressor, and for all the benefits of a suppressor, I went with the Silent Fire XG6. Because it helps with recoil control, recoil smoothness, and bullet velocity, that's what I wanted. I didn't want anything that was going to damage my velocity or damage range, and then we have a one-milliwatt laser box.

This is super simple and just helps with our hipfire accuracy, but there's no visible laser, so you don't have to worry about a visible laser when you're flanking. It'll help you with your hipfire, and it's helped me pretty often and pretty well. The next thing we have is the 45-round magazine. This 45 round mag it's, especially true when you're used to running 30-round magazines because the larger magazines are too heavy.

best m4 class setup modern warfare 2

I recommend giving them a try; they are a luxury and a treat, especially when you're going on long flanks and you don't really know how many enemies you're going to come across. It's really nice to be able to take them all out, like you can take out an entire 6v6 team with this magazine. So then you also have armor-piercing ammunition.

We'll get to that more in a second, obviously, but just how versatile armor-piercing rounds in this game are. Super slept on super underrated because you could just shoot through all the cabinets, desks, covers, posts, beams, and pillars in rooms, so when you enter a room, nobody's going to walk behind you.

A little bit of railing on a staircase and end up having that block the bullet it'll go through, it seems like it's not just that they increase the damage through materials. It increases the penetration, like it actually will allow you to penetrate walls that you weren't normally able to penetrate, and then the last one, a lot of you guys, a lot of you sweaty players especially, are just using iron sights.

best m4 class setup mw2

Fans are not going to like that I went with the BP Z40 hybrid optic, but there's a good reason for this one: I want this class to be refreshing. I want you to use things you don't normally use, but also, this is really good; it's a really clean optic. It gives you a magnification of 5.5 times. And, although that scope does give you a small sniper glint, you do have the option for a very clean Little Red Dot on the side, and it's very fun to swap between them.

My thinking behind this is that you have a laser sight for close-range engagement, so like really close range, and then you have a red dot for your average engagement, and if you are in a position to use that scope, then I would say mount up and use that scope. You have 45 rounds of ammunition. You don't need super-low recoil to get kills.


You have the ammunition to get kills, so I would recommend just mounting up on some cover. Taking people out of range, so again, when you're flanking, especially on maps like Tarak or Museum, you might find yourself in a position where you're having to take out the person who is first, watching the lane you're trying to flank, and that's going to be pretty hard if your gun is just set up for aggressive close-range combat flanking.

With just an SMG, in my opinion, especially on larger maps. Bad idea, so this sort of was to remedy that it's still lightweight, it's still going to be snappy, and the recoil is low enough that you can challenge somebody at long range, especially if you take the time to slow down a little bit and mount, and that's it for the M4's attachments.

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The M4 is basically set up here so that you have hip fire for up-close arm-piercing and rounds for versatility. 45 rounds for multiple targets and the ability to spray and pray a little bit, especially with that one milliwatt laser, you know. In close quarters, you don't have to worry about running out of ammo, and that suppressor is going to keep you off the compass, and it's going to just make your firing profile that much smaller; it might help you out that much more, and then the hybrid optic allows you to cover two different ranges of engagements, and again, you want to be able to take out the people that are watching the lanes you're flanking or trying to flank, and you won't be able to do that if you just have a Solo Red Dot.

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