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come on boys, let's do this, help me out. I'm done. I'm alive, what.

Class setup and tuning

I'm dead, this weapon's not going to be the best in terms of ads and movement speed, so if you want to use it like an SMG and you want to rush realistically, you're not going to be able to do that, but this is going to be amazing from medium to long range, and it barely has any recoil anyway.

Let's take a look at the setup for the first attachment. We had the Tempest p80 strike stock, and the tuning on it was going to be maxed out for added speed and aiming for idle stability for the rear grip. I decided to go with the Sakin ZX grip, which gives you an increase in recoil control, which is going to be very beneficial for this setup.

In terms of the tuning, we have it at 74 for recoil steadiness and maxed out for sprint to fire speed. For a third attachment, we're rocking the Cronin OP44 muzzle, which is going to help you with the recoil control, and the tuning on it is going to be 0.41 toward recall stabilization and 0.12 toward gun kick control.

For the fourth attachment, we decided to go with the high-tower 20-inch barrel, which gives you a lot of pros including bullet velocity, damage range, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy. Lastly, we decided to go with the choreo laser 44 V3, and the tuning on it is going to be 0.24, towards sprint to fire speed, and maxed out for aiming idle stability, but yeah, this is my updated M4 setup.

Make sure you subscribe if you haven't already, and let's hop into the gameplay.

Game 1 (al bagra fortress)

Game 1 (al bagra fortress)

I didn't know there were two guys, man. What, wait, aim! It's just so bad right now. I can't even explain what's going on because it was bad like two seconds ago, and then I beamed three people in a row. It's inconsistent it's just so inconsistent that I can't even explain it. Let's go; I need bullets; he's in the barn.

More man Seriously, man, I need to go to sleep. I shouldn't be playing right now. It's like I'm just pushing without even thinking, and I'm just dying like an idiot. Just one more guy. Watch out, buddy. You see, this weapon feels so good that I want to play one more game. It feels so good, and it's fun to use.

I don't know what it is, but it's a little bit different from what I'm used to; it's pretty much a heavy hitter, man. I could have easily dropped 40 by now, but I lost a lot of stupid gun fights. Shield guy is pissing me off, man; he's the reason I died a couple times. Let's go, baby, 36 kills. I died a lot, but this game was really good, man.

best m4 class

I had fun with that riot shield guy pissing me off, though (36–9). I'll take the gameplay, man.Foreign.

NEW ZERO RECOIL M4 Class Setup In MW2 BEST M4 Class Setup Modern Warfare 2.
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