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best m4 class

This is the best M4 class setup in Modern Warfare 2, and I actually got a double nuke with this setup. It's the high tower with a 20-inch barrel for the damage range. 0.21 inches of recoil steadness, and 0.31 pounds the schlager PEC box for, aim down sight speed. The demo at Precision Elite Factory for aiming stability and recoil control increased ML stability by 1.08 inches and didn't change the weight, but on the X10 grip for Sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed, increase the recoil settings by 0.23 inches just to subset the recall control con, and then we put on the 45-round mag.

It has an incredible fire rate, low recoil, and pretty good damage, so try it out. It is so funny to me when people start out the game camping like that; I am not a fan. Like, how are you going to start the game by just hiding in the corner, or just lying prone, or sitting back, or something pointy along those lines?

I never liked that. The smart thing to do would have actually been to go for the push, but I think they were afraid. I imagine it was because they were afraid that even though he stunned me or flashed me, I may have still been able to see him, so I played it careful. Honestly, it's not a bad move; it's just that it scared me overall.

Like if the person's bad, it's actually surprisingly a little bit harder to predict what someone's going to do when they are a bad player. I think mostly only competitive players are going to understand what I mean by that. When you see good players, they have this metric for how they're going to actually play the map out: What's a good head glitch?

best m4 class mw2

What's a bad glitch? Well, you should or shouldn't challenge, but when you're actually a good player, that's how you follow it. When you're a bad player or just somebody who hasn't played competitively or anything along those lines, it's a little bit more confusing because you have no idea what's actually going to happen.

At best, you're taking guests. Securing objectives, all right I'm really close. I just think it really stinks that my teammates don't have any UAV, you know, nothing, so they're now kind of playing like scaredy cats. This could all end right here. Divergent from the Mission messed you up a little bit.

I mean, it's not really a big deal, like it's not as serious as my making it sound pretty much just all fun, but when going for the gameplays and stuff like that, those are the things I just keep in mind when I'm going for them. The more you can glitch, the better; honestly, it's as gooey as it sounds.

best m4 class setup mw2

You don't want to be in a situation where the enemy has the head glitch and you don't; if they have that power position, they're essentially beating you

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