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In today's War Zone 2 article, we're taking a look at the top five meta-ARS. Almazara and Onashique Island. I myself am a Chic Island player pretty much exclusively, so this is going to work out great for that, but we can also alter it a little bit for Almazreth. So let's hop into it, and here's my general overview of these attachments.

We really like this. The tune on this thing is: We have a plus of 0.99 and a plus of 65. That's why we're going to go down here to the Annabelle section and throw in F-TAC gripper 56. The tune on this thing is a negative 0.57, a plus Point 20 seven, and you gotta go up in here to the barrel section for that Fielder t50, so the Fielder t50 is going to be a necessary thing to run on this gun just to really make sure this gun is super effective at those longer ranges, and it's got great recoil and great control, so we definitely have to run that.

After that, we're going to go down here, where we have to throw on a magazine, and the only option we really have in here, because it's got the base of 30 rounds, is to throw on the 45-round magazine, so we have to throw in the 45; that's kind of the only option we really have. I prefer to be 50 or 60, but 45 is still more than enough here for the ISO Hemlock.

call of duty warzone 2

It's not like it's a super-fast fire rate gun like the Fenik 45 or something like that, so that's okay. Island but for my preference right now. I've been running a lot of just Red Dot sights as I feel like that's more than enough for shika. Island as opposed to Azerb, you can switch over to the amount of V4 if you're going over to the big map, but this is my full build here, number one meta AR in the entirety of a war zone.

Talon 5. The tune on this thing here is going to be a plus of 99 and a negative of 0.32. After that, we've got to go down here to the Commando 4-grip; uh, this is not a 4-grip, and I generally speak and run a lot. I did a little bit of research trying to figure out what would be the best thing to run in the commander's forward, seeing it kind of come out on top here, and this is just a really solid option to be able to run on this gun in particular.

call of duty warzone 2 best loadouts

I would normally say for a lot of other guns, the F-Tech Ripper, but for this gun, the Commando foregrip works out great. The tune on this thing here's me at plus 62 and a plus 13; that's what's got to go down here to the magazine there on the 40-round mag, I mean. We really only have the option of the 20 and the 40, so that's kind of the only downside to this gun besides it not being super, like, you know, no recoil, which is the fact that it's only got a 40-round magazine instead of a 50, 60, or, in the case of the RPK, a 75 plus.

After that, we're going to go in here to the rear grip for the True Tech grip for that Sprint fire speed and inbound sight speed. The tune on this thing here is a negative 0.55 and a plus point of 22, and then after that for a final option, once again, the Cronin Mini Pro. So that's my full build there for the cast-off 762.

Now moving on to an assault rifle that's actually better in terms of its recoil, you know, capabilities, that's going to be the TAC 56, so this is a top-tier assault rifle between this and the ISO Hemlock. Here's my general overview now; let's get into it, so first thing, Harbinger. D20, kind of like we ran on ISO Hemlock.


I'm not going to explain this one too much. You guys can understand what it does damage range and re-coast smoothness. All the good stuff in this is pretty much trying to make this thing a bit better. The tune on This is Gonna Be A Plus is 90 plus 65, that is, when you go up near the barrel section, we're going to run the 17.5, hundred.

Pro Barrel just because this didn't increase that damage range hit by accuracy, which is always kind of like a minor plus, but the bill of velocity is also another big plus. We've got to make sure our shots register pretty quickly in this game. You can really tell when a gun has very little bullet velocity, and this is one of those guns where you can for sure tell it does, especially when you're trying to, you know, pick people out of the sky or something like that, and you really need that bullet velocity.


The cheat on this thing is plus point 39 and negative point 10; now let's actually go down here to the F tracker 56 as our tried and true under barrel that we always like to run. This thing works out beautifully; it's just such a good under barrel; the tune on this is me plus 154 and a plus 17; now let's actually get up to the laser; so we're going to throw in the FSS, which is plus Ole; between this and the 7 mW laser, they basically do the same thing but they have like just different names essentially.

Whatever you're running, this thing is going to be negative 0.15 and negative 11.52. Personally i think that this is kind of like my primary AR that I'm going to be using on Ashika. Island, and that I kind of want to have more rounds in the magazine primarily because you're playing quads or trios.

Not really solos kind of available, so if it was solos. I recommend just going into the optics section and throwing on something like the Corona Mini Pro or even the amount of V4 would work out great. All you have to do is just swap out the FSS and tune this here for a little bit of that added speed and put it all the way to the far side.

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It's pretty simple. Now I'll put into one of my guns that I think is personally, like, really fun to use, but it's not like a hundred percent, you know, top tier meta is the M4, so this thing's actually really solid and I have a great build for it just because you're going to be able to run around super aggressive with this thing, and that's why, like, you know.

I like having aggressive guns because the Sprint of Fire in this game is terrible. So we've got to have some aggressive guns and some aggressive setups that actually have good recoil controls. So here's my general overview of this on this gun, so we have, you know, like I said, a pretty aggressive one here, but let's get into it, so first things first.

Castle comes, so this can help us out with that vertical and horizontal recoil control that's pretty huge in this game considering the M4 or just a lot of guns in general do like to bounce around, so we're going to really control that here with this, and it's going to be hugely beneficial. Let's see, on this thing here, it's going to be a negative 52 and a plus 29.

cod warzone 2 best loadout

That means that we're going to go down here and run the FSS shark fin 90. So this can help us out with that idle stability, and it's not going to give us any cons, which is pretty sick, so we don't have to worry about slowing down our aim-down site speed or anything else like that. Like I said, this can be a pretty aggressive way to build the tune on this thing.

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