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call of duty

In today's Horizon article, we're taking a look at the new Top 5 Guns after Season 2 Reloaded. Update went through it, did a bunch of buffs and nerfs, and now we've got some new meta contenders. But generally speaking, for my loadouts here, we got the smoke grenade for my tactical, which you can kind of switch out for me like a stun or flash grenade, the throwing knife to finish off those down enemies, and then my perk package here, my go-to is overkill, double time fast hands, and high alert.

I run this case because I play a lot of Ashikaga and Island, and this actually works out really nicely. Alright, so here's my general overview of these attachments, here for this gun, and now let's actually get into it. The first thing here is going to be the suppressor, which would be the Echo 80.

This is a great suppressor here to kind of give us that sound expression damage range and all that sort of stuff, and with a request for smoothness, this is a really top-tier one. We don't need the hard Banger D20, as that would slow us down a little bit too much, especially if you're playing something like Ashiga.

call of duty warzone 2

Island, this is going to be a much better alternate to, kind of keep you a little bit more sped up. The tune on this thing here is a negative 1.08 and a plus.68, which means that we're going to go down here to the ammunition and we're going to throw on the 5.56. High-velocity rounds: this is going to give us that increase in bullet velocity that we need that we would get for something like the barrel if we were to go run like the Fielder t50, but we don't want to do this because we don't want to run the Fielder if we're going to be playing Ashika Island because it's really going to slow us down too much for our master.

This would be a much better option, but what we really need is that bullet velocity benefit from that barrel, and the rest we can do without, so that's why we're going to be running this, and it's going to work really nicely for our speed, for the tunes of plus 152 and plus 6.97. At that point, we're going to go up here to the laser section for that FSS Ole This is a top-tier attachment for a variety of different guns.

I absolutely love the FSS Ole; it's got basically no cons apart from people can see the laser, which I really don't care about, so it's pretty much got no cons to me. Let's tune into this thing. There is a plus of 19 and a negative of 13.16. That's, out we're gonna go down here and throw in the 4 45 round mag.

call of duty warzone 2 best loadouts

I believe the 45 is a necessary thing, much like, you know, some of these other attachments, or a majority of them, that we have to increase from the base 30 up to the 45. It is just necessary to do so, and for a final attachment, we have AIM Operation V4. If you don't want to run that and you want to run like a red dot.

I would recommend running the Chrono Mini Pro, as the blue dot Red Dot site is the easiest to kind of pick you apart, know people apart, from, especially if you're playing on a Master with the general tone of the map being red, which will blend in a little bit more so than the blue dot. Next up. It doesn't matter what map you're playing, like Mazra or Ashika Island, but let's get into it here, so here's my general overview of this again.


This is actually a really fun one to be able to use, and I've been using it quite a bit here recently. It was good even before the update, and now it's even better afterwards. So let's hop into these attachment breakdowns. We have the first thing here, the X10 Razer Comp, for horizontal and vertical recoil control.

We know this thing likes to bounce around, and it definitely can do that if you don't have the right attachment setup, so this is really going to help stabilize it out; the tune on this is going to be left there for that zero zero, and also then a plus point 21 there on the bottom if you mess that up, you know, the recoil stabilization or the ads speed, it starts being too negative, and you start getting too many cons almost instantaneously.

So we don't want to mess with that. Up next is going to be the barrel for the l38 Falcon, and we're going to get that increase in movement speed and aim down side speed, and that's pretty huge because I tried to slow down the movement speed and add speed here of this gun, so we're definitely going to run the Falcon here pretty much exclusively now that the tune on this is to give me a negative.


Point 31 and then all the way left to zero on the bottom, just because once again you're going to really start getting a lot of cons, and we don't want that. Um, at that, we're going to go up here to the VLK laser (7 MW) between this and the FSS. Ole Same thing, different name; you really can't go wrong no matter what gun you put it on, so it's always a good option.

The tune on this is going to be negative 0.31 and a negative 26.32. I would just kind of go for the 40 just because it's more mobile and more agile, and sometimes I feel like the 50 slows you down a little bit too much, but if you want 50, no one's going to stop you, so it's actually not that bad of an option.

I just go for the 40. And for a final attachment, we got to go for the Lochman TCG, 10 rear grip, so this is going to be for a little bit more recoil control; I mean, it's really going to stabilize this gun out, and it's going to be really, really good for that, but the tune on this thing here is to be a little more for the ads speed and sprint fire with a negative point of 0.29 and negative 0.16, so that's my full Lachmann build; I hope you enjoy that all right.

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So for our next gun up here today, we're going to be taking a look at the PDSW. This thing actually didn't get a crazy buff, but it did get one that actually makes it much more useful as well. The iron sights were kind of a little wonky, and they kind of felt like they were chewing your face; it was pretty hard to see around them.

They did actually buff the iron sights, and so that makes this gun so much easier to be able to see and be able to actually utilize the iron sights without having to wait. It's an attachment slot, so we're going to get into a great build for this thing now. Here's my general kind of overview of this; now let's get into the breakdown.

cod warzone 2 best loadout

The first thing we got in here was the Forge dx90, so it's going to provide sound suppression and recoil smoothness. We're going to lose. I guess, a tab of that damage range, but it's entirely okay because this thing is just going to hit kind of regardless, so we're actually going to run this tune on this thing, which is going to be for the Max ads, speed a negative 0.99, then a negative point 13 on the bottom, so we don't really lose too much of that damage.

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