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Welcome back to my Warzone top 5 overpowered guns you guys need to be using. These are going to be some incredible loadouts that are going to allow you to dominate Al Mazurek. So hop into this. I'm going to be telling you guys just real quick what I normally run on all my setups. My tactical is usually a stun grenade or a smoke grenade, depending on how I'm feeling on the day.

Stunts are super effective, and smoke can get you out of a tight situation, so those are pretty useful. The septex is usually what I run for my lethal, and then the weapons specialist is what I run because you can't really edit your own per package here, unfortunately, so I pretty much always run their weapons specialists, and that's that.

So let's get into our first gun here today. We have to take a look at the Fenix 45. Is this probably the best secondary SMG to run in the entirety of the game right now? So the first thing I want to hear is the X10RR40. Is our first attachment with a sound-suppressible velocity range and recoil smoothness overall a fantastic attachment here on this gun? The extended damage range really helps smooth out the recoil, which is something you definitely need on the FedEx 45, and the tune on here is going to be a plus 45 and a plus 35 there, helping stabilize this gun while still maintaining a lot of bullet velocity, which is really good.

call of duty warzone 2

After that, we're going to go down here; it's the underbelly section; we're on the FSS shark fin 90. Idle stability increased, and this thing has no cons, which is incredible. We don't really want to run a lot of cons on this gun, and I love running the shark fin 90. I've run out of a variety of guns beforehand, but this one works out really nicely.

The two on this thing are a negative 49 and a plus 17 there on the bottom; definitely try that out next; up's got to go up in here. The VLK laser is 7 mW. This is a fantastic attachment for a variety of different guns, aimed at site speed, mixed ability, and sprint to fire speed. Um. I've run this on plenty of ARS, you know, for multiplayer even in wars, and you can run this on any SMG; this is going to work out great, so this is just a solid attachment pretty much all around.

call of duty warzone 2 best loadouts

After that, we're going to go to the stock section here. My face Cam's kind of covering that, but the F-Tac Loctite stock. Crouch movement speed. Sprint speed, and aim down sight speed like I've said about other attachments, they're all just really great here. I mean, you got a crotch movement speed, which we don't care too much about, but that Sprint speed was huge on this thing.

You lose a little bit of recoil control, but that's entirely okay, as this is just a great attachment otherwise, and that's going to be that apart from the Fennec 45 mag here, just increase the That base magazine ammo capacity is from 30 to 45, so that's my full build here. Definitely try it out. This is, without a doubt, probably the best SMG in a war zone right now.


Next up here, we're going to be taking a look at a tried and true AR that's got very little recoil, minimal, almost zero recoil: the attack 56. This is another thing a lot of people absolutely love, and for good reason, as it's just super, super solid. So let's get into the attachments for it. Sound suppression bullet velocity damage range and request smoothness definitely kind of do the same thing as the X10, but this is going to be for ARS, so this is a really great option.

The chain this thing has is going to be a plus 1.08 and a plus-point 45 there on the bottom overall, stabilizing the gun, which is definitely needed. We want to make sure this is as much of a laser beam as possible, and after that, we're going to go to the barrel section and run the 17.5 Tundra. I'm pro-barrel of that increase in damage range with our accuracy and bullet velocity, and I definitely still need that here in the warzone.

A bullet velocity increase and damage range increase are always awesome. It is not about the recoil control, which I really wish this barrel would have, but otherwise, this is a fantastic option. The tune on this thing here is going to be a plus 27 and a plus 12 there on the bottom, so try that out now.


Moving down here to the unibrow section, the F-TAC Ripper 56 is aimed. Idle stability, hip-fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization The hip fire accuracy is kind of one of those things that's not necessarily needed but it's always just nice to have in case you get caught in a situation where you can't switch over to your secondary fast enough and, you gotta have to like hit fire just a little bit and also kind of helps you if you have to flyer and you're kind of slowly aiming down sights, it'll close in that spread a little bit so it can be pretty beneficial but this is a great grip here otherwise the tune on this can be plus 0.54 and a plus at point 17, so definitely try that out.

Of course, down here at the bottom, we've got to increase That Base Magazine's amber capacity up to 60 rounds. I'm a 6-year-old, and I'm a mad kind of guy, so I love running the 60, but it really only works for Warzone, not as much for multiplayer. You don't really need a lot of magazine capacity for multiplayer; just for Wars, on those occasions, it feels like you take people out in two shots versus having to put an entire magazine into someone.

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It's kind of a bit crazy like that. And then for our last attachment, we have the AIM Op AV4, which is the This is just an incredible. Red Dot-ish style site, and to be able to run it, you don't necessarily need like a three- or four-times optic. Some people like to take the VLK four times. I've seen a large shift over to people almost exclusively running this, and for good reason because it's super easy to see through; it's not too much magnification; it's just pretty much the right amount for how like the actual range of these guns is, and the actual tuning on this here is going to be negative 1.55 and negative 1.65.

There are some on the bottom, so definitely try this out and attack 56, top-tier AR. Now, let's move on to our next gun. For our next gun, we have to take a look at the RPK. Here comes season two. Well, even though season two is kind of delayed, potentially, you definitely should be using this before it gets nerfed, so here's gonna be kind of my overview on these attachments.

cod warzone 2 best loadout

Now let's actually get into it and show you guys what I'm using first. First, I got the Polar Fire Dash S. This is sound suppression. Bullet velocity damage range request Moon, that's pretty much like all the other two suppressors we ran, the X10 and the echo list. This is like the same thing for this gun, so you definitely want to run that as soon as possible.

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