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Another Mastery Camo to check off the list I've finally unlocked the bioluminescent camo, and technically. I don't have every gun in the game by luminescent because Modern Warfare 2 has 77 weapons, and you have to unlock it. 26 weapons left to grind, and that's crazy because that's pretty much unlocking Borealis.

All over again, I'm not going to rush and force myself to do those other weapons and get bioluminescent on them since I'm feeling a little bit burned out on zombies. I'm going to take a break and enjoy some multiplayer and War Zone. I was looking at my stats the other day, and I have double the play time in Zombies, then multiplayer and War Zone combined in Modern Warfare 3, so I think it's time for me to take a little bit of a break, but for those that are still cam grinding by the way.

The Outlast contract is the number one camel grinding method. If you guys don't know what that contract is, it's the one that looks like the radar dish. You can get infinite zombie spawns if you get the progression to around 95, and then just leave the area, and zombies will infinitely spawn, and you can even cancel the contract at that point.

bioluminescent camo

That's going to be really helpful because some Outlast contract locations will be in buildings, and eventually, when you get to that 95 percentile, where zombies are spawning in high amounts, they're only spawning inside the actual building, where you would gain progression if you're inside, but if you cancel the contract, you can be in that building and zombies will still infinitely spawn.

You don't have to worry about accidentally completing the contract, and you can just farm zombie kills as fast as possible. I found that strategy way better than x-filling, of course. Other than farming manglar or boss zombies for serpentinite racka. Or just Mangler kills In general, the Outlast contracts work for every single camo challenge except for specialty zombies, so manglers mimic disciples and mercenaries.

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But even then, the contracts in the medium difficulty zone for Outlast will spawn mimics, or, sorry, not mimics. I'm stupid manglers and disciples, and if you know how to do the 55% glitch, which is basically you get the progression of 55%, and every time you reach 55, an elite zombie will spawn, and you can get Cam Challeng is done extremely fast, and you can do that as many times as possible to spawn however many manglers and disciples you want.

It should go without saying that if you're doing contracts in the easy difficulty zone, the zombies have way less health, so you can get kills with some of those weaker weapons, and you don't have to upgrade if you don't want to, and only zombies and hellhounds will spawn at those contracts, which allow you to get easy kills.

When I was doing the Pack-A-Punch kills, where you need 300 kills with each weapon I was completing, both weapons, because I have two insured weapon slots, in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how close the Outlast contract spawn was to wherever I loaded in. I'd have my weapons done and would be on to the next, and if you have a simple camo challenge Alles like hip fires Point blanks head shots Outlast contracts are going to be great, even if you need elemental kills.

bioluminescent camo guide mw3

The only thing that would suck with Outlast contracts would be doing tacticals. That's the only issue you would have unless you had an ammunition supply close by, or you could just pick up the tacticals that the zombies drop as you kill them and group up like a train of 105 of them and use that tactical, but even then, you really won't struggle with camo challenges on that.

All right, it's time to get controversial with Modern Warfare Zombies. It stinks without the cam grind if it weren't for the bioluminescent and Borealis camos. There would be no reason to play this mode at all. Sure, you would play it for maybe a day or two with friends. You would explore and do everything that was to be done.

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Maybe get some schematics, and that's all you would ever do with the C grinds. You get more mileage in the game because you have to play it so much to get these camos done, and on top of that, while doing the camel grind, you can do all of the ACT missions. Just while doing challenges, as well as unlocking a bunch of schematics, if not all of them at the same time, realistically, if you do the camel grinds, you get the full zombie experience, but if you're just a casual player, there is absolutely nothing to do.

I was thinking about doing Grand Mastery soon, but I'll probably just wait for the summer; that way, I can get burned out. Instead of burning myself out now, there's nothing to do. No Easter egg, no high-round record You're limited to only an hour each time you play the game. My IP address is about to be hacked and a bomb is about to be dropped on my house, but Vanguard Zombie is better than Modern Warfare Zombie in terms of content and, like, okay, not quality, but in terms of content, it at least has Shinon Numa, where you can get to whatever round you want.

bioluminescent camo mw2

There's an Easter egg camo challenge, and there's at least more stuff to do as of right now, because who knows what content they're going to add in future seasons? Maybe they add round mode, and boom, instantly, Modern Warfare Zombies becomes better than Vanguard. But I guess, as of right now, Vanguard zombies unfortunately have more to do with Modern Warfare zombies, and I see that as an issue because MW3 is better in every single way, except for gameplay.

There I said it: facts don't care about your feelings; Vanguard's my least favorite Call of Duty of all time, and it's crazy that there's truth behind what I'm saying. Kind of scary anyway; cam challenges are done. I get to finally sit down and enjoy the game. I've been playing multiplayer recently and have been absolutely loving it.

I forgot how much fun Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer was. I was really enjoying it at the launch of the game, doing the interstellar camo challenges, and now it's just it; it feels like I'm experiencing it for the first time all over again. I've been doing the weapon Grand Mastery challenge in Modern Warfare 3.

bioluminescent camo mw3

I only have a couple of them done so far. I will go more in depth into that grind in a little bit here. I just kind of wanted to enjoy the holiday season. spend some time with friends and family, play some casual games, and not worry about mastery grinding 24/7. As much as I want to complete everything this game has to offer, I just wanted to take a little break.

I've also started unlocking the Orion camo on the Modern Warfare 2 weapons for the second time. I decided I'm going to try the camo challenges out on Modern Warfare 3, and I don't know where I'm going to go with this, but I wanted to do a comparison to see if Orion was easier to unlock on Modern Warfare 2 versus this game.

Bioluminescent is the zombies mastery camo for the MWII weapons and I've finally unlocked it.
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