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I am addicted to rank play now. These guns are going to go off on people. These guns are great for controlling hardpoints and searching. You can use them in all modes.

Perks n sh.

Trust me, guys, these guns are insane, and you're going to want to use them now before we get into the actual attachments.

I want to show you guys quickly because most of my classes are the same, so I got a knife on so I could run around quicker and stuff sometimes. I'll have a pistol on, then I'll have a stun grenade, because that's pretty much all you could throw on for the tactical, and then for the lethal, it's either a frike or a semtex; honestly, a semtex doesn't blow up fast enough when you throw it down, so they're going to see if they're going to run a frike.

You could cook it in your hand and clear out areas nicely, and then we got the perks. I find rank two to be the best because you get double time, you get battle hardened, which is great so you can block out those stuns and flashes that people seem to roll, or at least the people seem to be throwing around like crazy, and you get fast hands.

For the actual field upgrade, we either got dead silence or a trophy system. Now, I trust my teammates to run the trophy system more than I do myself, and they do throw it down a lot, so I do appreciate that with them, and that allows me to run Dead Silence. instead, so I can flank around and kill them if they're in the hard point, or if we're playing control, or whatever, if they're in control, or whatever.

I can flank around and get them out that way, so I like that a lot. Now let's get into the actual attachments.

All guns!

All guns!

You guys can even look at a little bar at the bottom of the article and find the class that you want next off; we got the beznav, or vasnav.

Kastov 545

I love this gun. It's a great gun. The class is a little different than what else some people might find useful and stuff, but it just works. I can't really explain why it works.

It just works. So the muzzle for this is going to be the Cronin mod 86, we got muzzle flash concealer, but it's kind of useless, we've got recoil stabilization and recoil steadiness, and the tuning on this one is going to be ads, at 0.84, and we got gun kick control at point 17. After that, we got high-velocity 5.54 ammo, and this one's good because you got bullet velocity that's going to just help you hit more hit-and-miss type shots at longer distances.


The bullets are going to hit the enemy faster, so you don't have to really lead your shots, and hopefully you don't miss anything now. We put the damage range maxed out on this so you can max it out; it doesn't take away anything if you max it out, thank God, and then recoil stabilization is anywhere around seven.

I have it at 6.97. At the moment, and that's going to be great for that as well, then we got the 45-round mags; it's great; you are a little slower with it, but you get 45 rounds, so there's no complaining there; the true tag grip for the rear grip gives you sprint to fire and ads; we need this on the gun because we have a lot of attachments that are giving us that recoil control and stuff and different things, but we don't have anything yet that gives us ads and Sprint to fire, so this is great The tuning is at 0.52 ads and maxed out Sprint to Fire, and then for the last attachment we got the Ft.

Tac Elite stock for recoil and control, that's why we needed that other attachment, and for the rear grip we needed some more ads and Sprint to Fire, so this one the ads we're going to throw out at 1.81, and then we're going to leave the other one at zero, we're not going to mess with that bar down there, and that is the class for the cast off 545.

Now some people might ask me if I like the cast-off five or five more than the cast-off 762. Yes, I actually do. I really do like it a lot more. To be honest, guys, going to the next class, we're going to talk about the Vasnev The Vasnev is an insanely good gun.



Why am I not running the pro issue? These are the attachments right here, guys. We got the muzzle, which is the x10 Razer, comp for horizontal and vertical recoil control, which is amazing, and in my opinion the tuning on this one is going to be ads at 0.39, and then we're going to put the gun kit control at plus 23, and that's what gives this gun its laser-like ability; it feels like a laser; it feels nice; and I love it a lot.

The barrel is going to be cast. Three eight and one millimeters; you could throw on this one if you want as well, but I just find this one a lot better. You got bullet velocity, damage range, and hip fire accuracy, and you didn't get a bunch of crazy stuff like movement speed and stuff like that.

best class setup

The ads are really low on this one as well. This one, in my opinion, is a lot better. The mobility and stuff like that are higher on this one than they are on the other one, which is updating its playlist not right now, man, not right now, God. Gotta love this game sometimes all right moving on, so with this one right here, the actual tuning is going to be recoil setting this at 0.26 and damage at Point 17.

I'm actually curious now that the, 45 round mags obviously it's nice to have if you don't want to use this you can definitely take it off but, just know that if you're in the hardpoint or if you're in the control or whatever and, the enemies are pushing you like crazy you, only got 30 bullets to fight them off so in my opinion getting a little hit on the movement speed and ads and kind of being a little slower in that regard is, a lot better and you do get a hit in Sprint to fire speed but when this really comes in handy you're not even sprinting anyways you're literally standing in the controller the hardpoint so that's not even a con right there and the ads, and being ad probably already adsing.

That's not a con, and the movement speed again is not really a con now, so it's really not bad. The rear grip is going to be the true tack grip, which gives a sprint to fire and ads just because we lost some there does give it back, and the tuning is going to be 0.58 ads and negative 0.13 towards a sprint to fire, and the final attachment for this one is going to be the Ft tack.

Elite Stock says that 10 times as fast as you can, but you probably can't. I mean, you probably could, but pretend you can't because then whatever I just said would make sense. This year gives you recoil control tuning, which is going to be ADS 284 and aiming idle stability, something I don't normally put up but actually did on this one, and it kind of feels nice.

I'll be honest with you guys; I put it out at 1.32. This gun is insane; it's probably my favorite gun right now. I love the Vasnav; it's crazy good. Next off, we got the TAC 56.

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