News - Top 5 Meta Sniper Support Guns That Beat The Fennec Warzone 2

best ak74u class

Complicated topic today: guns, To pair with snipers, these guns need to be very good, have the damage to compete with SMGs, but at the same time have a 20- to 30- to 40-meter effective damage range. If one of these boxes isn't checked, they might just fall so far behind that you can't even play them anymore, but I have the top five sniper support guns for you with tuning screenshots in between now.

SMGs have a 530 to 550 millisecond time to kill average, so that's what we have to base our assault rifles on, so we'll start with number five, the 762, which has a 600 millisecond time to kill slow. But the headshot multiplier plays a big role for this gun, first and foremost in ammunition. The best damage range has pulled out the max to counter the minus damage range, and you're going for Ricochet Stability 701.

Now with this turbo Trinity already, you do have a decent gun that has an oak page reclip. Now, obviously, this is at a minimal distance, so if you're now going to be trying to shoot this one, sure. I can keep that on, but for this one, it's a wee bit shaky, especially with the left and right bibbity bounds, so we're going for the muzzle, and here it's going to be lockshot.

best chimera class

KT for the horizontal and vertical recoil control with the gun, kick control, and recoil stabilization before someone freaks out, yes, you can also just put it on 60 and it'll give you the direction, and you can essentially use min, max, minimal, tweak, and torque. If you feel like it now for the final attachment, you could go for more Ricoh control with the stock.

Barrel isn't worth it because it only gives you minimal damage range, but it gives you a huge chunk of ad time minus movement speed, and the recoil control ain't worth it. So. I like to go for an optic here to really be able to hit all my shots since I want to shoot this on 40 meters plus as, well, if we're looking here now at what we have, it's very nice and super decent, and you can keep that on the distance, why do I choose the 30 round mag over the 45 because?

The 40-yard route Max here gives you movement speed minus, side speed minus, and sprint fire speed minus, and the reload is so quick you really don't need It's definitely a gun for more experienced players, who have to go for the headshots to get the most value out of beta. This gets followed up by another cast-off, in this case the 74U.

best chimera class mw2

It's a 552-millisecond time to kill right up there with SMGs, and especially with the rear grip tuned towards sprinting fires between the name on side speed followed up with the FSS OV laser, you're already in SMG territory now that you have the 45-round magazine, and that's 15 bullets more instead of just the 10 more, and if you're looking at the recoil.

And, also, if you really do want to have a sight. I think what you put off is the true tack grip or the laser number three, which would be the Chimera at 525 milliseconds, just like the Lachman sub, very close to the fan. Panic One problem is the bullet velocity on that gun, and we do not have any ammunition to actually give us insane ball velocities.

best kastov 762 class

Only 30 rounds could go for the 45, but we don't actually have an attachment for that. I'll get more into this first rear grip again. The Bruin flash grip or Sprint to fire speed and aimed on sidespeed, then the laser with the vlk lzr, held up by the barrel, and yes, you do need the barrel here, yes, it ruins ads time, but the SA Phoenix gives you that ball velocity that you need where you can literally forget about using this as a sniper support as all going for the aim down sidespeed and going for The Recoil steadiness on 35.

And now that you have these three attachments on, you do have a, okay, recoil already. I mean, this is literally fine. You're just blasting away. You can keep it on, and for the distance, Bit unroot. Most important, though, is that we still don't have enough bullet velocity, so we need to look for the muzzle, and the best one here is the husher.

Yes, there are others with more bullet velocity, but the husher gives us the least in on-side speed plus. We still have to look for it, and we tune this actually towards more bullet velocity, and yes, you can pull this maximum out because there is no sweet spot. Just pull maximum out and do a non-side spin now with one, two, three, and four attachments.

best lachman 762 class

The recoil is fine. ish, you can now choose the 45-round mag if you like the iron side, but I tend to go for the Chrono Mini Pro because I believe the more bullets are not worth it if you consider that with a side, you're potentially just going to be hitting more bullets anyways. So yes, you could go for 15 more bullets, but I'd rather go with the ones assigned because they are actually more accurate.

You really want to have 45 balls and decide to ruin flash grip off. Now we're entering experimental territory because 525 milliseconds is also on the tag V, which makes for relatively slow sniper support but is still viable and has a great baseball velocity. You have to play a site to actually keep your pinpoint shots on; there's no question about that.

best loadout warzone 2

I'd like to tune this with a demo clean shot and also with the FSS OV laser, but it's not an option. I'm going here for the 50-round mag we're going to put on the Ftech Ripper as well and tune this to its aiming stability and recoil stabilization, and keep in mind this is more for the Sentinel play style, so it's a good time to kill the Chimera super aggressively with this more Sentinel.

It's not impossible to handle, but you do notice it is still quite shaken while baking. Up here, it goes a little bit left, right, left, right, left. Right left doesn't have many vertical bounds, and your main bounce is the horizontal. That's why we're putting on the Thai LR8 gun kick control and also for recoil stabilization again.

Then last attachments here I've chosen for myself to really go for The Brood stock for aiming idle stability and aiming on side speed to have that more of Rico control now, you see there's no recoil bullet velocity whatever attachment is on because the baseball velocity is actually good enough on the tag V and it has a very good effect of damage range roughly 50 meters and, you can keep it nicely on the button, again it's more for the slower player because you notice ads time relatively slow movement relatively slow.

best sniper support warzone 2

This is definitely another one for you to try out due to the absolute mental headshot multiplier, and the lowest possible time to kill again as a sniper support kind of is the Lakman 762. With 488 milliseconds, which is 7 milliseconds faster than the Fennec, now can you make the Lachmann work though?

That's the bigger question. First, we're going to slap on a 30-round magazine because, again, the gun does a huge chunk of damage, and you don't really need the 50-round magazine because it's going to make it super sluggish. This one we can build even faster. Here, we're going to slap on the high-velocity rounds.

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