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I want to run it back and showcase exactly what you should be running in the current meta one more time before the weapon balancing but first before jumping into anything. I want to give a huge shout-out to Frank Bradley. I got you guys the top 5 SMG loadouts in the entire game right now, so without further ado, stop directly to loading gun number one, and loadout number one for the list is still the Finnick 45 SMG.

If you guys haven't played Warzone 2 for yourselves, you probably don't understand how dominant the Finnick really is, but it is seriously unmatched. The damage and fire rate it has make it so that no gun competes, up close, other than maybe the akimbo pistols swapped directly into the build attachment.

Number one is the underground. We have the abscess shark fin 90. Like I said, with the fire rate it has, it gets a little bouncy, and this is here giving you even more aiming. Auto stability just makes it ever so slightly more accurate, and with it being an SMG, you want to be as fast as humanly possible, so I toss in the VLK-LZR, a 7-mw laser that gives you even more aiming stability, speed, and sprint to fire speed like I said, making you way faster but also making it more accurate as well.

best class setup

For the stock, mixing perfectly with the laser, we have the F-Tac Loctite stock, giving you even more Crouch movement speed, and Sprint speed again, like I said, speeding you up in every possible way and just making you way faster, and then with the fire rate being so incredibly fast, you are flying through your ammo as well, so I toss on the Finnick mag 45, increasing accuracy and that mag capacity, making it to the point where you aren't reloading after every single kill.

And then for the last attachment, mixing perfectly with the stock and the laser, you have the Finnick rubber grip for our rear grip, giving you even more Sprint fire speed and AD speed. I tuned in for recoil stabilization and aim walking speed for the Loctite stock, and I tuned for ads speed and aim walking speed again for the last attachment, the Finnick rubber grip on our rear grip.

I tuned for ads speed and Sprint to fire speed, just speeding up even more, but overall, that's my full build for the Finnick 45 SMG. And Warzone 2 season 1 is reloaded, like I said. Gun number two is actually a gun. I dropped a article on Super recently. We have the lockman sub SMG, aka the MP5, which, in my opinion, is super underrated as well.

best loadout

I know a lot of people understand how good this thing is, but not a lot of people talk about it. The damage it has in this gun is absolutely unbelievable, and I actually think, stats-wise, it's better than the Finnick damage-wise. But let's hop right into the build real quick. For the barrel. I toss in the L-38 Falcon, 226, and Sparrow, giving you even more moving speed and ad speed while mixing in perfectly with the rest of the build because, like I said, the damage it already has is super good, especially up close, so you don't really need a damage or bolt velocity.

barrel, but this mobility speed is super good for the build of the underbarrel. Auto stability just gives you that little extra bit of accuracy for the mag size. This is all personal preference, and you can run the 1540 or even the 50, or you could even keep it in stock at, I think, the 20 or 30.

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But for me. I like the 40-round mag because it's the perfect amount of ammo to where you don't have to reload after every single kill, but you still hold on to some mobility compared to the 50-round drum. for the rear grip. giving you even more ADS and Speed Sprint fire speed; aiming stability, like I said, makes you way faster and more accurate for the barrel; and I have a tune for recoil steadiness and damage range for the rear grip.

I tuned for recoil steadiness; again, like I said, it's super good at range, and this helps out a lot, and I also have the bottom bar for sprint to fire speed, and for the last hatchimal. I have it tuned for recoil stabilization and aim walking speed, but overall, there's my full MP5. Loadout, aka the lockman sub in Warzone 2 season 1 reloaded.

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Like I said, as of right now, going into the season 2 update, this is my SMG number two, and I have been absolutely, absolutely loving this thing and the damage it does to the mobility. I'm super interested to see if this takes over that number one spot once the Finnick probably does get nerfed. Like I said, "Man, that's my load of number two," so if you guys haven't already, you need to go through and give the full bill a try.

I have the X10 RR40 suppressor giving you some transmission. Like I've said over and over, it just makes you way faster in every possible way and a little bit more accurate for the stock as well. I have the Marquee R7 stock, which gives you even more crouch movement speed, and sprint speed, mixing in perfectly with the laser.

It's the same mindset that I have with every single SMG: I want to be as fast as humanly possible, so I tossed the Marquee R7 stock just to speed you up even more for the mag size. This is very self-explanatory. You just need to have enough ammo where you are reloading after every single kill, and with the 45-round magazine, you can wipe out an entire team if you need to.

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And for the last Hashem, I have the true tag grip for our rear grip, giving you even more Sprint fire speed and ad speed mixing. It goes perfectly with the stock, and the laser just speeds you up even more for the tuning on the muzzle. I have a tune for the ads' speed and bull velocity for this stock.

I have a tune for adsb, to name walk King speed, and for the rear grip. I have a tune for 80s speed and Sprint, to fire speed again, but overall, there's my full build for the Vasdam, 9k in the current meta for War Zone 2. I'm telling you guys about another fantastic option at that secondary spot and in the SMG category, and it is right there competing with the MP5 and the Finnick and could very well be that number one spot after the weapon balancing update, so if you guys haven't already used the Vasant for yourselves, you absolutely, absolutely need to.

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I'm telling you guys, you're really missing out. Like I said, that is my loading number three, so further Ado stop directly at loaded number four; loaded number four is another gun. AKA "The Bell 46," a very nostalgic weapon that's been good over years of Call of Duty, but in Warzone. I'm pretty sure it got buffs and the damage on it is unbelievable, so I'm directly into the build for the underbarrel.

I have the phase 3 grip, which feels absolutely incredible. It gives you aiming out of stability, hit fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization overall. Just making you way more accurate in a few different ways for the laser, just like the Finnegan, just like the MP5 of the VLK LZR. 7 MW, laser, giving you even more speed, aiming stability, and Sprint fire speed for the stock.

Best Warzone 2 SMG Loadout Best Warzone 2. 0 SMG Class Setup. TOP 5 META SMG LOADOUTS in WARZONE 2! Warzone 2 Best Class Setups - MW2.
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