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Welcome back to the war zone 2 brief. You guys in the channel. Today we're going to my top five middle loadouts in Warzone 2 Season 5. Classic on, the channel. Let's run the grind to 10,000 subscribers. I cannot wait. We're locking in every single day. Also, guys, we go live on Twitch every single day.

Please say thank you, guys. We are approaching 300 followers on Twitch and 10,000 on YouTube. I'll catch y'all later.

Load out 1

we got the MP5 man, all reliable, and one of my favorite SMGs is running in Warzone 2 right now. I know they did a lot of damage this season with this weapon, but it's still kicking, as good as it's ever been, so let's go and have load number one starting on the first tattoo.

best class

We got the lock shot KT 85 muzzle. Listen, so we're not running an underbirdle on this MP5, and since it's a movement build, you're going to want this to control that vertical and horizontal recoil control that you might encounter in Warzone. Make sure to put the recoil rotation at 0.80 and the recoil control at 0.35.

All it's going to do is maximize that recoil control handling. It does go down a tad bit, but there's going to be other attachments that literally bring those straight-back guys to the next attack, so we've got the L38 Falcon 226 millimeter. Barrel, it's going to increase movement speed in NES times as well with this SMG, and setting this gun is very, very fast.

Listen, this Falcon Barrel is one of my favorites, even over the Sub 12. For getting the best mobility now, this means that you're going to have pretty much no stock on your MP5. Your accuracy and recoil controls can go down a tad bit, but trust me, you're not going to notice at all that you're beaming kids; you can be running around breaking cameras with these MP5 guys.

Our Last Hatch: We've got the 40-round mag for this MP5. I just like to actually put this on over the 50-round drum. This is my MP5 class setup, and you can see the five awards or two right now. Listen, this gun's heavily slept on, but it's definitely still one of my favorites to use in the game right now. Let's go down to the next.

Loadout 2

Loadout 2

One, come on down low; number two, guys, we got the vasnab; 9k listen. I know a lot about this smg's been passed down because a lot of people have been, you know, thinking it's not as good as it used to be, but let me tell you what they sell: some of the best mobility to date with all smg's.

Awards on two are probably my favorite to use and the most satisfying. Why, in the game, let's go and hop into this load. You guys, coming with the first attachment, we got the nine-millimeter frangible inflicting wound effect rounds. What these are going to do is pretty much inflect, like, a weird damage pattern on your enemy pretty much every time you shoot them with these bullets.

best class setup 2

I like to max both of these out. I know you lose a little bit of accuracy and recoil control, but with other attachments to other tunings, you're going to get those insanely, like, increasingly back now. For the next attachment, we have the FS Shark Fin 90 underbail. This is going to be good for controlling the idle stability and the recoil control.

This thing's actually insanely accurate for an SMG. Now for the two news items for this, be sure to set the recoil's rotation to 0.62 and your aiming idle stability to 0.32. Now excuse me; all it's going to do is pretty much hide your bullets from, like, no one's going to know where you're shooting from, and you're going to get that good recoil control for the next two days.

For these guys, make sure to set the recoil smoothness to 0.68 and make sure to put your gun kick control to 0.30. Guys, for our next attachment, we have the old trezad stock. This is going to actually increase your mobility. Also, making your walking speed faster pretty much means you're going to be able to sprint very fast and get those quick straight speeds as well, from left to right.

This just actually increased mobility because this gun has insane mobility speeds and 80s times as well, and this is just a crazy attachment to have on this gun. Now for the tunings for this, make sure to put the aiming, Amy downside speed to 0.94 and the sprint to 5 times speed to 0.44, maxing out mobility purposes as well.

This is my massive 9K class set up in Warzone 2 Season 5. Like I said, this SMG is still really good, and people need to keep using it. This is still one of my favorites.

Loadout 3

Loadout 3

Let's go on to our next loading code, number three, guys. We got the Cronin Squall. Listen, this gun is literally infamous in War Zone 2 right now. Even after all the Nerfs, this gun is still ridiculously overpowered, and there's no Nerf in this weapon at all.

Start with the first hatching fan. We got the 50-round drum. Now for the next head, should we get the F-type report 56? This is going to help you control your vertical and horizontal recoil with this weapon, because this gun does like to kick up like a mule sometimes. For the tunings, make sure to set the recoil stability to 0.77.

Put the aim idle stability to 0.40. Guys, for our next tattoo, we've got the second trade 40 muzzle. Now what this is going to do is help you control vertical and horizontal recoil patterns with this chronoscope. Now for the tunings, I like to max out recoilation and recoil control specifically because, as you know, this gun does have a lot of recoil and you won't be able to max out anything possible.

best loadout 2

For our next action, guys, we got the HR 6.8, Barrel. Now this is the best. Barrel, in my opinion, gives you damage range. Bullet velocity and recoil control in the pro blast are really important because it's going to be your hit scan that's going to save you with a lot of gunfights in this game now for the tunings like to max out recoil control and damage range as well.

Listen, you guys are going to lose some mobility and handling, but the sentence is a battle rifle. It's actually not as important to lose those last stats. From guys, we got the aim op V4, optic. now this is the cleanest one that I used. For this weapon, I find that I'm able to beam, peep. Now for the tuners, this is going to be the same as any other optic that you use.

For the Tunis that I use, I like to max out our ad speeds and Max on my far iron positioning as well, pretty much allowing me to beam kids across the map with this. This gun's still really good, and even after all the nerfs they've done to it, it just can't be stopped.

Loadout 4

Loadout 4

Hey, let's go and have the lower number four come on. No 4, we had the I had the iso hand lock on this list, man. This gun is actually really good in season five; it actually makes me really happy because it was so bad in season four, so seeing it make a return in season five makes you really happy.

NEW TOP 5 META LOADOUTS in WARZONE 2 SEASON 5! Warzone 2 Best Class Setups - MW2.
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