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Final warzone top 10 meta weapons ranked!

Final warzone top 10 meta weapons ranked!

Obviously, throughout the year with War Zone, we saw a bunch of different meta updates buffing and nerfing various different weapons every single season. Now here in season 6 with MW3, just a couple of days away. I wanted to go through the overall meta one more time and rank the top 10 best weapons in MW2.

Warzone 2 best kastov 545 loadout

Drop a like; it would be really appreciated, and if you're new here, you want to guarantee you are up to date every single day with all things going on in COD. But starting first at number 10, here I got the cast OB 545, and it's nice to see this here towards the end of the year because, for the most part, you know, all year long, really up until.

best loadout 2

I would say, late season 5 and season 6, here this has been a somewhat irrelevant rifle because it was lower damage, but now that they've adjusted so much as we've talked about previously with the rifles in particular, this thing is a laser beam, and it keeps up with the better guns in the game over the mid- to long range, so I personally love the feel of this thing.

You can change this setup around a little bit, and I would say the constants here really are going to be the Amot V4. The 45 round mag or the 60 round mag either or works fine for that there, then also the harbinger D20 suppressor on here it's a heavier one so it's going to give you a little bit of control some velocity some range in there as well and then you can mess around between a barrel and under barrel and ammo now I find this to be so easy that I don't feel like you need an under Barrel but some players will just simply prefer that stability, so I would say probably drop a high velocity, and throw on you know Ripper 56 on our barrels probably the go-to option there then I go with the 406, mm Barrel better control velocity and range as well and then obviously this is just going to optimize it for Mid to long range too so really it just depends on how you want the weapon to feel do you want the better hit RG feel with the better velocity do you want the better control of an under barrel and a barrel combo Mess around there and see what works best for you either way. Is the 545 actually feeling really good right now at ?.

Warzone best hcr-56 loadout

Warzone best hcr-56 loadout

I've got a weapon that I feel has been underrated all year: the HCR, 56 mg. This thing, much like the 545, has a super-low recoil. This honestly might be the single easiest weapon to use in the game over long range in terms of control. It's definitely up there towards the easiest, for sure, and it's really because of that and the fact that it has a great damage profile.

The thing's just a beam over long range. It has one of the more competitive TTK options in the game. When you factor in accuracy, few things you're going to be able to keep up with in this range. Now it's a little bit lower on the list because it's not as versatile. Being an LMG, it's obviously a little bit heavier, but hey, the thing still gets the job done, and we're really going all in on control here.

For the most part, the V4 is my preferred optic. As always, if there's one you prefer more, always go for comfortability. There, I go for the Stip 40 rear grip straight up for better control. I do use high velocity here just because, frankly, I don't feel like any of these barrels are all that good.

The integrated suppressor ones are a bit too slow for my liking, so they're just not all that necessary. High V gets the job done just fine, followed by Ripper and Harbinger. Available here as well, rocking both those for better stability, sway velocity, and range out of the suppressor. There's a super basic setup for mid- to long-range, but it's one that really does fry, and it doesn't take much to actually be able to beam players.

Best tr-76 geist warzone loadout

Best tr-76 geist warzone loadout

Now in number eight, I've got the Guist, and admittedly, this one was a bit higher up before the latest round of weapon updates, but this did receive a Nerf.

It's still one of the better rifles, though, in my opinion, for sure, it's got the control. This thing is super easy to use, and its damage profile is good when you factor in the fact that its accuracy is realistic. It's going to be really efficient over the mid- to long-range 40 50 60 70 M fights; it'll be able to hold its own there just fine if you're familiar with the control, and this setup is really based around control for sure.

I'm off V4 here yet again in 45-round mag; this is the max in this case, so of course you're going to be running that Ripper under Barrel yet again. In this case, I do not go for a suppressor; instead, I go for the bore 490 compensator. It basically just gets rid of all the horizontal bouns here, which makes this pattern basically stray vertical, and it's super easy to predict because if you wanted to upgrade to a suppressor, you absolutely could.

The Talon Five would be my recommendation, here for better control but not necessary in my opinion for the most part, and then I also go for the bridal heavy barrel. better range better control, better velocity, and pizza Papa John's up in here, and it's feeling good over long range as well. It's really my favorite rifle in the game right now. I would say partially because it's new and it's fresh with season 6, but also because it just feels great now at number.

Best bas-p loadout in warzone

Best bas-p loadout in warzone

Seventh, this is a fun one, the bass P, another weapon that much like the 545. All year was pretty much irrelevant, but because it saw like five or six straight updates, throughout the past couple of seasons it's now to a point where it is phenomenal up close; it's surprisingly close to some of the faster TTK options, and in the mid-range it really thrives.

This thing has a range like very few other SMGs, so for that, it's incredibly versatile. It's good for sniper support; it's good for just a basic SMG secondary. It's kind of doing it all here, and I love that about it. 50-round drum with a basic accent of Mag is here running that for sure. I got the Bruin flash rear grip for the better ads and Sprint of Fire.

best loadouts

We love those mobility benefits, and we get even more of them on the flash V4 stock sprint speed. strafe speed ads speed 7 m laser better ads and sprint the fire, and then for some control, whether I'm fighting mid-range just to keep the bounce, you know minimal there. I do use the flash hider compensator for that better recoil steadiness, just helping out a little bit there, but really nice to see that the bass P can finally hold its own after all this time now.

Warzone best lachmann sub (mp5) loadout

number six I've got the MP5. Or the lockman sub again, just a sort of do-it-all SMG. This thing, particularly for those aggressive close-range fights, is just a beast, and it has been pretty much the entire year. It again would be a little bit higher up if it hadn't seen some Nerfs recently, but it still gets the job done just fine up close.

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