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Taq 56 nuke intro

Taq 56 nuke intro

Here today, we are going over the top five class setups to be using in Modern Warfare 2 in 2023. These class setups will absolutely dominate in Hardpoint Domination. The search-and-destroy team deathmatch is confirmed wherever you want to take it. You can even take it off shipment if you want to take it off shipment.

It's totally up to you guys. Get in, get out, and get ahead. For the algorithm, as you guys can see, our very first gun that we have is the TAC 56. This gun is literally incredible with zero recoil, like almost negative recoil. The iron sights are just absolutely gorgeous, and it got this like super sex.

Best taq 56 class setup

Best taq 56 class setup

Let me know. Thank me later, all right? Hopping ready for the class setup, we got the demo clean shot grip up first. It's going to give you sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed (negative 16 on the bottom, negative 26 on the left hand side). That's going to give us more sprint to fire speed and more aim down sight speed.

It's going to make our gun a little bit more mobile. There's no tuning on the bottom of the TV X line. Pro Stock Crouch movement speed Sprint speed aims for low site speed. 1.81, on the left hand side, just to give us a little extra aim down sight speed, and then a lot of these attachments that I have on the left hand side of the gun.

Normally I would tune it for extra gun kick control, which you can do if you want to, but honestly, with the way this attack 56 is built and the way its recoil pattern is, there's already zero recoil, so you don't need to tune it any extra. When you tune it extra, you just end up losing mobility on your gun, so you don't want to take on those negatives moving right into the next gun.

Vaznev clips

Vaznev clips

We have the King of the Submachine Guns right now. What is this class setup, so here you go, honestly? best submachine gun in my opinion because it has really good damage range and can kill people from 30 meters away.

Problem still kills very quickly and very melty at a very competitive time to kill, and a lot of people in this game are, in my opinion, playing an AR-based game, so you're going to want to be competitive at the 20- to 30-meter range if you want to be an effective submachine gun player.

Best vaznev class setup

You're not always going to be able to attack people within, say, 10 meters.

We have the True Tech grip copying down the tuning there, guys. This is going to give you sprint to fire speed and aim downside speed. We got the Marquee R7 stock again. Again, we're not going to tune the bottom because it's not worth the negatives or anything that we're going to take on; we're just going to tune the left-hand side to negative 1.55.

best class setups

For a little bit additional aim and down sight speed moving right into our next attachment, we do have the Commando 4 grip, and like I said on the last gun, we're not going to tune these right here because it's not worth the negatives that you would take on the gun, and the gun is just perfect the way it is if we were to tune them, we would mess up the aim, the down sight speed, and the sprint to fire speed, so that's why we're not touching that stuff.

Then we got the brew and pendulum for vertical and horizontal recoil control, and the brew and pendulum for vertical and Tuning right here is super important; it does make this gun an absolute monster with zero recoil plus 19 on the bottom and plus 39 on the left hand side. Trust me, you want to use the Bruin pendulum compared to the other compensators because it really controls that vertical recoil control like crazy; you don't really have to pull down at all in your gun.

It's kind of crazy. Then we got the cast one 381 millimeter barrel damage range, hit fire accuracy, and bullet velocity moving right into our next gun, the all-around King.

M4 clips

M4 clips

In pretty much any situation you could be in, in my opinion, the M4 is just a little bit more mobile than the TAC 56, but you do lose that little bit of, like, zero recoil beadiness.

The M4 is just absolutely insane.

Best m4 class setup

We got the Phantom grip on there for Sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed negative. 13 on the bottom line. 61 on the left hand side moving, on to the Tempest p80 strike stock, it's going to give you sprint speed and aim walking speed. Crouch movement speed, aim down sight speed, and no tuning on the bottom of that because it's not worth the negatives on the left hand side; you're going to go negative.

116, or some additional aim down sight speed, and then I like to do this on a lot of my classes, especially if they don't need an extra attachment, because the Cronin mini Red Dot really helps you get kills from very far away when you tune the eye position all the way over to the right hand side to The Far Side. With its velocity, damage range, and hip fire accuracy, it gives you all the damage range you could possibly need, so you don't need to tune it for any additional damage range or anything like that.

Ak74u clips

Ak74u clips

Up next, we do have the 8K 70 for you guys, and just like I was talking about with the M4. I believe this was the very first gun to get gentlemen's agreement, or G8, in the Call of Duty professional league.

They're like, "Yeah, no, this gun is way too broken; we can't have this here; this is the AK-74u." The cast-off 74u, now all of the cast-off variants are all pretty good, but the 74u really stands out by being that assault rifle/submachine gun hybrid. It has assault rifle-type damage range, and then it also has some machine gun-type mobility, aim-down sight speed, handling, and stuff like that.

As you guys can see, that guy just got absolutely melted. That's like an assault rifle damage range right there, but with the version of a submachine gun, so it's a very, very insane gun.

Best ak74u class setup

I love using this gun, especially in search and destroy. It works really well in hardpoint and team deathmatches as well.


Hoping right into the class setup for you guys, we have the true tack grip for sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed negative, 28 on the bottom, and negative 61 on the left hand side hopping. Right into the next class, which is happening right into the next attachment, the Spetsnaz S10 stock's values for aim stability, crouch, movement speed, aim-down sight speed, and sprint speed are all negative 2.19.

On the left-hand side No, tune to the bottom again. You don't want to overtune your weapon. I think that's the biggest mistake I see a lot of people making, and just like in the last class setup with the M4, we tune our Chrono Mini Red Dot all the way over to far, and that's going to give you virtually zero visual recoil, and it's going to really help out a ton when you're trying to get like distance kills and stuff like that, anything like over, say, 20 meters, it helps out a ton.

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