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Intro & lachmann sub clips

Intro & lachmann sub clips

I hope you guys have a great rest of your day. By the way, if you're brand new to the game and you're getting this game on Christmas Day, these are the weapons that you want to make sure you level up and max out right away. I'm going to show a brief clip with the weapon, and then we go right into the gun class, setup, lock, and sub, like I said, is up first.

This thing is insane in my opinion; it's the best rushing, submachine, and gun in the entire game. I absolutely love it, so without further ado, let's get started.

Best lachmann sub class and tuning

The tuning attachment does not allow you to tune weapons until you get the weapon fully leveled up and fully maxed out, so you've got to max it out all the way.

best class setups

We got the nine-millimeter over-pressured bullets on there for Target Flinch; we mostly put them on there so that way we get increased bullet velocity and increased damage range, and then copy down all of those values that we had there. Next up, we got the x10 Razer compensator; it's going to give you horizontal recoil control and vertical recoil control on the bottom, so you're going to go plus 23 for more gun kick control, and on the left hand side, you're going to go plus 26 for more recoil stabilization, and then we got the F-Tech.

M-Sub 12 inch barrel for bullet velocity damage, range recoil control, and hip-fire accuracy on the left. You're going to go plus 19, and on the bottom, you're just not going to touch it at all; it's not worth the negatives, and that's why I don't touch it if something is not tuned that is on purpose, so make sure you're not just tuning stuff to tune stuff, and then we got the Cronin mini Red Dot.

When you set this all the way over to the left, what it's going to do is give you zero visual recoil. I do this on a lot of my guns; it's literally like adding on a huge recoil and controlling it into the attachment for free, and it gives you a really good site. That way, you can punish enemies with extreme accuracy right away.

Up next, we got the LM stockless mod; it's going to give you aim-down sight speed, sprint to fire speed movement, speed, hip fire recall control, and hip recoil control.

Taq 56 clips

Taq 56 clips

It recently took over the CDL meta.

Best taq 56 class and tuning

This is the best class setup that I've been able to come up with so far. I absolutely love it whenever I'm in a pinch and I need to be killing people. Reliably, over 30 meters away, this is the best gun in my opinion. It's the best long-range AR. Up next, we got the TV Cardinal stock, and again, when I don't touch the tunings on weapons, that is on purpose, so make sure on the bottom you're not touching the tuning; it's just not worth it because when you move it to the left or when you move it to the right, it's not worth the negatives that you take to the real categories that you want to make sure you're increasing.

Up next, we got the Schlager PEC Box IV, Pro Laser This laser is insane. You have damage-range hip fire accuracy, and the bullet velocity is perfect the way it is. A lot of the barrels are already tuned, so if it's a really good barrel, you don't need to touch the tuning on most barrels. Instead, you want to touch the tuning on the muzzles or under the barrels.

If you want more recoil control or more damage range or something like that, then we have the Sakin Tread 40 for vertical and horizontal recoil control. Please make sure you copy down those finely tuned, uh, attachments and values that I had there.

M4 clips

M4 clips

Those values are honestly insane; Jay God made a article on it; you don't want to be maxing out your tuning values. Max out your M4 right away before you do anything else. It recoils really well.

Best m4 class and tuning

Sprint to fire speed, really good aim downside speed, and insane time to kill All right, hopping right into the attachments, we'll start off with a Phantom grip, which is our rear grip, that's going to give you sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed.

We're going to go negative 12 to increase the Sprinter fire speed on the bottom and negative 65 on the left hand side to increase the aim down sight speed up. Next, we have the Tempest p80 strike stock, so again, we're not going to be touching the bottom tuning for this one at all; it's just not worth it with the negatives that you end up taking to the other categories that really matter the most, like mobility, handling, recoil, accuracy, and damage range.


But we do go negative 90 on the left-hand side to give you some more aim on the downhill. The Corona mini Red Dot again, we're using the Cronin mini Red Dot, you know, the little secret hack or whatever you want to call it; tune it all the way over, and that's going to give you zero recoil, especially visual recoil.

With an M4, the M4 can beam 50 to 60 meters away with no problem, so if you get the site there, it makes your job that much easier. Then we have the high tower and the 20-inch barrel for bullet velocity damage, range recoil control, and hipfire actors, and again, this attachment is perfect the way it is.

It's not worth tuning it and then messing up all the other categories that it does happen to mess up. You have more than enough damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control, so it's just not worth the positives or negatives of tuning it. Just leave it alone. And then instead, we're going to tune the second tread, 40, the muzzle again, and we're going to go from Point 21 on.

The gun kick control is at 36 on the Recoil Stabilization, and again, this attachment gives you vertical recoil control and horizontal recoil control. This attachment right here literally makes your M4 a beam, especially a lot of guns. After the first two or three shots, it kicks up a lot if you have that Sakin T40.

Chimera clips

Chimera clips

Little spoiler: just level up that gun all the way, and then you'll naturally have the Chimera unlocked, and it only has like 16 levels, so it's super easy to max out like three games of shipment and have your Chimera super maxed out.

Best chimera class and tuning

This gun is , just incredible, and what I really love about it is that it does have a built-in suppressor, so if you're not playing a really long-range map like I was playing right there.

I was playing to rock, then you don't need the 10 inch barrel and you can just leave the default. The barrel on there again has a built-in integrated suppressor, so that one's really nice if I were to take off this 10-inch barrel that I have on here right now because I wanted to make it the fastest time to kill that I could possibly make it then.

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