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I mean. I love multiplayer, but I feel like I've just been stuck to Modern Warfare. I mean, to Warzone 2, because Modern Warfare hasn't been getting updated; it's just kind of trashy, but leaving guys the top five best loadouts in Modern Warfare I mean. I don't have the new weapons yet because obviously the update isn't out yet, but these weapons are going to be absolutely nasty.

Just in the event that the new weapons aren't meta, I doubt any of these weapons are actually going to get nerfed, so we're starting out with the PDSW. A lot of people don't pay attention to the PDSW, and this weapon is incredible. So, the PDSW is a SMG that has 50 rounds. We're starting out with the Ftech Series 9 (14.5), which helps with damage range, hip fire accuracy, movement speed, and bullet velocity at the cost of speed and recoil control and downside speed and recoil control I increased the damage range by 0.25 inches and the recoil steadiness by 0.48 pounds.

I also put on the VLK laser (7 mW) for the increased aim-down sight speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed, at the cost of the laser being visible in ads. I put on CQB and stock; this helps the crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and aim down sight speed, which reduces the cost of recoil control.


I, increased the aim for stability to 0.77 inches, and decreased The weight increases by 0.52 ounces for lower sighting speeds. I put on the TV toggle for smart fire speed, aim downside speed, the cost of aiming stability, and aim walking speed. I increased the recoil stabilization by 0.25 ounces.

And here is the last thing. Like I said, you can do so many things with this; it really depends on if you want to have a mobile PDSW that is more damaged or with less recoil, so let's recall that we're going to put on the step for more movement; you can literally put on either of these completely up to you, and if you want more range, you can put on the X10.

For this. I'm actually going to put it on the step; if you want to tune it, you can; we can maybe increase the aiming out stability to probably about right there at 21 and let the recoil stay in this; we can probably leave it about right there at 14, and so when we go into the firing range. This is literally unreal; like.

cod modern warfare 2 best class setup

I love how powerful this weapon is, and the lack of recoil makes it insane; the only downside is long range, which is not really going to be ideal, so kind of avoid long range. Unless you're going to burst into fire, but just the fact that you melt so fast and this thing doesn't look like it's going to be that dangerous I feel like this weapon is actually going to be a new meta in Warzone 2 as well, just for the simple fact that people don't really pay attention to the pbsw; they don't really think it's much of a threat.

I don't know why; maybe it's just because defending is so nasty, but this weapon is such a sleeper. I don't think that they're going to notice that Nerf this thing is so powerful; please give this weapon and try it if. Whether you want to use it right now or you want to use it after the update, this weapon is going to be unreal.

cod mw2

Next, we're moving on to the M4. The M4 is literally a weapon that I would consider the most balanced weapon with an incredibly High fire rate has decent damage great mobile has great damage great mobility and a great fire rate, which is why I say overall it's fantastic. I don't think the Ironside is my favorite, but it's still usable.

We're starting out with the high-tower 20-inch barrel for the beloved velocity damage range. Recoil, control, and hip fire accuracy are sacrificed at the cost of aim-down sight speed, movement speed, and hit recoil control. increase the damage range by 0.21 inches, and the recoil stain is 0.31 pounds put on the Schlager PEC box for the increased aim-down sight speed with no cons.

Put on a demo at Precision Elite Factory for aiming stability, recoil control, and control at the cost of aim downside speed, crash moving speed, aim, walking speed, and sprint speed; increase the aiming stability by 1.08 inches; and don't change the weight put on the X10 grip for sprint to fire speed and aim downside speed at the cost of recoil control; increase the sprint to fire speed by negative 0.10 inches; and the recoil stay in this by 0.23 ounces.

modern warfare 2

put on the 45-round mag I did not use the 60 just because it's unnecessary. If you don't want to use the 45, it's completely up to you. You'll have more movement speed, downside speed, and sprint to fire speed, and you can just throw something else on there like High Velocity or some sort of underbarrel like F-TAC, but that's completely up to you.

Like I said. Just throw an optical in there, and you'll be good. We're going to show you guys the lockman sub. The Lockman sub is a dangerous weapon to have. I think it's fantastic, both competitively and non-competitively. We're starting out with the AVR T90, comp. I increased the recoil stabilization by 0.23 inches, but this helps with the horizontal and vertical recoil control at the cost of speed and aiming stability.

modern warfare 2 best

As you guys see, I didn't actually change the gun kick control just because it's actually not necessary. You can just leave it alone and trust me. At the end, this weapon will be a no-recoil machine with tons of movement, but on the Ftech M sub-12 inch for bullet velocity, damage range, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy, at the cost of aim downside speed, movement speed, and hit recoil control.

I increase the damage range by 0.31 inches and the retracted steadiness by 0.19 pounds. Put on the LM stockless mod for and downside speeds: sprint to fire speed, movement speed, and hit recoil; control at the cost of aiming recoil; control aiming stability; and flee resistance. Some people would think that I'm crazy for this build, but trust me, you're not even going to notice when I'm done.

Put on the lockman tcg10 for recoil control at the reduction of aiming stability. I increased the sprint to fire speed by 0.17 inches on the negative side now if you guys don't want to focus so much on my mobility, increase recoil control a little bit more, just move the aiming out stability and the recoil stainless in the opposite directions, but I decreased the weight by negative.

modern warfare 2 best ar

03 ounces for the aim down sight speed increase, and then I put on the 40-round mag. If you don't want to use a 40-round magazine, that's completely up to you; you can just throw one on an underbarrel. Whether you want to use either of these F-Tech Tiger Grip shark fins is clearly up to you. is completely fine, but, just to show you guys the outcome, the movement is actually fantastic.

You can move around very quickly, and you're not going to have an issue. You can actually strafe pretty well, and, like I said, you have very little recoil to actually worry about. The only downside is the long range. Don't even attempt long range. You're just going to like it for the most part.

Modern Warfare 2 TOP 5 BEST CLASS SETUPS TO USE! MW2 Best Class Setups. warfare 2.
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