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Top 10 war zone loadouts for Rebirth Island, I have been waiting for this for so long, and it's finally here, so let's begin. We're going to be starting with the SSOA subverter and battle rifle, one of the newest weapons in the game, and it has incredibly low recoil and very good ttk. It can pretty much beat most things at long range.

This is one of those weapons that anyone can do good with. Let's get the load out. First of all, we're going to be starting off with the spirit fire muzzle. This is going to increase the accuracy in the range, and then we have the barrel. This is also going to increase the accuracy and range. The underbarrel is going to be the BR heavy support underbarrel; this is going to really reduce that recoil.

Then we have the 50-round mag and the Jack glassless optic, which is the best optic in the game right now. It's super clean. If you've been playing War Zone for the last few months, you will know this one is the ram 7. It's been meta for ages, and it still is really, really good after the most recent update, and it is dominating on rebirth.

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Super-low recoil Let's get into the loadout. The first attachment is going to be the Cassis break muzzle. This is going to make sure the recoil is as low as it possibly can be. As you can see here, the main benefit of this is the horizontal recoil control, which is increasing it quite a lot. Horizontal recoil control is what we mainly need on this weapon.

We then have this barrel, which is going to increase the range and the accuracy. Once again, this is honestly a laser beam, and these attachments are perfect for this weapon. Then we have the Bruin heavy-support grip for even more accuracy. 60-round run, and then we have this stock for even more recoil control.

What I love about this weapon is that despite it being an assault rifle and despite pretty much every single attachment just being for accuracy and range, it still has great mobility, so it can be used at any range. Go in with the ram theme; we then have the ram 9. This is an SMG, and it is the Ram 7's little brother.

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This is a tack stance build, so you want to use it in tax dance mode, holding down on the d-pad to activate it. As you can see, it is absolutely incredible at all ranges, even long distances. It honestly shreds, and it is one of my favorite loadouts. It's going to allow you to get right in front of people on rebirth.

I'm just going to put the whole screenshot up on the screen at once because pretty much every single attachment on this weapon is either going to increase the recoil, increase the tack spread, increase the tack stance accuracy, or increase the tack stance mobility. Etc., and we also have the 50-round mag.

Next up, we have the SVA 545, and you want to use this in burst mode, so make sure you do select burst mode with this weapon. It's basically going to delete any recoil this weapon has. This is the closest gun you are going to get with no recoil. This is it in fully automatic, and as you can see, there is some recoil, but as soon as you put it in semi-automatic, it literally doesn't move.

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This is me shooting as fast as I can without controlling it, and this is the closest you're going to get to a no-recoil weapon. Starting it off, we have the spirit fire suppressor. It's going to take you off that mini map whenever you shoot, so the enemies aren't going to see where you are when you're shooting, which is great.

It's also going to increase the recoil control and the accuracy, which are very important. Along with this barrel, you'll also increase your accuracy, bullet velocity, and your bullet velocity and range which are super important on long-range weapons. Another really good attachment for this weapon is the high-grain rounds once again, increasing that bullet velocity and damage range bullet velocity on long-range weapons, like I said before, which is super important, so this is perfect for this weapon.

Then we have the 60-round mag, which is a very nice amount of ammo, and this optic once again. On some SMGs, we have the AM9. This actually has one of the fastest TTKs out of any SMG in the entire game; it's super dominant at close range, and the mobility is also pretty good. It is one of the slower-mobility SMGs, but the ttk, It makes up for it because it does have an incredibly fast TTK.

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We're going to be going for this. Barrel: It's called the tectonic micro-integral suppressor, so it's a barrel that also has a suppressor built into it, making sure you are hidden off the mini map whenever you shoot, and it has some other good benefits as well. Then we have this optic, which is incredibly clean.

The Jack glassless optic is by far the best. This stock is insane on this weapon because, as you can see, it has mobility and is super high, and you definitely need it on this SMG because, like I said before, the mobility is a bit slower, then we have the rear grip for more accuracy, and the 50-round mag is all right.

Next up, we have one of my favorite SMGs, which is the WSP 9. Just look at how accurate it is; it literally barely moves. It's one of the most accurate SMGs in the game, and it has super good mobility as well. To make sure it is nice and accurate, we're going to be going for this muzzle. This muzzle is just going to delete most of the recoil.

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We're then going to be going for this barrel to increase the bullet velocity and range to 50-round mag. The Jack optic once again, and we have this stock for more recoil control, or if you wanted to, you could actually take this stock off and use the no stock, which is going to increase the mobidity, but it will be less accurate.

As you can see, I'm definitely struggling to get that last Target a little bit more, but it's still pretty accurate. Personally, I prefer the other build with the other stock, but it's completely up to you. So here's the no-stock build, and then here's the other build for more accuracy. Another SMG is the HRM9.

This one is by far one of my favorite SMGs, specifically because it has beautiful iron sights like the Grow, and it's just super accurate; it has super low recoil. And honestly, anyone can do well with this weapon once again. We have this muzzle on once again, and this muzzle is super, super good on most weapons because it does get rid of a lot of The recoil then has this long barrel; this is where you're going to get those nice iron sights.

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If you don't use this barrel, you won't have the same iron sights as me. Then we have this under the barrel to increase the accuracy once again, and then we have the magazine. And we have the rear grip for more recoil control, which is, like I said, one of the most accurate weapons in the game, and even though a lot of these attachments don't really increase mobility, it still has really high mobility because it already has good mobility anyway, so you don't really need any mobility attachments.

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