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It's finally here, Rebirth Island, the day we've all been waiting for, so I'm going to run through the top 10 loadouts you should be using right now. Let's begin we're going to be starting with the Ram 7. The Ram 7 is easily one of the best weapons to use right now. It has been meta for a very long time.

It has very low recoil, fast ttk, good mobility, and can be used at close, medium, and long range. It's super versatile, so the first attachment is the Cassis break muzzle. This is going to eliminate most of the recoil. As you can see, it mainly controls the horizontal recoil control, and the Ram 7 only really has any horizontal recoil control, so we're going to be getting rid of most of that recoil.

We also have this barrel to increase the accuracy even more and increase the range as well, which is very important. Bullet velocity in this game is super important, so that barrel is going to help brw and heavy support grip is going to increase the recoil control even more, 60 mag, and then you want to use this stock for the increase in recoil control.

best loadout

I wouldn't recommend using an optic on this weapon; the IR sights are perfect. Ram 7even was first. Now we have the Ram 9; both of the Rams are very good in this game. This is the SMG version of the RAM, and this is a specific tack Dan build that is incredibly accurate at all ranges. As you can see, even at long range, it isn't that difficult to get that kill.

This is one of my favorite loadouts, and it has been my favorite for a very long time. I'll rebirth out. I'm going to be using this a lot because it is dominating. As for the load out, pretty much every single attachment does the exact same thing, so I'm just going to let you guys see the full screenshot all at once on this one because every single attachment is going to increase that attack spread accuracy and mobility.

Etc, so here's the full screenshot. Let's get on to the next one, which is the SBA 545. Now the secret to making this weapon OP is using it in burst mode. When you use it in burst mode, it pretty much deletes all the recoil, so, as you can see, this is it in full auto, and as you can see, it does have a fair bit of recoil.

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I'll switch it to semi-auto mode, and then I'll fire it as fast as I can without controlling it, and as you can see, it pretty much doesn't move, so this weapon is extremely OP; it's the closest weapon to having no recoil, and it has very good statistics as well. The first attachment to this weapon is going to be the spirit fire muzzle.

This is just going to increase the bullet's velocity and accuracy, and it's also going to make you undetectable on the radar whenever you shoot, which is very good. You're not going to give away your position. We then have this barrel, which is going to increase the recoil and range. This is definitely a must-have attachment.

We then have the high-grain ammo, which is going to increase the bullet velocity and damage range, basically giving you a faster ttk at those longer distances. Then we have the 60-round magazine and the Jack glassless, Optic. Next up is the AR9 SMG. This has one of the fastest TTKs out of all SMGs, and it's got decent mobility.

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It's not the fastest Mobility SMG out there; it is one of the slowest, but it still is, you know, good enough. The mobility is good enough for it to be very competitive. The main thing about this weapon that makes it great is the TTK. It's super quick. The first attachment on this weapon is going to be the barrel, which is the tectonic micro-integral suppressor.

This is going to give you a suppressor built into the barrel, which is great, and then we have the Jack glassless optic magazine. And we're also going to be going for the buffer tube stock; this stock is a must-have on this weapon because, like I said, the mobility isn't the greatest, but if you stick to it, it does make the mobility pretty fast, and then we have the rear grip as well.

best rebirth island loadouts

The SOA subverter is next, and this is one of the lowest recoil weapons in the entire game right now. This is one of those weapons that anyone can use; it's kind of like a safety weapon. If you want to just have a guaranteed weapon that anyone can be good with using, this is going to be the one. So we're going to be starting off with the spirit fire muzzle to increase the bullet velocity, the range, and the accuracy—all of that good stuff that you need on an AR or long-range weapon.

We have the barrel for more accuracy and range, and the underbarrel for more recoil control. the 50-round magazine and the optic as well. One of my favorite weapons right now is the WSP-9. This is guaranteed to just melt anyone. Just look at the accuracy. This is an SMG, and the accuracy of the range is incredible.

And it's got great mobility as well, so starting off, we're going to be going with this muzzle to pretty much get rid of the recoil. This does get rid of a lot of the recoil, so make sure to stick it on, and then we have this barrel. Make sure to stick this barrel on; it's definitely the best way to increase that range.

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Then we have the optics and the magazine. And we have this stock as well, so next up is the HRM 9. This reminds me of the good old days because of the beautiful iron sight. There is a specific attachment you need to get these iron sights, so if you want them, make sure to listen, but it's got very low recoil.

It's super easy to use the attachments you want to use. This muzzle, once again, is very good for most of the SMGs; it gets rid of most of the recoil, which is great, and it shortens the radar ping as well, so you're not on the radar for too long after you shoot. Then we have this barrel, which is going to increase the accuracy and range, and it's also going to give you those iron sights.

This underbarrel for the increase in recoil control makes this weapon super accurate. The magazine and then the rear grip for even more recoil control. This rear grip is really, really good. As you can see, there's a lot of benefit to just increasing The recoil control is here; here's the full loadout.

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Let's get into the next one, which is going to be the XRK stalker, definitely one of the better snipers in the game. It does have one-shot potential if you hit the head, of course. It's got great bullet velocity, great mobility, great ads, etc. So when it comes to the load-out, you want the Sonic suppressor XL.

This is going to make you undetected by the radar and increase the bullet velocity. Bullet velocity on snipers in this game is super important because you're going to be able to get more long-range shots, so most of the attachments are just going to increase the bullet velocity. We also have the stock for increased mobility and the bolt to make you shoot quicker.

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