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Is weapon balance in a good spot?

But before we get into the list itself, I also wanted to briefly share my opinion on the current state of weapon balance in Modern Warfare 2. And honestly, I feel like weapon balance is the least of this game's concerns currently, and I think the weapon balance and variety are actually pretty decent.

I feel like there is a really good list of guns that I can very comfortably use and consistently perform well with, and that's not to say that I don't think there's maybe a little bit of room for improvement here or there; maybe some of the weaker, lesser-used guns could use a little bit of a buff or something.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the current state of the weapon balance in this game. It's still perhaps nice to see some adjustments to how they handle attachments in the game, though I do feel like there are still way too many attachments that significantly harm our aim down sight speed. There are not enough attachments to counteract the fact that there are not enough on the other side to improve our aim-down sight speed, but if we're just looking at the weapons themselves.

I'd say I'm actually pretty happy with the current state of the balance. With that in mind, let's jump into my top 10 list, keeping in mind I put them in a very rough order here; I'm not going to say it's in any particular order, but I did want to share some of my favorites toward the end, so we're going to be starting at 10 and working our way down to one, but it is a very rough ranking, and I could very easily swap a lot of these guns around]; let's start this off with number 10 on my list.



This is the tactical battle rifle, and I really like using this one in full auto, but this is just a great all-around rifle, the battle rifle, with extremely easy to control recoil; it kicks essentially just straight upwards. It's got a great three-shot kill range with an excellent time to kill at just 208 milliseconds, and that's without mixing a headshot in.

If he makes one single headshot in there, you're now cutting that down to 104 milliseconds, which is just insane, but At the end of the day, it is a battle rifle, so it has a little bit slower handling than you would expect with something like an assault rifle or an SMG, and also, its magazine capacity is, by default, at least 20 rounds, which may be a bit limiting in some cases.

That's why it's a little bit farther down the list, but I still absolutely love using this gun.


As for the next one on my list, this is the cast-off 762. This gun just hit super hard. It's a guaranteed three-shot kill up to 29 meters, and it's got a three-shot kill potential out to over 45 meters, which is excellent.

It's Time to Kill's potential is also really solid at 200 milliseconds, and while it does handle a little bit slower than the other assault rifles and it's also got a bit more recoil than you would expect with some of the other assault rifles, it's still very manageable and definitely worth it for that super consistency in Amazing. Time to Kill next.



You may be a little surprised to see this so far down on my list here, but this is the M4. The reasons I like the M4 are that it's just a good, consistent all-around weapon; it's the "Jack of All Trades" assault rifle; you can do anything with it. I realize the competitive scene is a different story, but I mean, our best time to kill potential to the body is 222 milliseconds, which isn't a horrible time to kill but doesn't really stand out in this area, and most of the other guns in the game will technically kill faster than the M4; they just typically come with other downsides that make them less versatile than the M4, and with that, let's move on to the next gun on my list here, and this is where we're going to see our first SMG.


This is the Fennec 45. This gun has an insane rate of fire, great time-to-kill potential, and surprisingly little recoil considering the rate of fire that it has. And while you definitely have to be aware of your magazine capacity because it burns through magazines really, really quickly, you probably want to run that 45-round drum.

Just overall, this thing's got a lot of power potential as an aggressive SMG, and I think it definitely deserves a spot on this list because of that.



Then, let's bring an LMG into the mix here; my favorite LMG in this game right now is the RPK. largely because you can use a smaller magazine to really significantly improve its handling, plus it's already got pretty decent handling for an LMG. At least, we've got an insanely consistent three-shot kill, just like with the cast of the 762, but better because it's an LMG with better ranges.

It's quite accurate and easy to control as well. But even with all those upsides, it's still obviously going to be moving around the map and aiming down sights slower than most assault rifles and SMG setups out there, so that does hold it back a little bit. It definitely still deserves a spot on this list.


This gun I really enjoy, and while it does have roughly the same time to kill as the M4, which, like I mentioned earlier, doesn't really stand out (it's not terrible, but it doesn't stand out), the big difference with the Chimera is you only need to land one head shot mixed in with body shots to reduce that down to a three-shot kill, a 150-millisecond time to kill, which is ridiculously fast, and on top of that, it comes with a free integrated suppressor by default, and while suppressors aren't incredibly powerful in this game, it's still a nice free benefit, and as a result, just overall. I think this is a great all-around sort of a setup that also has a ton of power potential as long as you can land that headshot, which is fairly easy to do with how accurate this gun is.



for the next one. I think this is the current top SMG for competitive players; this is the Vasnev 9K, and this is the current top SMG for competitive players; this is the Vasnev 9K, and for me.

I think this is the vasnev 9k; and for me. I think this is the vasnev great mobility; and just as an all-arounder, this has incredible potential right up close and personal, and it's still very reusable if you stretch the ranges out a little bit for an SMG at least, so it's really no surprise that this gun made it onto my list.

It's been a while since I shared my favorite guns to use in Modern Warfare II and now that we've seen a few weapon balancing patches, I wanted to share an updated list of my current top 10 best guns to use for 6v6 in MWII.
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