News - This Update Will Blow Your Mind If It. S True. Warzone 2 Blackout & Verdansk Remastered

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Of Let it be the blackout map. DLC and weapons added to Call of Duty Look at this list that was provided by Bob's Network over on Twitter. We had two in BO2, just three for Mono Warfare, then what I thought was the most deal-see weapons ever in Black Ops 3, which is 51, and then we had about 17 for IW, the most for World War II with a whopping 54, and then a decent amount for BO4, where we had 18 and 23 for MW19, 35 for Cold War 23, 23 for Vanguard, and then three for Mono Warfare 2 thus far.

It's been a hell of a journey when it comes to DLC weapons for Call of Duty. Be sure to check them out for some very reasonable prices. No unlock tools, no cheating, no BS. He does provide some pretty fair rates over on Twitter, so I'll have him linked. Now, what's ironic about that is that they already kind of tried this with Rebirth and Fortune's Keep for some reason through Wars 101's life cycle; they really didn't want us to have access to both of those Resurgence maps at once, and I'm really not sure why, especially considering Fortune's Keep was the shortest-lived battle rail map for Call of Duty.

I could see those being the bigger maps. I think for Resurgence Maps it's okay to leave in two or three at a time, but for the bigger maps. I could see them having a reason to say, "You know what, let's rotate one in for a couple of days and another map for a couple of days after that." That's something that I see as reasonable, but overall.

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I think just leaving them all in at once wouldn't be bad for the player base at all. Now. I also wonder if the current strategy considering the upcoming release of Warzone Mobile is to have a new big map available in Warzone too, so for example, right now we have all of Mazura, and then let's say in the next nine months we get a new big war zone map for war zone two.

Alma, and Zero will then be thrown into Warzone Mobile. I mean, that's kind of what I'm guessing they want to do considering the fact that Verdant's going to be no longer playable in War Zone 1 and those maps are both going to be playable in Warzone Mobile. I think maybe at some point soon we will probably see Fortune's Keep also added to that game, but since Caldera is still playable in Warzone One, they might leave that just on the Wars on One Forever console and PC and never end up porting that map over into Mobile since there's not really a point.

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But, I do wonder if that's the current strategy to make sure that all Warzone Maps will co-exist, but only some will be available on select platforms at specific moments in time. Now here's what happened as of a couple of days ago: Activision started sending out a survey asking people what they think the next Warzone map should be, and it does include remasters of old Warzone maps as options.

It doesn't confirm that any of these are 100 coming back as remasters, but it's a very interesting survey, so the options are an all-new map, which I certainly want to see in The Return of Her Dance 84 from Cold War's life cycle since apparently that was played quite a bit. The Return of Caldera, which you know not many people are going to vote for; the Return of the Original Verdance Map from MW's Life Cycle; and the Last Option, the Return of the Blackout Map from BO4 Some very interesting choices here, and I think what's also funny is that Fortune's Keep is not listed as an option even though it was the most short-lived map.

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I wonder if the player count was that low on Fortune's Keep to the point where they just see no reason to ever bring it back, even in World of Warcraft on mobile. I'm also confused as to why Caldera is even an option since that map is still playable through War Zone 1 on console and PC right now. The other thing is okay with these maps that you can choose from: do they mean that if they were to come back, they would be in war zone two?

I'm assuming that would be the case since war zone 2 is probably going to have a good three-year life cycle like war zone one did. I also wonder if this list is based on the most played maps, which would also be bad news for Fortune Ski. That means Caldera was played more than Fortune's Keep ever was, which, I think, also makes sense considering how short-lived Fortune's Keep really was in a warzone's life cycle.

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So, with the leak in mind that Los Alamos is also going to be a big battle royale experience in the future, we have the League points of interest that came out recently, even a possible attack map image that was found in the campaign. With that in mind, I do think that map is still going to drop. I'm curious if, because of the current reception surrounding War Zone 2 and Al Mazura.

Activision is considering shuffle the plans for future Battle Royale matches to the point where Loss almost might get pushed back or scrapped entirely in favor of doing a remaster of a certain map that they think would help significantly boost the player count of War Zone 2, and what I've been saying even on recent podcasts and articles is that Al Mazura really isn't the problem; the map is great.


I think it's laid out pretty well, and there are some really fun points of interest. It's not the map that's the issue, whereas I think that was the case for Warzone Caldera, last year, or Warzone Pacific, excuse me, this year, it was just the fact that it's like we took many steps backwards from where we were in Warzone 1 in terms of gameplay mechanics and movement, and then now that they're walking back on all those changes by season two, it's like all right now we're going back to the roots of what Warzone One is better, late than never, but it might be a little late to the point where people out there might not return despite the reverted state changes so much.

I think by season two we'll be able to really tell what Warzone 2 is all about. Zone 2. Fundamentally, it just seemed like they slapped about on top of the DMZ when what they should have done was just keep Warzone 2 separate from the DMZ altogether. Now, I do want to remind you that just because this is an Activision survey doesn't mean that this is a 100-piece set.

It does not mean that a war zone map, or Blackout for that matter, is getting remastered at any point soon. Keep in mind that Blackout is already available through Cod Mobile. I don't know if they're going to want to bring that map back again for console and PC; however. I do want to see how Blackout would perform if it just came back in all its glory with the same character quest and same map layout or other updates that got over that cycle.

This Update Will BLOW YOUR MIND If Its True Warzone 2 Blackout Verdansk Remastered. Check Out My Recent Video! [ DMZ is ERASING Everything in Season 2.
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