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best mtz 556 class

What's good YouTube In today's article, we're bringing you guys the MTC 556 in War Zone 3. Before we get into anything, drop a like on the article. Let's see if we can break 400 likes. I know you can do it. th a sh up be the screen, let's get right onto this Banger MTZ 556 loadout for the muzzle. Ladies and gentlemen We did not run the Jack BFB.

I don't know why there's a duplicated version that makes zero sense. The VT7 spiri suppressor is the best muzzle in the game. It obviously makes your gun suppressor so it doesn't come up on the mini map anything like that; you can't hear it; it's suppressed; it also gives us that R control range we need; this gun's already got amazing range.

The bull velocity is crazy and has an effective damage range, so this gun gets more damage with this attachment along with the Reco control. Jack BFB only helps with r control; this gun's already got no r, so there's no point putting this thing on, and it also affects the bull velocity, so you guys definitely want to put on the VT7 Spirit fire suppressor.

best mtz 556 class 3

Right now, the shadow strike does nothing. Look at that. It's literally a suppressor that does nothing; it just suppresses your gun. The VT7 Spy is the way to go with a suppressor. Put this thing on right now, ladies and gentlemen. I'm begging you with the bar. Now, the barrel is probably the most important thing in an assault rifle.

You need a good barrel for ball velocity. Reco control all of that good stuff to make this gun completely overpowered, and the MTZ Drifter heavy long barrel does that for you guys. We're going to show the details really quickly. As you can see on the screen, the effective damage range is plus 30, which is absolutely incredible, plus 15 for that bull velocity as well, and that recool gun kick horizontal recoil control and vertical rec control are also boosted, ladies and gentlemen.

You guys definitely need to put this thing on right now; it's completely broken. There is no other barrel. As you can see, the first barrel is really good. Well, you want to put on the first barrel because you don't have the fourth. Put that on, man; it's also amazing. But the best barrel by far is the MTZ Drifter heavy-long barrel.

best mtz 556 class setup

Put this thing on right now. I'm telling you all the best barrels in the game. Put the MJZ Cinch Pro barrel on this one. If you don't have it, unlock it, but this is the best barrel to put on for the underbarrel. We did put on the Brewing heavy support grip, which is going to give us that gun kick control that we need.

The AR sway, the horizontal recall, and the firing aiming stability Put this thing on right now. This gives us the only sense of control we need. We need literally Plus 11 and 12 for the horizontal recoil, so it's reduced a lot, and then the Plus 4 vertical rec control doesn't matter. Vertical Rec control is going up like this, so the gun goes up like this, making it easy to control.

Just hold your stick down, and you control it. Speed is also affected. Plus 8, which doesn't matter as well; it's literally an assault rifle. You don't need to worry about ads; you need to worry about the effective damage range, bull velocity, and the fact that RAL control is the only thing that matters on all ARS if those ARS all have range recoil.

best mtz 556 loadout 3

It doesn't matter what the ad says, okay? Ladies and gentlemen, put on the heavy Pro Grip right now—literally the best underp Reco control the magazine now we did play quads 50 rounds are a must for quads. If you run out of ammo too quickly, you need to reload quickly. 20 rounds is not enough; nowhere near enough is perfect for MW3, so it can run around with mobility.

The default, I think, on this is 40 or 30; either way, it's not enough for quads. 30 or 40 is fine for solos, but you need at least 50 rounds for quads, so we did in today's article run the 50 round drum. If you want a spare slot for another attachment, you can, of course, not run 50 rounds. I think the default is 30.

Run the 30 round mag, and then you can put another slot on for the Reco control because the only thing the magazine does is just give you more ammo; it doesn't help with anything else, so you can take off the ammo for 50 rounds if you're playing solos and put something on Freo control, but in today's article, we did put on the 50 round drum.


Put it on right now if you're playing squads. Now, finally, for the optics, we did run the Nar model 2023. It's going to give us Precision's picture, literally making this thing broken. The N model, like I've said in previous articles, gives zero visual recoil, making this gun completely overpowered.

All of the above, whatever you want to call it, literally put this gun on, put this gun on, not this gun, obviously use this gun we're using in today's article, put this attachment on, and right now the N mode 223 is the best if you don't have it unlocked. Then i highly recommend the Slate reflector pretty much the same but it's smaller the optic is smaller and it's also not circular makes it feel so sexy I don't know why can't explain it's just hot sexy with all the above SL reflector is also good but it's not as good as the N model 2023 and we did run this in today's article this is the MTZ 556 we did run today's article hope you guys are ready for today's Banger article with this MTZ 556 let's get right on to.

Best MTZ 556 Class Setup Warzone 3 Best MTZ 556 Loadout MW3 Warzone 3 Meta MTZ 556 After Update MTZ 556 Season 2. this NEW MTZ 556 CLASS has NO RECOIL in WARZONE 3! Best MTZ 556 Class Setup - MW3. The Grind Never Stops.
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