News - The Buffed Mtz 556 Is Meta Warzone 3. Best Mtz 556 Class Setup - Warzone 2

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Games all right, guys, the best MTZ 556 class in War Zone 3 This is absolutely true. I think it's the best long-range weapon in the game right now. throwing the BT7 spirit fire suppressor for being undetectable by radar. Reco control bullet velocity and damage range You do lose some aim down sight speed aim walking stand this sprint to fire speed, but trust me, it's not a big deal when it comes to this weapon.

Next, you can choose two options. I chose the MTZ Clinch Pro barrel for bullet velocity damage range aiming outle sway firing aim stability at the cost of fire attack stand spread and aim walking speed. Now you can use the MTZ Drifter heavy I actually use this in game plays too, and it has very similar helping features for the pros, but it actually helps with reco control and gun kick control more than it does bullet velocity and damage range.

Whichever one you think would be more beneficial, pick one of these next. I put on the Brun heavy support grip for gun kick control, aiming outward horizontal recoil, and firing aim stability. You do lose some vertical recoil and M-down sight speed, but in my opinion, you're not really going to notice it.

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I mean, this doesn't seem too much like a vertical gun, so I think this is super beneficial. Next are the obvious Coro Eagles. If five times you don't want to use this and you want to use the iron sight, then I have an alternative for you, but we'll get to that at the end of the 50-round drum just because there's really no better alternative.

Plus, it doesn't really affect mobility that much, and if you just want to use an iron sight, then use the MTZ Marauder stock for recoil control and gun kick control. This weapon is honestly so easy to use; it's one of my favorite weapons in the game right now, like I actually don't get into a game without it, and, as you can see, it's just that monstrous of a weapon, so please give this weapon a try if you haven't already.

This is the entire class set up right here, and if you made it this far, comment, MTZ.

Best mtz 556 Loadout in Warzone 3 Best mtz 556 Class Setup MW3 Warzone 3 Meta Class Setup Loadout. The BUFFED MTZ 556 is META in WARZONE 3! Best MTZ 556 Class Setup - MW3.
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