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best mtz 556 class

So the MTZ 556 is the best assault rifle in War Zone 3. We dropped an absolute Banger article with this broken MTZ 556. If we can break 200 likes, comment, shout, and be on the screen, let's get right on to this Banger class setup with the MTZ 556. For the muzzle, you're going to want to use the Z-35 compensated flash outter.

This is literally the best muzzle in the game; it's going to give absolutely zero recoil. I've been saying this for the past few articles, ladies and gentlemen. This muzzle is the best in the game, man. I know you guys probably think the Jack BFB muzzle is the best in the game because it says in the Advanced section it shows so much recall—55, Reco gun—20–35 vertical recall.

And for the Zone 35 compensated flash harder, it doesn't say much; say 5–5. I'm telling you all that this is the best MLE in the game; the lowest reco has to be glitched. Put this thing on right now. It's got the best reco control, and it's going to make this gun completely broken to put this thing on right now.

best mtz 556 class 3

the barel, we did run the MTZ. Drifter, heavy, long barrel, all right This is the best barrel in the game, by far. You're going to need the range of a CCON assault rifle, and this is what it does: it gives us that burst velocity and range, the aim-out sway. R control and dunky control Okay, I'm going to show the details real quick, as you can see on the Screen Man the effective.

Minimum damage range is boosted plus 28 which is so, it's just incredible for that range man, and for it to do enough damage to compete with the other assault rifles, it's also got plus 15 bull velocity, which is really important, and that reco control is reduced a bit with this barrel. Do not worry about the mobility and handling that are reduced, man, that is completely useless.

This is an assault rifle. We're putting on attachments to make it good at long range. We want to be beaming kids at range, so put this barrel on right now. It's the best barrel for this weapon. The optic is now all personal preference, but I don't know if you guys remember the T POS from War Zone 1, which is the sexiest optic in the game; it's just a vertical line through the middle and horizontal.

best mtz 556 class setup

Horizontal, line two black lines that go through the middle, one through the middle vertically and one horizontally. So i highly recommend putting this thing on the Cor Eagles ey 2.5 de. It is my favorite, as you can see on the screen; you can see the reticle right there. It's just a little preview in the middle; it shows you on the middle left what it looks like.

It's so simple and easy, and it's so good for long range, so I highly recommend putting this on. If you don't have an unlocked man, then I'll recommend something else. The AV4 is very good for range; you could put that on. Another good optic that I recommend is the NADA model 2023. Great optics to recommend.

In my opinion, the best optic to run would be the Jack glassless optic, but I don't have it unlocked in this weapon. But if you want the best optic, in my opinion, I'd put on the Jack glasses. I don't have that unlocked, but the Corer Eagles eyes are pretty much the TST. put this thing on under man, we do run the bru heavy support grip This is my favorite grip in the game, the reason being that the control is absolutely amazing on this gun.

best mtz 556 loadout 3

The gunet control has been increased, the aim has way more horizontal recoil, and fing aim stability has been improved, so freaking much you need to put this thing on right now to have no recall. This gun is probably one of the best assault rifles in the game. It's absolutely sexy with this BR and heavy support coupling on, and you will have no recall.

Like I just said, man, put this thing on and you'll probably have one of the best assault rifles, all right, so I highly recommend putting this thing on. If you don't have it unlocked, man, then there's not really another good one under B to use. You could put on the XRK edge, but that doesn't help with the R control; it only helps with mobility.

You need the R control, and this is the underbarrel to use, so put this thing on finally to the magazine. Put on the 50-round drum. You're going to need a lot of ammo since we're shooting long-range solos. You could probably get away with 50-round mags because you know you can down them and then finish them, obviously.


But in the Squads Man 50 round. I wish there was a 100-round mag on every assault rifle, because when you're playing quads, you're not running around with your assault rifle; you're going to run around with the SMG, so obviously it's not going to matter what the mobility is on the AR when you pull out the assault rifle; it's literally just for shooting people at long range, so the 100-round mag is just so good because it can just help you wipe kids way easier; you don't have to reload, but in this case, we don't have it, so the 50-round drum is the way to go to support this thing.

Scream out let's get right on to this b*gger. Yeah, if you die right, you spawn, and you've got like 20 seconds to stay alive. If you don't stay alive in those 20 seconds, you're full dead, but if those 20 seconds end up causing you to die again and then SP, then at the end of the game, a l gets disabled, and if you die, then you're.

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