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So the WSP swarm is still sexy in War Zone 3. We dropped a banger of gameplay for you guys with this broken WSP Swarm setup. If we can break 200 likes, comment on the screen. Let's get right on to this banger loadout with the WSP swarm for the muzzle we did put in the Z35 compensated flash hider.

Now you're going to be thinking I'm crazy, but this is the best muzzle in the game—better than the Jack BFB with recall and better than the lock shot KT 85. This muzzle, I'll just show you them real quick, so it's better than the Jack Bear B lock shot 85. The recoil control Now, ladies and gentlemen, This muzzle, for whatever reason, literally gives any gun zero recoil.

The recoil pattern will feel a bit weird, though it will be slowly going to the left, but the recoil control on this muzzle literally gives zero reco. I do not know why it's completely broken. Put on this compensator flasher. Right now we're going to show the details; Seeart only says -5. It's like it's -90, and there is literally no recoil.

best wsp swarm class

With this mod, you guys definitely need to put it on right now. But the attachments after these guys are going to help with that, so don't worry; putting on this long barrel is going to help with damage. You need damage for this because this SMG has been nerfed to the ground. This is what's going to make it still broken.

Put it on for the stock. Like I said, we need recoil control with this gun. It's got so much recoil that you need to put on the FSS Fortress heavy stock. As you can see on the screen, it helps with that gun kick control. R control firing aiming stability and T stand spread We're going to show the details and the advanced stats.

Look at the Reco control we get, man. It's absolutely incredible; it's literally going to make this gun have no recall and be an absolute beam at range as well. Yes, the mobility and handling are a bit decreased, but they're still so good for this weapon. This weapon has the best mobility in the game if you really want to make it have the best mobility, but in today's game play we want it to have a lot of rle control because this gun has been nerfed a lot and still has great mobility, so you want to put this thing on right now for the RAR grip man.

best wsp swarm class setup

We did put on the Marauder grip; this is going to help that recoil gun kick horizontal recoil and vertical recoil. You guys definitely need to put this on; it is the best for Reco control once again. FL is plus 87. Do not worry about that. This SM does not need to worry about flin resistance with SMGs; it's still completely OP.

Put this thing on right now for the best R control for the W's P SW in the game. Put it on right now. There is no other RAR group that is better. As you can see, all the RAR groups are trash. Put on the marauder group. Finally, in today's game, we did play solo, so 50 rounds is literally perfect.

You could probably get away with 40 rounds, but this gun uses so much ammo so fast, so I would highly recommend putting on the 50-round mag-100-round drum. It's probably good for squads; however, we're not playing squads; man, we're playing solo, so you definitely need to put on the 50-round mag; do not pull it on the 40-, 25-, or 20-round; that's perfect; 20 and 25 are probably perfect.

best wsp swarm loadout

MW3, but we did run the 50-round mag in today's gameplay with the WP Warm. This is the WP Warm class, as you can see on the screen. Let's get right on to this banger gameplay with the WP Warm. One, you're not beating the wave, Bro of my D, brother, like it's just third-party central

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