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best pistol 3

So the tire pistol is the most broken secondary in War Zone 3. We dropped an absolute banger and met a broken gameplay man with this tire pistol. So if we can break 200 likes, leave a comment for you to be on the screen. Let's get right on to this type of pistol. load out with this tire pistol for the muzzle we did put on the Tempest GH50.

Okay, this is the best muzzle in the game right now, ladies and gentlemen. For the tire specifically, it gives us gun kick control for vertical recoil and horizontal recoil. It's the best muzzle in the game for the T. I don't know why the Tempest J50 isn't on other weapons because this gun really does give a lot of reco control.

As you can see on the screen, the reco gun key is 27. So that's when the gun, when you first shoot it, the kick of it is reduced so much—10 horizontal recoils—so let's go on this way. Horizontal, as we should all know, is now 10 and then 27. Okay, this is the best muzzle in the game for Reco Control if you don't have an unlocked one.

I would highly recommend the first muzzle, all right? The first muzzle helps—18 for the vertical recoil and horizontal recoil—so you can definitely put this on if you don't have what's called the Tempest J50 unlocked. But I highly recommend just leveling up, man. It's really easy to level up any gun in this game.

best tyr class

You just pop open a Time 2 weapon XP, and there you go. You can just go into Plunder or MW3 and level it up. The St 45 is very good for a first-level muzzle, but I highly recommend the Tempest GH50. For the underbar, you're on the Dr. 6 hand stop; this is the best underbarrel in the game by far for this weapon.

It gives us the aim walking speed, the aim downside speed, the sprint to fire speed, and the movement speed. Okay, this is the best underbar for the T in the game. We're going to show the details real quick just to show you guys what I'm really talking about, so plus eight movements speed going to help with that movement speed a lot plus 10, that Crouch movement speed.

Plus 8 for that aim down sights movement speed; 6 and 5 for the ad speed; and Sprint to five speed, so you're literally getting a whole package for this under Barrel; it's literally given us so much reliability for. A mobile, secondary gun Okay, yes, the accuracy is going to be affected by that hit-fire, but that doesn't matter, man.

best tyr class 3

We're zooming in with this gun, plus we're going to be zooming in really quick, so we're zooming out, so you want that ad to be good, and this is what it gives us if you don't have it unlocked. I would recommend just putting on something similar to help with that, and that would probably just be the XK Edge, which is only two levels below, so D6 hands up is what I recommend for this gun, specifically the XK Edge, which is really good for SMGs.

But for the pistol, the D6 hand stop is the way to go. Trigg's Fury Okay, this is going to help so much with fire, so we can just spam this gun. yes, this gun's tap far, but having this sign's going to feel like it's automatic when you're just spamming it, man. It's going to be completely overpowered.

best tyr class setup

There is no other trigger action that's as good as this one, which allies regret. Why would this be harder to unlock when the first one's better? I don't understand this game, man, but anyway, The UL Fury The first trigger action is the best in the game, so put this thing on right now; it's completely broken.

It's going H with that trigger action; put it on optic now it's all person of preference you can have an OCT you cannot in my opinion The Nidar model 2023 is so freaking sexy with the T pistol. I have no idea why it's just beautiful, man. Put this thing on right now. You can run no optic if you want, but as you can see, the N model is just a circular, red dot optic that's so beautiful and so sexy for this gun, so put this thing on right now, ladies and gentlemen.

It's going to make you have such good aim with this T pistol, with the final attachment to make it completely broken. The Jack Beholder rifle kit, okay, it's going to allow us for that TCH stand spread along with that bull velocity and range a m way and firing aim stability, man. You definitely need to drive this out, man.

best tyr loadout

It's going to make this gun completely broken. As you can see on the screen, your damage range accuracy and reco control are boosted. We're going to show the details really quickly. As you can see on Screen 3, the effective damage range is incredible. It's going to make this gun two shots, maybe even one shot to the head, plus 37 for that minimum damage range, and this gun one shot if they've got one or two plates.

I'm telling you right now plus 50 for that bull velocity, and the R Gun keep reg control is crazy. Yes, the mobility is a bit off in handling, but don't worry about that. It's still the ads is still incredible with this gun, so put the Jack the Holder rifle kit on, and it's going to give you the best T pistol class setup in the game.

com Shake it out; let's get right on to the game. It could kill you; don't worry. I got you back, Conf, and we loathed the thank you. This is a sign from the enemy. This team is what I'm going to have to flank. I'm going to flank my UAV. I'm flanking H., brother. From down, all sad members are in the safe zone.


There's going to be someone. Landing back in, there's going to be someone landing back, I'm telling you. I'm going to get a UAV. Just camping there the whole game; both of them are mine

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