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best lachmann sub class

So they buffed the MP5, and it's probably the best SMG in Rebirth AR. We dropped a sexy gameplay man with this Latchman Sub in Rebirth. Let's see if we can break 500 likes, man. I know you can make good comments. Sean's radar pings vertical recall, horizontal recall, and firing stability—all the pros and cons of the ad speed and velocity.

Now we've got attachments that will fix the ad speed and bull velocity, so do not worry about that. We're trying to control the recoil on this gun because there is a lot of recoil on this Latchman sub, and it's pretty much all reduced from just this one muzzle, so put this thing on right now. Ladies and gentlemen I'll tell you to just use this class I'm about to give you all.

And yeah, man, it's just going to reduce all the ray calls, so put it on the bar we did put on the L38, falcon. Look at what I just said, man. For the last setup, it didn't. The last setup had cons of aim down side speed; it improved just then for the barrel we put on and movement speed. We'll fix the bull velocity later.

best lachmann sub class setup

Aim down side speed and movement speed are all pros for this barrel. As you can see on the screen, we show the details. We really just want Mobility Man to bring the OG movement back to the MP5. Okay, you feel what I'm saying, so the movement speed crash, movement speed sprint speed. Ad movement speed and ad speed are all boosted, so freaking much to put this thing on right now.

The rec control is decreased, however, which is not the best because we just used a muzzle, but guess what? That muzzle will reduce the r-call completely, so it's fine. Bull is reduced to minus 4 again. It will be fixed. Don't worry, the Al8 Falcon 226 mm is the best. Barrel in the game for mobility, and that's what we needed, so we did put the underbarrel on, and we did put on the DR6 hand stop.

Now we normally put on the XRK edge, but the DR6 hand stop has, you see, better handling, and we need that better handling. We need better ad speed for the SMG and Sprinter fire speed for the SMG, so put on the DL6 hand stop. Okay, that is literally the best under Barrel in the game, if you want.

best lachmann sub loadout

As you can see on the screen, the pros are aim-down side speed and aim-walking speed. Sprint to five speed and movement speed; this new buffed MP5 is just completely broken with this thing, and you need to give this thing a go right now. I hope you guys have used the attachments I've given you. So what are the first three you've got: the zon, the l38 Falin, and the dr6 Hand Stop?

Put those three on. We've got two left. This is the best underbarrel for this gun. Let's get right onto the two more. Now we do need better bull velocity for this gun, and this is the perfect thing. We've got the high-grain rounds. No one talks about this, but as you can see on the screen, we get a huge damage boost, an effective and minimum damage boost, along with bull velocity.

Now you need to put this thing on, man. It's kind of like a must to make it broken. You get that plus 14 effective damage ranges, and then 15 for both minimum and bull velocity. Put this thing on right now; we do, you know. Rec controls have been reduced; don't worry about it; we've got the muzzle on that reduces all the recoil in the game.

best smg 3

The Z 35 is completely broken, but on the high-grain rounds and this SMG, It might be up there with one of the fastest-killing SMGs in the game, so put this thing on right now. I'm telling you all to listen to me put it on for the magazine. 40 rounds is perfect, okay? Unlike SMGs, this gun does shoot fast bullets, but not as fast as your WSP, Swarm, or Striker 9, you feel what I'm saying, or your new FJX, Forest.

I think it's called the SMG. The 40-round mag is perfect for what we want. Mobility is still 50 rounds; we're going to reduce a lot; 40 rounds reduces a tiny bit, so it's fine, man. You can put it on your still crazy move with this thing 50-round magazine. I don't even know why this is a thing.

I don't even know why this thing is completely useless. You can use it for MW3 if you really want to, but for War Zone, do not even put this thing on. Round is the way to go, and you'll have the best Latchman subog. MP5 setup on Rebirth Island I can't believe rebirth is back. I'm so freaking excited for it.


This is the OG MP5 setup, as you can see on the screen. I can't believe they buffed this thing. Let's get right onto the gameplay with the buff, Me, die. Die, love, so where are you? You want to team up, yeah? I'm at the top of the tower, and I'm coming down. Are you in the tower? Yes, sir, yes.

Yeah, I again think you're not using the Latchman sub, and I am, and this thing got buffed, ladies and gentlemen. This thing is completely broken. Okay, I got to run this setup that I'm about to use and show you this game playay that is absolutely broken. Stay tuned for the whole game play about to drop a

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