News - This Is Iridescent Solo Queue Warzone 2 Ranked Play


Now let's get into this. 10 seconds remaining, yeah, get one V forward, you [__]. cheating bastards Jesus, that's how they're saying it. Yeah, I do, mate, but you know it's worth it. Get one before cheaters; that's worth it. We lost that round. Prepare for the next one. Yes, I'm subscribed to you, brother.

Well, you'll be seeing yourself on YouTube, won't you? I love at least you're a good spot, teammate's, in Search and Destroy; this is weird as. Unfortunately, on PC, you know it's so hard to get any sort of legit iridescent lobbies, so potentially I might have to go back to the PS5. I wasn't really enjoying PC being on those high frame rates, but you know, if I do want to play any sort of iridescent lobbies.

I might have to jump back on the PS5 to play on there, but unfortunately, it's a little bit harder for me to record and get some decent gameplay on there for you guys.

In this video I'm playing Solo Queue in Iridescent Ranked in MW3 Ranked Play! I'm playing a game of Terminal SnD where unfortunately I'm playing against a 4 man stack of cheaters including a Top 250 Player, however I do manage to pull off a 1v4 during the game.
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