News - The "meta" Bas-b After Nerf Warzone 3. Best Bas-b Class Setup - Warzone 2

bas b warzone

We also receive about a 6% increase in every single recoil control stat. Next up, we do want to throw on the best long-range optic in War Zone 3, and that is going to be the Eagle's Eye 2.5. Since this gun does have a lot of recoil, we do want to go ahead and throw on the best recoil control under Barrel in War Zone 3, and the one that we are going to use is the brewing and heavy support grip, which, as you can see, gives us a huge increase in accuracy and recoil control.

We are going to get a 10% decrease to the recoil gun kick and a near 133% decrease to the horizontal recoil, making this gun a lot easier to use, especially at longer distances. And for the fifth and final attachment for the Metab Bass B build. I am going to give you guys two separate options depending on your preference, and the first option is going to be the spe fire suppressor.

This is going to get rid of our red dot on the mini map when we're firing our weapon, so if you are trying to play more sneaky and passive, this is definitely the option for you, but since this gun does have a lot of recoil. I personally do like to rock the Ty LR8 muzzle, which, as you can see, gives us a massive increase in accuracy and recoil control, and for the most part, the recoil on this gun is going to be horizontal, so as you can see, this gives us a 27%.

bas b warzone 3

Decrease that horizontal recoil, making it so we can try to focus more on pulling our right stick down instead of having to go left and right as well. Here's the full metab bass beu in War Zone 3 after the Nerf is easily still one of the best longrange weapons in the game right now, and with it, I drop a crazy 30+ kill game on Von Del Park.

So with that being said, let's jump into.

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