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10 things you might not know about mw3 zombies

There are a few things in Model 3 Zombie that you guys probably don't know. Maybe you guys do, maybe you don't, but today we're going to be showing you guys five things that you guys probably don't know about Mod Warfare 3 Zombie. First things first, we're going to be talking about the dark ether, you guys.

So one of the cool things that you can use in the dark ether is the first blast feel upgrade, you guys. The first blast-feel upgrade visual is in here because everything is already blue and purple and looks absolutely stunning. On top of that, it destroys every single enemy with one touch, and the people that don't get to destroy it become frozen for a few seconds, which is going to allow you to either escape, reload, or pretty much do anything after that—even kill them anyway.

The second one is this right here, the classified document; this is $1, 000. Essence classified documents you're going to find at this location. Every single time you guys go to this location, you are going to be able to get this classified document, which is half of a contract, every single time now.

codmw3 zombies things you didnt know

Another thing that you guys probably don't know is that you are now able to actually trade a mod for Fre 3 Zombie, as you can see right here. I have no communication with some of these people, which is absolutely stunning, because if you guys ever play other games that you are unable to trade, especially in this looting game, this right here allows you to actually get some of the things that you probably don't have, as you can see right there.

I randomly just gave this guy a whole bunch of my stuff, and then he just gave me an epic ether tool. You guys, now another thing that you guys probably don't know is that if you don't act for the bad signal mwc story, you're going to be able to complete a few objectives right here. The Dark Eternity, and after that, it's going to say escape and leave the Dark Eternity, and for the people that have never done this before, not for the people that have already done it, because you guys already know what's going to happen, but for the people that have never done this before, you're going to be surprised by the big warm You guys, my friend right here was surprised by this warmth.


He thought we were going to go to a portal and be done with it, and we were so unprepared. He didn't have any armor plates. I knew this was going to happen, but I was trying to get his reaction, and this happened. Another thing that you guys probably didn't know or actually seen before is two big monsters in the same location, the Mega Abomination, and it makes you wonder why we don't see this more often, especially since we always see only one Mega Abomination.

Another thing that you guys might not know is this right here. I call this freedom. A lot of people call this the safe heaven, right here. This tower right here allows you to be free from zombies. You're just going to climb up here; they're not going to be able to climb. You can climb even higher from here.

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You can pick and choose what you want to do, like what contract gives you a weapon. Pack-a-Punch, which ride you want to take pretty much anything from here next to the dog, you guys the dog. As long as you use four shunks of Flesh, you guys, the dog, become invincible. He's going to be so strong that he's going to become your decoy through the entire Red Zone.

Now, the key for him is to basically distract from the mega-abomination. That's the most useful thing he can do here, just because he's going to distract the mega-abomination to the point that he's not even going to pay attention to you guys, so you can focus on him and destroy him easily. And pretty much just get it done even if you don't have a sentry gun, but anyway, man, we got one more for you guys.

Now, you guys know we don't have an actual stash here in mod Warfare 3 Zombie as you are playing the game. Now the dead Bol Torret can actually work as a stash; all you have to do is click deposit, you guys. You can only deposit four things. After that, you can actually use this space in your backpack to keep looting, and then you can go ahead and come back later on and collect anything you deposit here.

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Keep in mind that anything more than four will actually disappear. Now you can actually go and do anything you want and then come back. So since we don't have a stat, this is going to allow you to actually manage your backpack and why you want to keep it. Now we got a bonus one for you guys. outside the three zones.

Well, we actually rang into this one right here on the two zones, you guys, and it actually feels like this one was kind of friendly.

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