News - These Are The Best Pro Player Class Setups For Ranked Play Warzone 2 (2023 Update)

best cdl classes mw2

I gave you all the best pro player class setups, and y'all absolutely loved it, so we're running it back just in time for the rank play release in the Season 2 update for Modern Warfare 2. So to start off, we're using the best SMG in the game; I don't even think it's up for debate; it's going to be the Vazden 9K, and a lot of things remain the same.

So to start off, you're going to be using the Bruin pendulum as your mouse will give you vertical and horizontal recoil, control; now, some pros actually do not use any muscle simply for added speed, but I would say like 70 percent of the pros still use the Bruin pendulum, probably even 80, especially in a lot of mid-range gunfights.

For recoil control, especially because the Vasnav is that gun, you're going to want to use it for your underbrill; you're going to be rocking with the FSS. The Shark Fin 90 gives you aim idle stability, and a big reason for this is that, actually, all underbrills that help with hip fire accuracy are Jade across all weapons in the game.


Knowing rank play, I'm not sure this is actually going to be updated in the competitive settings for day one, but it definitely will get changed, so I would suggest using this underbridge. Before they actually do update the settings now to counteract the brewing pendulum slowing down your ads speed, you're going to be rocking the true tag grip for your rear group, giving you sprint to fire speed as well as aim down sight speed, and to help the mobility even more, you're going to rock the ultrazact style, giving you aim walking speed and sprint speed, and that's class right there.

Still, this is probably the best number one gun overall, so this is probably the best class setup. Next, we have the number one AR in the game right now, which is going to be Detective, probably for competitive play, and that's going to be the TAC 56 now that the M4 has been I had to say it now: one interesting thing about the attack 56 is that a lot of people have slight variations in terms of classes, so today I'm actually going to be giving y'all two classes for the tech 56, a faster build and one that's also fast but definitely helps with the recoil a bit.

cdl moshpit

For this first-class setup, this is actually the one that Dashi from Optic Texas uses, so for your barrel, you're going to rock the 17.5 Tundra. Pro barrel, and this barrel is actually required for the attack 56, and I'm not sure if it's going to be updated for settings as well, but this is definitely the best barrel and probably the only barrel that you can use.

He also rocks the FSS Shark Fin 90 in the underbarrel, which gives you aiming stability, and again, all underbells help with hip fire accuracy. RGA So especially with the attack, there are a couple different variations, and we'll get to that in a second, but this is the one that Dash uses next and, in my opinion, probably the biggest necessity.

For this gun, and that is going to be the high-velocity ammunition that gives you bullet velocity, it literally helps your bullets go from your gun to your target. I think that's probably the best non-tuning help that this gun can have, especially because, I'm not gonna lie to Vasnab, it definitely slams the attack in a lot of situations.


Next, we have the demo clean shot grip, which gives you sprint to fire speed as well as aim down sight speed for your stock. You're going to be rocking the TV Cardinal stock, which gives you aim walking speed as well as sprint speed, so this is going to be dashies, basically, in Flex Tac 56 in Modern Warfare 2.

It's definitely a good gun, but for this next class setup, it helps a little bit with accuracy while also maintaining a lot of mobility, so for this class setup, we have two things remaining the same: we still have the 17.5-inch barrel and we still have the high velocity ammunition, but for this class setup, you're going to want to use a muzzle, and for your muzzle, you're going to want to rock the Cronin OP44, giving you vertical and horizontal recoil control.

Now, I'm not going to lie to y'all: a lot of the muzzles -- I've said it time and time again -- do the same thing. This is one that I liked for this class setup. We're going to be rocking an underbarrel, and that is going to be the edge 47 grip, giving you aiming idle stability as well as recoil stabilization.

pro player

I've seen a couple pros use this underbrother, especially our cities and Draza, so it's definitely a fan favorite with the pros. If you're looking for an underbrother to also help with recoil stabilization, this is definitely one to go for. Now the biggest difference between this and the Cardinal stock is that you're getting that Crouch movement speed, which for snd is huge, and it's a necessity, especially if you're an AR player, to get around faster as well as aim down side speed, which is actually a huge necessity if you're holding down an angle or if you're really just holding down in map.

A lot of pros are actually using this stock, so I definitely suggest that you give it a try. This is going to be your mobility-friendly Tac-56 as well as maintaining that recoil control. I definitely suggest that this is probably going to be a little bit of a fan favorite for y'all playing in ranked play, so definitely give it a try.

ranked play

So let's talk about the snipers real quick. Technically, you can use any sniper in the game as long as you don't put any attachments on it. On it now again. I don't know if they're going to update this by the time we get ranked play tomorrow, but there are a lot of key differences with these snipers that I'm actually going to talk about right now, so the main ones you're going to see a lot of people rocking in SD are going to be the SPX, the Lab, as well as the mcpr300.

Now the key difference between these snipers is that the Lab and the SPX are going to be more mobility-friendly, and as snipers, they're definitely going to help you get across the map faster. Granted, it is a sniper, but in terms of bullet speed and sprint to fire speed, these are going to be the guns you're going to want to use, especially.

If you're more of an aggressive sniper, but with mcpr, you're actually doing a lot more damage with your opponent, but you're sacrificing mobility of course, so that's something to think about when you're running with these snipers, and it was actually confirmed by track today that the only pistol that you're going to be able to use when rank play does come out is the X12.

Now, in terms of attachments, apparently, the pros don't rock any attachments, but especially seeing challenges, you can rock a Specific Trigger, so I'm not sure how that's going to be dealt with when we do get ranked play, but this is the only handgun you're going to want to use if you have a sniper on hand.

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