News - The 3 Class Setups Dominating Ranked Play On Warzone 2

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Just have a listen to this: This kid's weird this. I always like to make my articles quite straight to the point and simple for you guys, so the first build we're going to be talking about is going to be the MP7 or the Val 46. This got a buff in the most recent update, and it has now become one of the best SMGs to use in ranked play.

I honestly love this class at the moment; it feels really, really nice. Has some really clean iron sights, and I really like them. Not only does it have really nice iron sights, but of course, that's not the only good thing. The mobility on this weapon is very good. It's a very small weapon, and it feels really nice, and it's got a pretty good range as well.

Surprisingly, you can defeat people at range very easily as well, so start off with the Val 46 build. We're going to be starting off with the Tango Barrel. This is going to increase the damage range and bullet velocity. It will decrease some of the ABS, but it doesn't really matter because it's got an insanely fast EDS anyway, and we'll be getting that back with some later attachments, but this is just going to increase that damage range, which is quite important.

best guns for ranked mw2

Then have the Bruin sink shot on the brow; this is just going to increase the overall accuracy, and then the 30-round magazine; this is the only magazine you need to be using; there's no need to use any magazine that's larger than this because it's just going to decrease the weapon's mobility, and you don't really need more than 30 bullets anyway.

We also have the stock here, which is going to increase the weapon's recoil control, once again decreasing some of that advertisement, etc., but it doesn't really matter, and then to finish it off here, we have the Schlager Soldier rear grip, which is going to increase that Sprint fire speed and get some of those advertisements back, but still, the effort put into this weapon is just crazy, crazy good.

This is the full loadout on the screen now if you want to go ahead and screenshot it and let's get straight into the next build so. The next build is going to be the cast of 545, and now this thing honestly just absolutely thrives, and this was actually the beginning of this Tip Top guy getting really, really angry at me.

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I was with Brian when he announced this build at the beginning of the game, and then he said it at the end of the match. You're looking like a fat virgin; put the custom away. Now, for some reason. Etc., we'll be losing a bit of mobility, but that doesn't matter; we'll be getting that back again with some later attachments, and then we have the shark fin underbelly for the aiming idle stability, and then we have the stock for the mobility, getting that speed back, getting that aim walking speed, getting that Sprint speed, etc., making this nice and quick.

And, then, we have the final attachment, which is going to be the true tack rear grip, which is also going to give us more mobility, and that is the full loadout right there now. For the remainder of the article. I first of all just want to show you guys a bunch of clips of it. I got into this match because it was just really, really nice; it was a really nice build to use, and this Tip Top guy was getting real.

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Angry, so enjoy, and once again, the class is at the end of a week. GG, Shit off your virgin, Go outside; that's so funny, man. probably my favorite gun right now to use. very good attachment I feel like it's definitely one of the best underbarrels to use right now for recoil control, and then we have the high velocity ammo type, which is a very regular attachment, and a lot of people kind of overlook it or don't really use it, but you should definitely try it out in the demo clean shot grip for the simplifier and speed ads.

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