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They recently added those ranked play camoes that you can now earn if you're, you know, going through the divisions, and if you want to get to the top 250 and get that exclusive camo, you're definitely going to be on top of your game with the best loadouts. All of these loadouts are equipped with the best attachments for the lowest amount of recoil, fastest time to kill possible, and amazing movement speed so that you can win against your opponents, climb up the ladder, and rise up your rank.

These are the prime loadouts to rock in ranked play, and with the last update, many players have already gotten into iridescent. And turn on those post notifications. It proves that you know my class setups really help you, and you can actually see your own progression through the comments on the article.

You know, even if you're like bronze right now, you don't make it iridescent or anything. I'm not going to flame you. You know we're all humans on this channel. I do upload rank-play loadouts periodically, but for the most part, I do just pretty much upload nukes that are entertaining. Gameplays, best-class setups, funny moments, and just having a fun time here on Call of Duty, so if you enjoy any of that or just enjoy a dope channel to watch, then you've come to the right channel.

I just appreciate you being here also. We're massively close to 200 000 subscribers; I think we're less than 1500 subscribers away, so if you want to join in before we hit maybe a million on Wednesday, that'd be pretty tight. I'd love to have you here, and as always, shout out to the naughty gang from the comment section below my articles if it weren't for the support of you guys.

I don't know where I would be in this life. I just want to give you my love with the shout-outs that I give you. You guys are truly the best audience ever. But yeah, let's go ahead and start things off with the number one ranking.

Ranked taq 56

Ranked taq 56

AR that most people would use just because it's the most comfortable, and because it's the pro-meta-ranked AR, we're going to be talking about the ranked Tac 56.

Ftac castle comp

So starting things off, we got the most of the f-tac castlecom, which is going to give us the best horizontal and vertical recoil control.

Now, attack 56 is already very accurate, but why have good accuracy when you can have great accuracy? And so with our bullets hitting our opponents more consistently on our opponents, that's going to give us a faster time to kill and make this attack way more lethal.

Edge-47 grip

Next up for our underbell attachment, we have the edge 47 grit, which is going to give us the best aiming possibility and the best recoil stabilization.

With the aiming off stability, we'll have less way on this gun, making shot accuracy more on point, and that's going to give us a faster time to kill, and in that recoil stabilization combo itself, the muzzle allows us to be even more accurate with this gun by making it way more powerful, and the reason why I rock the Edge 47 grip over all these other underbells is because, statistically, it gives you the best aiming stability and the best recoil nation, and we want the best stuff to stay competitive in ranked play.

556 high velocity

5.56 high velocity

Next up, we've got our ammunition, which is going to be the 5.56. High-velocity rounds are going to maximize our bull's velocity. Now, you're not going to really find yourself in too many long-range situations, but that bull velocity makes it so that if you are in a long-range situation, the bullets travel faster and they're going to connect a lot easier against opponents who are like 40 meters or, you know, above, and this is going to make long-range gunfights The Attack 56's specialty.

So definitely rock this because you need any advantage possible when it comes to the long range. Modern, Warfare 2 rank play next up, we have the stock of the TV LPX434, and, personally, you can actually go with a number of things. I love the LPX for that aiming stability, so I could be even a little bit more accurate with this gun, but you could also rock something like the TV X line Pro, where you could be a lot more speedy with detach 56.

Tv cardinal stock

You could also use the TV Cardinal stock, which I think would be like a second choice because it increases your sprint speed to move around a little bit more, or your stray speed.

Tactique brute stock

I just love the LPX434.

Demo cleanshot grip

Demo cleanshot grip

The gun has literally no freaking recall; it's super easy to use.


Stun grenade

Avr-t90 comp

Avr-t90 comp

best guns for ranked mw2

9k and when it comes to the muscle we got the AVR T90 comp which is going to give us the best horizontal and vertical recoil control and since the vasnav is an SMG it's going to have a little bit more recall than usual so having this attaching on will make this gun way more controllable allowing, to destroy people at short range and medium ranges extremely, easily when it comes to the underbell once again we have the edge 47 grip and it's just gonna make a super Godly accurate especially combined with the effects of the muzzle and I've already talked enough about this attachment in the Thai 56 this thing is effective now when it comes to the stock we got the archers odd stock for the aim locking speed and Sprint speed and, this is really nice because that means you can aim down sights and move left and right a lot more quickly allowing you to win more gunfights that way so strafing is nice and then you also have to have super useful property of Sprint speed which allows you to move around the map a lot more quickly you know running away from opponents whenever needed or to get to a certain choke point or.

True-tac grip

You just want to use the you know the good old vazzy here because it's frozen. Control, and even at longer ranges. I mean, it's workable; you know, if you've got like a 45-round mag, you could easily take out you. I know people that like farther ranges, which is super sweet, so yeah, use the vasnif; it's super freaking nice.

NEW TOP 5 UPDATED Pro Meta Best Ranked Play Classes MW2 S5R CDL Best Class Setups Loadouts Guns.
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