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We're going to be talking about the RPK and how I like to have mine set up, but this is going to be set up more specifically for the third person, you. I never use it, and this thing can just laser beam people no matter how far they are. You can laser them down. I wouldn't be surprised in the near future if they actually dropped this one a little bit to be a little bit more competitive with the other guns because most people are running the RPK.

whether you're running first-person or third-person like you see on this channel, so what we'll do now is let's dive into it so you can see how I have mine specced out. So, let's start off with the laser. For the laser, we are running the slagger laser, and the reason I like this one is because it gives us that aim down sight speed that we're going to actually lose on some of our other attachments, and while this is important in first person, for me, it's not that important in third person.

I hardly ever focus on this if I'm running like an AR SMG. But, when you are running something like an LMG. I feel like this is something that you do want to spec into a little bit to help you improve, especially if you're using the LMG as your primary, so this one's going to give you the aim-down size speed with no cons, and that's what I like about it.

Tac 597 barrel

Tac 597 barrel

So we have the TAC 597 barrel. This is a great one because it gives us damage, it gives us bullet velocity, it gives us movement speed, and it gives them hip fire.

So there are a lot of really good benefits. We do lose a little bit of recoil control and hip recoil control, but don't worry about it; we'll actually set that up with some of our other attachments. But one thing I do want you to see right here is that negative aim down sight speed. Well, what did we just get from the laser?

So this one kind of writes it off right here. Now, if you do want to tune this one, what I usually do for this one is, since we don't have to worry too much about aim walking speed, I actually put the recoil steadiness all the way to the top. Then for the bottom one. I like to keep the aim down side speed and damage range the same on this one; I don't really want to mess with that, but the recoil steadiness is definitely way better than aim walking speed.

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You don't have to worry about the muzzle walking speed at all; we are running the ZLR.

Zlr talon 5

Talon, now this is going to give us that bullet velocity, the damage ring recoil smoothness, and sound suppression. Now we do lose a little bit of the aim walking speed, which you don't have to worry about too much with the aiming stability and the aim downside to be, so that's why it's key to actually put something because if you start putting too much negative pain downside speed on LMGs, you can kind of feel that even in third person, but since we do have that laser that's giving us the pros and no cons, it kind of makes up for this, and we only have right now 1A downside speed, and you'll notice the difference by just running that laser and then running these attachments.

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Now for the shark fin, we are running with idle stability, and that's it. There's nothing else you need on this one, and I don't even have any tuning on it because I don't want to mess with the aim-down speed or the recourse stabilization. You do have the AIM walking speed at the bottom, so if you if you if you really want to, you could turn on the AIM idle stability and move it all the way to the right, but that one doesn't really affect too much, so I would kind of just leave this one alone and not tune it at all.

The same thing with the muzzle. Just kind of forget about the aim walking speed, because, truthfully, a lot of times you are just running, like sometimes you're walking, but it's not really going to benefit you, so since you gained all the way over there, you could probably push this one all the way over here.

Kind of, but I'm going to leave it like this; I'm going to put too much, and that's kind of how I run mine then, the final we have the high velocity rounds, and I honestly think this is like key for a lot of your harder hitting weapons that bullet velocity, you do lose a little bit of damage range, and I wouldn't even tune it here because you really don't want to mess with any of this.

You want to keep that recoil about balance that you want to keep that bullet velocity damage range balance too, and the reason why is because you're seeing the gameplay when I'm hitting shots, it's like a laser beam, and you really don't want to mess that up in game. A lot of people like running optics, and you don't need to run an optic in third person, in my opinion.

I just like that it's just so easy to aim in third-person if you're a third-person shooter. Yeah, you'll probably like it better that way anyway, so for me. I honestly don't have an optic on my LMG; if I want to run an optic. I run on a sniper, but yeah, for the LMG itself. I try to run nothing, and I'm telling you, this thing is amazing.

I kind of and that's how I have it set up that way; that is, honestly, how I have it set up. Let me show you the rest of the class setup so you can see.

X13 auto

X13 auto

I do have the X13 auto, but, honestly. I always just try to pick up ARs off the ground, like the M13, and then I just drop this right off the bat flash grenade or frag grenade, and then for the perk package.

Specter package

I personally like the double time tracker; I think those are very key, and then we have Spotter, and then we go, so though that is kind of the Specter, that is kind of my go-to.

I know a lot of people don't really like Ghost as much anymore because as soon as you start shooting, you're detectable right by a UAV, so it's kind of hit or miss, but I still think this is probably one of the better ones, at least for my style, because I do like moving around. The rbk is my go-to, and there's this thing until they bring it down a little bit and they Nerf it a little, it's probably gonna be one of the metal weapons inward On 2.0 for quite a while, so once they do tone this down, we'll come back and see what other metal weapons are out there.

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