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Best tyr class setup mw3

Best tyr class setup mw3

In this article, we'll be transforming the tire pistol into a sniper with a brand new conversion kit. This is insanely effective. It's one of the most fun classes I've ever run. I was able to drop two nukes. Turn on those potential notifications. This is kind of like a pocket. Longbow all right, let's take a look at the new tire, Sniper, not the pistol.

The funny thing is that this is exactly what the longbow would be in pistol form. Now we have a new conversion kit here, the Jack Beholder rifle kit. This is phenomenal, bumping up firing, aiming stability, and aim. Ido sway builds velocity, range, and the ability to go to an attack stance. Equip this if you want to have this weapon in sniper form.

best mw3 tyr class

Now we're skipping over the rear grips; these are not going to help us out, but we are going to be running an optic here. Now you guys can see I actually skipped over the stocks; these are restricted because, well, the kit takes place of the stock for the optics we are going to be running. I recommend running one of these two attachments.

You want to use the mark reflector on this weapon if you are looking to run and gun with it. Or you can quite literally put on a sniper scope, which is what I do, so I can go ahead and take it out at longer ranges because that's where this weapon is going to shine now with the new kit you guys can see here.

The SC hm5 Precision hybrid optic is going to be phenomenal. Here, we do have a small sniper glint; unfortunately, we don't have the Coro 2.5x. This is overall going to give us magnification. Make sure this weapon is easy to use at longer ranges. Now, for the laser, you do have one or two choices under this category as well.

best tyr class

This is kind of a forgiving setup; you can pick it up however you want to run it in the game. Now you can either rock the fgx D at 70, which is going to be giving us laser visibility at ads, which in all reality, if you're going to be running it as the sniper. I don't recommend doing this, but if you're going to be running and gunning, this is perfect, giving us increased aim-down sight speed stability and sprint of fire speed.

Now, if you guys are going to run it as the actual sniper. I do recommend running the 1 M pistol laser, which is going to be phenomenal, giving us increased hip fire accuracy, hip fire control, as well as sprint of fire speed, just to go ahead and increase the ability to aim down sight quicker after sprinting.

best tyr class mw3

We are using a pistol for crying out loud. Now the barrel is going to be restricted because it is part of the conversion kit, and we are going to skip over the muzzle. There's no reason to run a muzzle because we can't suppress this, unfortunately. Now we are going to run an under Barrel here and we're going to rock the SL skeletal vertical grip this is going to be a good attachment on this pistol, sniper, allowing us to be very agile and still snap aim at longer ranges, we have Sprint of fire speed gun kick control vertical recoil as well as aim down side speed everything we need for kind of a fast-paced, hybrid setup we do have locked in with this attachment and obviously we're going to be skipping over the ammunition cuz we're not running the snake shot but we are going to rock Trigger action and the Alley's regret is going to be phenomenal giving us increased fire rate, aim idle sway control ability and faster trigger response time we can go ahead and snap aim and get follow-up shots a little bit faster as you guys can see here we are going to be able to dominate.

At any and all ranges, this is kind of ridiculous how effective this is. I'm going to put the plate on here, and as you guys can see here, you can get one shot to the chest. With this pistol, at longer ranges, and then obviously, at extreme long range, you can't go ahead and get a head shot. This is stupid how effective this is now, for in the setup we are going to actually go ahead and rock the striker.

You can run whatever secondary you want secondary, but here I do have on the 48-round magazine the Chima Ryan 03 vertical grip. I have on the shadow strike suppressor, and I am running the Striker Recon long barrel as well as the lockman. MK2 light stock. I am rocking Munitions box scavenger gloves covert sneaker focus on a headset so I can hear footsteps and gunfire a lot easier goes to keep us off the radar as well as the Comm vest because I do still want to have that 247 UAV.

We are using a pistol; we are going to be moving from position to position and taking people out at longer ranges, and every time you run over a body you just killed, you're going to be able to get that beacon letting you know if anybody is in your general vicinity. Overall, this is a very effective yet fun class setup. I got two MGB nukes; let's get into them, It.

Tyr mgb nuke gameplay 1 mw3

Tyr mgb nuke gameplay 1 mw3

All right, let's get busy with the tyr, sniper; they actually just dropped this today, and actually not today. I apologize; it might have been a day ago, but they've been dropping a lot of weird conversion kits recently. I mean, they dropped a double-barrel sniper or sniper; that'd be ridiculous if they did that; they dropped a double-barrel pistol, or SMG.

What am I talking about? Hold on, I'm dead. I did this thing. I'm getting chased. This is literally like the longbow; this is literally the longbow in pistol form. Literally, it just dawned to me it just dawned me right now because like you have to hit him at the chest up with the lbo to get that one shot but with this is like the same thing now obviously the Longbow got 20 bullets with it so it's a little bit more forgiving but this is quite literally the Longbow and Pistol form so you could literally Rock the Longbow and this and essentially have the same gun on the same class setup that might be a fun setup honestly thinking about it, right?

In two Meds, there was literally their whole team. Right there, let's go, baby. The nuk got zero kills, but we popped off with that tyr sniper.

Tyr mgb nuke gameplay 2 mw3

Tyr mgb nuke gameplay 2 mw3

All right, let's get busy with the tire-sniper. We got to get to an elevated position, y'all, because we are sniping. Get pop, oh.

the NEW TYR SNIPER is BROKEN in MW3! Best TYR Class Setup - Modern Warfare 3.
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