News - The New "meta" Wsp Swarm Class Is Insane Warzone 3. Best Wsp Swarm Class Setup - Warzone 2

best mw3 wsp swarm class

Bring another War Zone 3 article today. We take a look at the swarm. Obviously, this gun needs no introduction. But this is a weapon that I decided to kind of switch up the class setup because, if you guys have been watching my articles for the last two weeks, anytime I've shown the SW, I've had this pretty.

Particular class setup little weird class setup had 100 round mags on it still has a sight like this one no Barrel muzzle like it was just a whole different class setup but the gun was good, the class setup was great had a lot of fun with it but I want to switch it up a little bit made a lot of adjustments to my original class hit up got a 50 round mag on it got the high grain rounds on it got an actual Barrel this time instead of a muzzle and I just want to see how this gun felt and I actually liked it, the one aspect of this weapon obviously I feel like no class set really is going to make that much of a difference for a was swarm just because this gun I feel like no matter what.

best smg mw3

It's going to go crazy. I think the biggest difference would just be 50 versus 100 round mag; that's probably the biggest difference you're going to see with any class setup, but for me personally as a sols player, just the way I play the 50 round mag, obviously I'm missing a whole other 50 rounds that I could potentially have played with.

This kind of changed the way I played a little bit, making me play a little more cautious cuz, you know. I would go through a lot of ammo really quickly and maybe I would be left over 15 or 18 bullets, and maybe that's not enough to kill somebody, so I kind of have to play a little bit more, slower.

I got to play a little bit more tactical, and it's just that I feel like it helped me, kept me in check, and I like that about this class setup, whereas the 100-round mag I played really Reckless. I have a 100-round Max. I can just do whatever I want, and I just did a lot of reckless things with this gun.

This class setup really felt It put me in check, which is kind of weird; maybe you guys completely don't understand what I'm saying, but give this class a try. I actually enjoyed it a little bit more than my original one, and I was going crazy in this gameplay, you're going to see, but anyways, before we get into this gameplay.

best warzone wsp swarm class

As always, if you hit that, like, 20 new subs yesterday, that's a big W. Close, fire sales over adjusting prices, good kill marking the rest of that squad on your T map, get hunting gas is, moving you put that Target on yourself, thank God I don't lose that. I lost that, brother. I don't know. I don't know.

I don't know if some of these peripherals, or whatever they want to call them, are on my. I'm losing it. I can't speak straight because I almost lost that, and I couldn't believe it. Online, that's a win-win way to take what's going to lie. I love the 100-round swarm, but that 50 felt different.

It makes no sense because it really didn't feel too different, but I think it might have SP on the barrel on the 50, and that combo lowkey was hidden. Maybe just

the new META WSP SWARM CLASS is INSANE in WARZONE 3! Best WSP SWARM Class Setup - MW3.
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