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best holger 556 build

This conversion kit for the Hoger 556 in Modern Warfare 3 makes it into a burst weapon, turning it into a t-U version of the m81. Its fire rate gets slightly lower, but its damages do not change, so it'll still be three shots if you hit the headshot and four shots to the rest of the body. This conversion kit is one of the more interesting ones in the game because it's all or nothing; it's either the best thing in the game or the worst thing in the game.

There's no real middle ground with it. Let's talk about the attachments. Right off the rip, we have the Jack signal burst conversion kit for the Hoger 556. Since people will ask because they're not going to be able to find it themselves, for whatever reason, you have to unlock it through your weekly challenges in week five.

Now, I'm going to be completely honest and upfront with you guys, even though it is a buff to the recoil and gun kick control. If you miss a bullet in the burst, you're not going to get one, and it's going to make the time to kill feel super awkward. So although you might think this attachment is going to really help with the recoil, and it kind of does, you're going to need more recoil attachments, like the M 20 grip in this particular build.

best holger 556 class

I'm choosing this over a stock because it has a really decent buff to our recoils, and there's no downside to our handling. The other big recoil reduction attachment that I'm a big fan of for this particular weapon is going to be the Saen tread 40 muzzle device. If you come into the stats, it's pretty big on the vertical recoil and gun kick control, which is honestly this gun's problem.

There's not a lot of side-to-side movement in the Hoger stockless mod because you kind of need it to make this gun as snappy as possible. You need to snap to your targets to get the first shot, and then the rest of the bullets will follow. If you use this gun like normal people would use a gun in C, where you start shooting as you're ading, you're going to miss a bullet in the burst, and you're just going to die, and then finally, on the Mark II reflector, the gun by default does come with an optic, but it doesn't necessarily.

best holger 556 class mw3

Bad, but if you build the weapon like I've built the weapon, this optic just gets awkward, so if you build the weapon like I built it. I do think the Mark II or another type of red dot optic would be the best. I bet. All right, we're using the conversion kit for the Honda 556. It is the most popular weapon in gaming history.

It's either the best gun in the game or the worst gun in the game; there's no in between you; either one bursts people and they die insanely quick, or you miss a single bullet from the burst and they laugh at you, and then you do that, ah yes, very cool. The streamer is live using an MCW on Meet 247, which we love.

Then they spawn behind me like, yeah, sure on brand. I guess it's meat, there's just literally no in between you either one burst people, and they're just mad as hell that you got one burst, or like, you just missed a single bullet from a burst, and then you die, saying the gun is bad would just be a straight-up lie, the gun isn't bad.

holger 556

Statistically very good gun; just the stats are very dependent on certain things. En it's just so awkward if you see more than one person you're just dead in that situation cuz I walked into them, but like I don't know, multi-kills feel weird because you just have to get the one burst you can't you can't just miss a shot the gun will one burst if you hit all four bullets to the body but like how realistic is, that the time to kill gets shortened if you hit a head shot but like I don't know it's just, weird like I said it's one of the most guns in Call of Duty right now like I think the basic hogar 556 is way better I think the other burst weapons are better.

If you want to use this, it's not bad; there's just no real point to using

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