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best holger 556 build

Since it is the entire point of the article, starting off with the stock the hoger stockless, mod across the board you can see all the green for speed, but if you come into the statistics it says the penalties to The Recoil are really bad and comparatively. That's true, but this gun's fire rate is not very high, and the recoil by default is actually pretty good, so even with this big Nerf to our recoil, it's still very controllable.

Next up for me is going to be the optic slot. I was using the Mark II reflector. If you want to use a different optic, pick your favorite one. If you want to use a different attachment, we'll come back to that. Forward to the barrel, we have the banner 80 Light Barrel. Again, it's a speed buff.

The only penalties here are going to be to our recoil, but these numbers are so low you're not really going to notice them, and I think this is the better option for the barrels because it doesn't hurt your damage range, and it also offers aim-down sight and sprint-to-fire speed as opposed to just sprint-to-fire while hurting your damage ranges.

best holger 556 class

Next up is going to be the muzzled saken tread 40; this is where the majority of our recoil control will be coming from, and my last attachment is going to be the M-20 grip; it is recoil control and Flinch resistance, which we need back after the stockless. Mod takes away a lot of it for the best build that I think every player could get away with using if you want to run a speedy hoger 5.56.

These attachments are the ones I think are going to be the best, but if you'd like to speed up the weapon a little bit more, you could take off the optic, the rear grip, or both, and then put on a laser sight and an under. Barrel, yeah, we're doing the thing again where I'm not allowed to spawn one in the helicopter with everyone else, and B, I'm literally not behind cover; I'm not safe.

Whatever we're using the hoger for, though, the hoger is one of those weapons that is just stupidly good, and there's no bad way to build it. Back, I mean that, sucks. Unfortunately, it was just one of those games. No one wanted to play The Objective or Move, so 200 to 6 and 1/2 minute magic Cod loves that if I have a decent KD, maybe we'll see the game play if not try.

Again, yeah, decent, I

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