News - The Final 2 Weapons Warzone 2. Bruen Mk9 & Fr 5. 56 - Season 6 Reloaded


This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the last two weapons that are reportedly coming to Modern Warfare 2. There are some surprise updates that were found, plus even more. With that being said, tomorrow is another huge update for the haunting, with the release of Von Dead lockdown and Zombie Royale being live here on the channel in the morning.

Do a bit of a countdown to that update and grind as much as possible, as well as figure out all the secret challenges.

The oni operator is now on xbox & pc??

The oni operator is now on xbox & pc??

In the Haunting update that is dropping at about 12:00 Central tomorrow , it is now being reported that Xbox and PC players can now see the PlayStation exclusive Oni operator inside of MW2 in War Zone, when that wasn't supposed to happen until October 27th, which is the exact day when Oni becomes available on Xbox and PC.

You would think they would do an exact year type of countdown until other platforms can see that operator pack, but for some reason that operator is coming out as of right now via an 1100. Cod Point Bundle: It's apparently a pack that has popped up for certain people in the game. I know data miners have also been sharing images of it over on Twitter.

This is the Oni pack that you can only get by pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2 last year over on PlayStation. For those out there wondering about the seasonal Oni operator packs as a part of the PS+ deal, those will also all be available beginning on October 27th, unless they pop up a little bit early, like when the base operator did another update for MW2.

I know MW3 has kind of taken a spotlight as of lately, and now the haunting but in regards to the MW2.

Mw2 vault edition removed for mw3.

The f4 5.56 & bruen mk9 have been added

The f4 5.56 & bruen mk9 have been added

AR and the bruan MK2 lmg has been added to the game. These weapons have not been announced at all for Modern Warfare 2 or War Zone Season 6, but data miners are claiming that the bruan MK2 has been renamed to the bruin MK9 with the haunting patch, so if that has been found on the mod Warfare 2 files, it's totally possible that both of these weapons are coming to the base game at some point in the future.

Now there's an image that I can't show you on screen, but it's a data mine that confirms FFR556. Mastery and bruan MK9 Mastery for Moder Warfare 2 in war zone so in terms of when those weapons are coming out it's totally unknown as of right now but it is also possible I'll point this out that these weapons could be excluded exclusive to war zone mobile war zone mobile just started receiving exclusive bundles that will not be releasing inside of MW2, 3 or the main war zone so it's possible that weapons also released that are exclusive to just the mobile experience, we'll just keep that in mind for right now but if you want to get even deeper into this you can take a look at the season 6 weapon charms for Mastery and you'll notice that it mentions there's five season 6 weapons total when as of right now only three have released that's the tr76.

Proof 2 final weapons are coming to mw2?

Proof 2 final weapons are coming to mw2?

Gist the ISO and the Dual KAS The chainsaw doesn't count as a new weapon; it's just a skin for the ice pick, so with that logic, and if we take a look at this charm here, there should be five weapons releasing in season 6, and what do you know two other ones just got added into war zone mobile so for all we know now the F fr556 and, the Bruin MK9 lmg could end up being those last weapons they release here in our sixth and final season now at the beginning of season 6 a classified sector in the battle pass did pop up momentarily but did get removed after about a day or two and that was counting down until the reloaded update, which was the other day with the haunting.

Season 6 reloaded is actually the haunting

So we did get confirmation that yes, the haunting is the season 6 reloaded update. That's going to be it. There isn't going to be a separate reloaded update for this season, so the fact that the classified sector has not returned has me scratching my head as to how those two weapons could be added in.

Could they just be added in via a hot fix at some point later, and then we end up just having challenges to do inside of multiplayer, war zone, or both to unlock those base weapons? That is totally a possibility, but if you look at the timer for the Haunting event, it says that, as of right now, it ends in about 17 days.

17 days from now is still before the launch of Modern Warfare 3 on November 10th; it's about a couple days before that, so there's still time for them to add in these two weapons if they're going to. I'm fully aware of this, and I reported on it a couple of weeks ago. The bruan lmg did get leaked out from Modern Warfare 2 even before season 6 got marketed, so the weapon is probably going to drop unless again people out there misinterpret the data Min and leak. The code and we were actually looking at information that was exclusive to Warsword Mobile.

Will mw2 get more content before mw3 releases

Will mw2 get more content before mw3 releases

Who knows, but Moder Warfare 2 could still get some content before MW3 drops because of the carry-forward feature and the fact that you can unlock those weapons in Modern Warfare 2 and bring them into Modern Warfare 3 on day one.

That's why I could see that they might drop these two weapons before November 10th, but I just don't see Modern Warfare 2 getting any type of update after MW3. Drops since there's a carry forward feature, not a carry backwards feature. Anything new that comes out of Modern Warfare 3 cannot be brought backwards into Modern Warfare 2, and looking at the leaked weapons list for Modern Warfare 3, neither the FR nor the Bruin are on any of those lists, so they're either dropping a mon Warfare 2 and we'll see that before the end of season 6, or they're just exclusive to War Zone Mobile.

We'll leave it at that, but you could also speculate that Modern Warfare 2 could theoretically still get updates all the way up until season 1 releases for Modern Warfare 3, which is going to be around December 5th or December.

Infinity ward breaks silence on the new update

6th now Infinity War did put out a statement as of today as to why the massive Resurgence player count was dropped from 150 to 100.

They mentioned that they were listening to player feedback and heard that the mode was too chaotic now. I don't really agree with that since, as of right now, with the launch of The Haunting, it's bound to be too chaotic. Whether it's Zone or DMZ, there's obviously hot drops where there could be boss fights, so everyone's going to be going to certain points of interest.

I get that, but I don't think it was worth dropping the player count down to 100. People out there are giving Infinity Ward a lot of flack for this decision. It's only a temporary change according to them; they might just up the player count back to 150 later or just when The Haunting event ends, and if they bring back massive resurgence, they'll leave it at 150.

The FINAL 2 Weapons in Modern Warfare 2. Bruen MK9 FR 5. 56 - Season 6 Reloaded.
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