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Today we are going to show you how to level up your guns as fast as possible with the new War Zone season 2 update. Before we get started, we are going to be playing plunder, and we have to pick the gun that we need to level up. This is one of the only guns I have left that is not leveled, and it is the MX Guardian shotgun.

So I'm going to throw this gun into a plunder game. I'm going to do the method that I was kind of explaining in the short film article that is linked to this, and we're going to show you the fastest way possible with all the new updates and everything that they've patched and not patched to basically level up those guns for you.

Let's get into it. So all you have to do is load up the plunder quads and make sure you start the game. I definitely recommend having a squad for the method that I'm about to show you, but I'm going to do this solo, which is going to be a little bit harder, but either way you can definitely make it work with a squad or solo, and then hopefully this method helps you level up those guns as fast as possible so you can have more fun playing with your friends all right, and as you're landing in, you guys want to make sure you do one thing and always pop your XP tokens while you're in the game so you don't lose any precious.

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Time, and you click Start L3, and then you activate a token. I have 24 minutes left on a token that I popped earlier, and now I'm going to be able to use that for the rest of this game because they're about 24 minutes long, and while I'm doing that, you can always try and get some extra kills in the plunder lobby if possible, so let's see if anyone hands me a free B real.

Quick i hear someone say that's a 200 XP right there, another 240. XP right there we will take that to start our leveling grind, and with that being said let the plunder grind begin for our weapon leveling in season 2, and here we go so you guys know the method of the most wanted in doing contracts and buying plates and all that stuff and plunder, but a couple of things have changed since they've done some updates and they've patched some stuff so buying plates at the buy station does not work nearly as well as it used to when it comes to obviously multiplying.

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XP and leveling your guns really, really fast, so a big thing now is doing contracts, but it's not only doing contracts if you guys watch the short form article I made or just the articles I've made recently that's linked to this one; it's not only about doing the short form. Hold up it's not only about doing; what is going on?

We had to run from this. There is a lot of commotion going on right now. Hold up we have to stay alive. I was trying to, you know, hold on; maybe we get this going as much as is also about getting these contracts done without dying, so dying right there would have definitely sucked, but since I did not die and I'm staying alive, if I can complete this most wanted, the next most wanted that I complete in the same life, so having a squad makes this a lot easier, as I was stating earlier.

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You will get more XP, and it will kind of compound on top of each other to continuously give you more and more and more XP, so not dying in plunder while you're doing this is really important, especially for the person that's obviously rocking the most wanted, and you can see even on the top left of the mini map looking at all the most wanteds right now.

Everyone is trying to probably do a similar strategy when you were playing this game mode. Make sure you are doing these most wanted things and doing these contracts, but try to stay alive while you're completing them. If you can stay alive while completing contracts, they will multiply and give you even more XP.

So we have a minute and 36 left; that's not that much, and then we're going to use these vehicles to our left to stay mobile and get more and more of what we want done while we can send an enemy soldier incoming. I got the notification that there's someone probably trying to land on me, so I'm going to get inside a house.


Kind of play this as smart as I possibly can, so I don't get absolutely jumped like I kind of just did. I'm a little nervous right now because this guy's near me. I do hear him speak to me. I got a level seven, and as you notice when I'm looting right now. I'm also keeping my weapon out because the more I have my weapon out, the more XP that I get, so I don't know where that guy is giving me high alert.

This guy is definitely trying to chase me down, and I don't like that, but I have 7. seconds, and I can stay alive. We're good now that he's on this radar connected; supply DRB at your location. I'm going to try and push this guy, but I really hope I don't know what he is. This guy is like an actual freak.

Assassin, all right, we are out of here. This guy is scaring me. What I'm going to do is kind of move—no way, no way. My God, is this guy just the best? That guy just played that so weird. All right, GG's, I died right there. I made a mistake, but as I was, you know, kind of getting at earlier, having a squad makes those situations a lot easier, and if I can do this solo and get a bunch of weapon levels while I'm doing this while I'm kind of dying and not compounding that XP, you're going to see how easy it would even be when you're obviously doing it a little bit better than I am right now.


I'm definitely playing this in hard mode to show you that this could be a lot easier when you're not doing it this way, so what I'm going to be doing now again is another Most Wanted and trying to stay alive to really give you an idea of what this method looks like when it's actually completed successfully, and hopefully we keep kind of going from there.

Also, if you guys just want to see that buying the plates actually does not really work as well, if you buy a bunch of plates right now, you're going to see that I'm not getting XP like I used to; it's not the same, so I'm going to buy a UAV, just to have some protection in the next fight that I go to.

I'm going to hit this balloon and see if there's anything in the gas station for myself to loot. This is perfect. This is what we need; we need good loot. Loot bags count as well, or the stem things that you find on the wall are also really good. And remember, I started this at level five; we are already at level 8, and there's still 24 minutes to play, so we have a lot of time.

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And with the more people that you play with. I know I've been stating this over and over, the quicker this will go down because there's more people to loot different buildings and stuff you can kind of spread out a little bit, so we're going to land at this next building right here. This is perfect.

The FASTEST Way to Level Guns in Warzone 3 in Season 2! Today we are going to show you how to LEVEL UP your guns as FAST as possible with the new Warzone Season 2 update.
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