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YouTube, what is going on crowder, here, and I am bringing you guys a article to show you and to prove to you what the fastest method is when it comes to leveling up your weapons. Now we dropped a short form on this I know but at the same time I wanted to show you exactly what this method looks like in a long form article I know a lot of you guys like to watch it in like a long form setting just to see exactly what to do and just how it kind of works and to really see if it actually works or not but right now you can see our Ram 7 is a level 11, about a quarter of the way through, and we're going to explain to you exactly what to do to level up your guns as fast as possible for War Zone 3 let's go so first you have to select the gun you want to max out for us right now it is going to be the ram 7 I'm going to go to the gunsmith and just right now level 11 I'm just going to make the best build possible.

Just so if I do get into gunfights and plunder, we have kind of the best thing that we could do, so let's do that first, and this is the loadout that we came up with right now. You can see I'm going to STP-pause my camera for a second. That's what we're using. This is probably not the best build—kind of close to it—but we're just going to use what we can.

In order to, you know, get the gun that we've selected just so we can at least fight back if it comes to it, we'll see how this build kind of works out, and now that we have our gun, you know, ready to go we selected our gun we're going to go over here to the perk package. This is important because you're going to hit edit perks, and you're going to make sure that your perk package has what is called payout, which you can see on your screen right here.

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Contracts pay out more in cash, and the cost of a UAV tower is discounted in plunder. Getting cash for this method that I'm about to show you is very important, so make sure you have that perk on, make sure you got your gun selected, and then you queue into a plunder game because that is the game mode that we are going to be playing plunder quads.

Let's go and show you exactly what to do. All right now that we are in our plunder game, we are going to land here and pop a double weapon XP. Of course, if you don't have a weapon XP, that's not going to help you, but right here we're going to click Start, we're going to go to double weapon XP, we're going to put on 30 minutes of weapon XP just so that activates, and now that we have that activated, we're going to start trying to get kills at level 11.

With the ram, we started about a quarter way through, like we said, and any kill in the pregame Lobby is going to be helpful. I mean, it's not going to, you know, be the end of the world, but if you want to try and go demon time and try and get yourself a free couple XP points, that's exactly what this loadout feels like.

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All right, you know it'll get the job done in a plunder. This is my first game, and I have it warmed up, so I'm going to really show you that you don't need to be the most skilled player to do this either, and here we go. First things first, when you are playing plunder, you want to start off by doing a scavenger, Contract.

It doesn't matter what the scavenger does or where he is. I'm going to land here and immediately go for that scavenger, especially if you and your team—you know you—it's you and your boys—it's even a little bit easier. I'm going to be doing this by myself, so it might be a little bit harder to do this because I'm going to be fighting everybody.

But we're just seeing what just happens; let's see how this goes again. This is something that you have to do where you can avoid kills. This is more for just anyone; the better you are at the game, the easier this method will be, but if you're not the best player, you don't have to be super sweaty.


You can just make sure that you're obviously doing what you got to do to find your way here, so I'm going to try and get some kills and also do a little bit of both and kill this Most Wanted for some extra cash, but again, it really just depends on the level of your skill, so we got one. This Ram s's feeling pretty good this Ram 7's feeling pretty good and also while I'm looting and I'm playing I'm going to keep my main weapon out that is very important you can see I already got basically a full level up on my Ram 7even, and that is just going to start this leveling up process and again when you're doing these you want to get your XP in order to get your XP while you're looting you want to keep your weapon out right so that's very important we're going to see what this guy's doing here, bullet velocity on this gun o Resolute saves them see if we can get any money and also collecting money while you're doing that's the whole reason why you were going hold up hold up hold up hold up no I was going to say the whole reason why you're going for these contracts, is to get money and of course I'm going to be a little bit more greedy in this article just to try and either a get more kills and also just get more money but you can also just do it by avoiding.


Overall, we're going to do it again instead of just landing back there and going for the action, which you can also do if you are a demon. I'm just going to land on a scavenger and keep trying to collect some money and then continue to show you basically what you need to do, so right now this is definitely terrifying.

I'm getting high alert already this guy is landing here going to get that kill, going to drop down and see what we can do no I don't think I'm going to be able to get this one because I messed it up let's see I don't know exactly where this, scavenger is, but while I'islooting. I'm going to keep my weapon out like I was explaining beforehand.

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And continue to move here, so it looks like that's up there, so let's see what we can do, but all right, this one's on the roof. I did not know my God every time I went on a rooftop; I died. I had to stay off the rooftops. That guy sees me. This guy actually might challenge me; let's see. Also, it's nice when you're doing a submachine gun because a lot of your plunder fights are going to be pretty close-range fights just because everyone's pretty aggressive because you respawn.

So it's nicer when you use a machine gun, but again, we're going to keep this Ram out as much as we can. It looks like this is the most wanted guy right there who just dropped down with that big bag of money. I'm going to get a little greedy and try to kill him. Yep, that's one, that's two, that's good stuff, so now instead of finishing this contract, we're going to try and get all these kills.

The FASTEST Way To Level Up Guns in Warzone 3! Coach Crowder shows you the FASTEST Way to Level Up Guns in Warzone 3 by playing Plunder and using these methods to get your guns ranked up in Call of Duty Warzone.
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