News - The Bryson 800 Is The Best Pump Shotgun Warzone 2. Gun Guide Ep. 47

Shotgun range comparison

And in today's episode, we're going to be moving on to the next shotgun, which is the Bryson 800 , and I'm great in that let's have a look at our shotgun range comparison in relation to the other shotguns in the game, and as you can see here, we actually have the second-best One-Shot kill potential out of any of the shotguns.

Rate of fire & time to kill

The only one that beats this is the Lockwood 300, and it doesn't even beat it by a whole lot as our in-game rate of fire is 72 rounds per minute, and what this means for our time to kill potential is that obviously with a one-shot kill it's zero milliseconds, but with a two-shot kill it's going to take you 834.

Milliseconds, to kill, is obviously something we want to avoid, so you want to make sure you're going for that one shot kill as much as possible with this; this is not a spammable gun, but then let's get into our hip fire, and we actually have the best hip fire spread in the shotgun category here, which is excellent to see, and speaking of that.

Ads pellet spread comparison

I did want to compare this to our aim down sight spread as well, and it's quite interesting with the Bryson 800 with no attachments. Our aim-down sight spread isn't really much tighter than our hip fire spread, and that is quite out of the ordinary for a shotgun in this game. Keep in mind, of course, that once you start factoring attachments in, this can and will change quite a bit.

Ads & sprintout time

Ads & sprintout time

a bit next up, let's get into our handling stats, and our aim down sight time is 365 milliseconds, which is quite slow, although when you factor in the fact we have a one-shot kill potential, it's really not that bad compared to other one-shot kill weapons.

Guard rates of fire

and with that let's get into the more interesting elements that come with the attachments and the first set of attachments I want to cover are our guard attachments, and, it turns out the first guard the demo x50 will increase our rate of fire up to 77 rounds per minute whereas.

Range modifying attachments

Range modifying attachments

The Lockwood Series 2 guard will reduce our rate of fire down to 64 rounds per minute and, then the final one doesn't have any impact on our rate of fire at all as for the attachments that impact our range values we have seven different barrels that we can use with this gun although only five of them will impact our ranges unfortunately.

modern warfare 2

Only one barrel on this gun will increase our range, but we do get a massive increase at 26 percent; that's with the 29.5-inch rifled barrel, and then for all of the barrels that reduce our ranges, they honestly don't really hurt our ranges that much, which is nice to see at least; however. I typically lean toward that first barrel, and then when we get into the muzzle section, which is pretty standard for shotguns, we have several different suppressors that impact our ranges, that you can see there the best being a 14 percent increase, which happens with two of the suppressors, and then the chokes will also slightly impact our range values, but not nearly as much as some of those suppressors.

Ads pellet spread modifying attachments

After that, let's talk about aim down sight spread, and it turns out that several of the barrels, but not all of them, state that they will change our aim down sight spread, and then we have the three different chokes. that will impact our spread, and as we can see here looking at the barrels, there's only one barrel that states that it improves our aim-down sight spread.

That's once again that 29.5-inch rifle barrel, the one that gives us the range increase, and that appears to give us a very nice improvement to our spread. I measured a roughly 40 Improvement. To our spread, whereas for all of those other four barrels that are listed here, they state that they give a wider aim-down sight pellet spread, but based on my testing, there really isn't that much of a difference with most of them aside from that last one, the eight-inch CQB barrel; for all the others, if anything. I was actually seeing some slight improvements to our aim-down sight spread, so I wouldn't worry too much about those, but you definitely want to be aware of that eight-inch barrel; and then, of course, when it comes to the chokes, just like with all of the other shotguns we've tested so far, the Bryson seems to give us the best and most consistent overall aim-down sight spread, and this improves our spread by about 50 percent, which is huge; and now, finally, for the non-munition.

Sprintout attachments

Sprintout attachments

Attachments, at least: I wanted to take a look at the attachments that impact our sprint out time because that is a very important stat with shotguns, and especially with this shotgun, it has a bit of a slower sprint out time by default, so you definitely want to improve that with attachments, whenever possible, and with this, you can see our lasers and flashlights will give us nice improvements.

There the best being the exf solar flare, whereas with the stock attachments we have a bunch of stocks that we could potentially use here, and it turns out that even the stocks that state that they don't improve our sprint out time do so, so the guardian, the watchman, and the ripcord all improve our sprint out time by the same amount, even though it's not stated; however, the stockless pistol grip as well as the sawed-off mod are the ones that are going to help the most out of any single attachment with our sprint out time.

modern warfare ii

It's also interesting to point out that the f-tac Apollo stock states that it harms our sprint out time, and based on my testing, that doesn't appear to be the case at all now.

Ammo type breakdown

Finally, for the important attachments I wanted to cover, let's get into the different ammunition attachments, which are all pretty standard for shotguns.

Unfortunately, after that Season 2 Reloaded update. Breath got nerfed pretty hard across the board, and while you can get very consistent one-shot kills within about six or seven meters of anything, beyond that it's now going to take you two shots to kill, and as a result. I'd actually recommend staying away from Dragon's Breath entirely.

Welcome to Modern Warfare II Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats and best attachments for every gun in the game. In today's episode, we're breaking down the Bryson 800 in great detail.
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