News - The Bas B Is Still Broken" Warzone. Best" Bas B Loadout. Solo No Commentary

And even though the bass B was nerfed, this thing is still absolutely ridiculous. I'm running this as kind of like a shotgun support, but it is heavily focused on recoil, this is definitely the way to build out but you could definitely use a side of preference even chucking on an under Barrel if you want to focus more on that recoil control but that ravage grip as you did see or the ravage stock here it really gives a lot of recoil and gun kick control and then this thing right here this thing is extremely fun to use it's very fast, and you do get a twoot down if you manage to hit your shots.

I'm also using the hip-shot laser. You could definitely change this to a more ads-focused one if you wanted to, but I tend to hit fire quite a bit, and if you didn't want to worry about the choke of you're getting all really up in people's faces, definitely Chuck on this thing here for even more rechambering speed and movement speed, so it shoots even faster than before.

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