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And finally not entirely sure when this article goes live I've had my schedule readjusted, here a few times in the last couple of days while making content and advance for while I'm as of this being live out for the holidays but whenever it may go live happy holidays to you Merry Christmas to those who celebrate wishing you and your families the best of happiness and health and a happy New Year upcoming byways that said let's jump into Modern Warfare 3 and the weapons that we know of in the near future, so first and foremost we have weapons upcoming that we know of that aren't necessarily, air quote leaks but instead are part of the content we have for season 1 here that just coming at season 1 reloaded.

On January 17th, those weapons of the hram, 9 and the tack evolver will be coming in two different types, as they've already been described by the season 1 announcement blog, but the HRM 9 is described as a light yet stable 9mm submachine gun for close quarters combat and putting down enemies quickly.

It said that it sports a high rate of fire and excellent handling as well as mobility, and the HRM 9 is a perfect fit for the aggressive Run and Gun play styles aim down sights for precise fire, enter tack STS and run circles around your enemies, use gunsmith to enhance the weapon's mid-range capabilities, improve its Close Quarters performance, or use a combination of the two.

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Now this is one that when I was playing at Sledgehammer early. I said that we had various different ways to end up obtaining these weapons; it was one that was part of the armory unlock system, so I wouldn't be surprised if that sticks here and we still have that be the case come season one reloaded, that you have to complete daily challenges or win games to gain points to unlock it off the top of my head.

I can't remember how many there were at the preseason 1 build we had at Sledgehammer. I want to say it was like 5 to eight or something like that I honestly cannot remember though it was definitely more than three from at least what we had at that point so that'll be something that is an odd way to unlock it again still not a huge fan of that we saw some of the base weapons within Modern Warfare 3 unlocked via the Armory unlock system, but now with that win criteria just also being persistent across the board you don't have to have it as your bonus after completing three challenges of your dailies that at least helps but just know that that'll be probably how you unlock that one the attack of valver, was described as an advanced multi-caliber lmg capable of firing 762.

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Or 556 with minimal adjustments to the versatile and exceptionally lethal weapon in the right hands, it's also said it's capable of taking down both infantry and artillery, and with a wide variety of attachments available in the gunsmith, it'll allow you to tailor the tack evolver to any play style, including this one.

I'm kind of expecting to be in that battle pass sector for unlock introduced in the same manner that we saw weapons like the lockman Shroud in Modern Warfare 2 where you have challenges based around it; it's like five challenges to complete those five air quote tiers of the battle pass, and then you end up having the challenge to unlock the tack of volvie, but those are two weapons we know of, 100%.

Those have already been detailed in the announcement blogs for season 1, and they'll be coming here within season 1 reloaded. Next are the weapons. Or rather, as it's named for this game, the Anvil B, this surprisingly was a weapon that I figured we would have had earlier in the year already, like before Season 2.


The grand scheme of things is still early in the year, perhaps, but if you remember back in like July, there was an early alpha build of what was leaked from Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. And it showed off a ton of weaponry that we saw in the menus amidst things like the Sidewinder MTZ 762 and the Bass B, along with the AK-556.

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Was the BP50? A more modern-day weapon in a World War II-era game, which sure canonically they did kind of jump out of just the World War II era a little bit in that story progressing in the background, but anyways. I'd expect it to perform almost identically to that of the BP50. Now season 3 and beyond, that's where things get very weird because, well, we heard this rumor all the way back again before the launch even of Modern Warfare 3 that we'd have season 3 as a sort of thematic, homage to a prior Sledgehammer game that was advanced warfare, and when I say that in the game files, there are still the weapons of the EM1, asm1, ball 27, and the mo sniper rifle, so perhaps an entirely Advanced Warfare themed season with Modern Warfare 3 that we see upcoming in season 3, so for futuristic weapons, which is certainly interesting for sure.

I mean, obviously, with some of those, you can still get away with their ballistic weapons. The asm1, the ball 27 the mor was a rail gun hybrid in its design so plausible but not necessarily as plausible as like a ball 27 or something like that and then the EM1 was well that was just a laser weapon so that was obviously a strange one for sure, but those may be coming in season 3 as well but then beyond that we know of a handful of other weapons that still have not really had anything just yet in regards to tangible images builds or anything like that but up until this point we've seen references of these in the game files that may Point towards them being maybe other weapons in season 2 because we only know of one maybe there's a fifth weapon in season 3 or maybe these are season 4 and Beyond planned weapons but we know of the type 98 rifle the beta ARX, 160 rifle as well as the beta ARX, 200, spaz 12 and the axmc.

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Sniper rifle, so a handful of weapons that could fit that equation somewhere down the line We just don't know exactly where those May slots are, but 13 weapons that we know of are still on the horizon, some confirmed, some not necessarily, some still a little more shrouded in mystery, but one that we've seen is now already listed here in the game files, so in the future, at some point, they will again land.

That's still up in question, but that said. What do you guys think of these weapons? Do you like any in particular? Do you like the sound of any one or any multiple coming? Is there anything you would hope to see added to this list in the future that we see coming to Modern Warfare 3, whatever the case?

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Sure, this article is going up as of this being recorded, so I hope you guys have a happy, healthy holiday with all your friends and family. I wish you all the best here as we gear up for the new year and beyond. It's been an interesting one, but I truly appreciate each and every one of you guys that came back to the article, and I again hope you guys have a great holiday season.

Take care, and.

Believe it or not, we know of at least outwards of Season 3 and the weapons to expect at any point during that stretch for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. That makes around 15 weapons we know we can look out for in the coming months ahead for both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone's use. Today, I wanted to run down a bit of what to expect here for you and what you should be aware of in the upcoming weeks to months.
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