News - Raal Mg Vs Sakin Mg38. Warzone 2 Long Range Meta

Raal mg vs sakin mg38

Raal mg vs sakin mg38

allergies are overpowered, and Warzone too, and it's hard to tell which one is the best, but after looking into and testing out all the light machine guns, it's clear that it comes down to the raw and G versus the second-generation M38. To help you decide which weapon is the best for you. I'm going to be comparing their stats and giving you my opinion on which is the best after my extensive gameplay with both, then I'll give you the best class setups for each LMG.

Make sure to watch through all the stats because you never know which one might be the deciding .


Factor: For you. I'm going to start off with the big-time stats that you care about the most: the fire rate and time to kill and recoil. For the firing edge, we're going to have 652 rounds per minute for the second versus 556.


For the raw, this is a nice little advantage for the second because it makes the weapon way more forgiving because if you miss a shot, the time to kill is affected last. If you miss, the second only adds 92 milliseconds to its TTK per mesh shot, whereas the raw will add 108 milliseconds. That means the second is 16 milliseconds, which is more forgiving but can start to add up quickly with each missed bullet if we move over to the time to kill.

Against full-health players at 250 health The raw will be better at every range, with 4 132 milliseconds at close range compared to 552 for the second. These are both incredible times to kill us up close. The raw kills nearly 100 milliseconds faster than the lockman sub up close, which is the fastest ttk SMG that's honestly wild.

The second has both a mid- and long-range time to kill, whereas the raw only has one time to kill and drops off at mid-range. The second has a 644, millisecond ttk, which is equivalent to the midi back's close-range time to kill; for long-range ttks, the raw knocks are in 540 milliseconds in the second, at 736 milliseconds. The second has a 22 millisecond, delay which is very small but the raw has a 72 millisecond delay that is very noticeable while you're using it and so far we have the second more, forgiving and having a smaller open bolt delay and the Raw having a much better time to kill and, quickly jumping into the ranges before we go to the firing range we're gonna have 42 meters for the roll and 36 and 61 meters for the second's two ttk drop-offs, the raw just has insane damage output that is out of this world in comparison to any other weapon in Warzone too but this Advantage will do you no good if the recoil is terrible so let's head on over to the firing range to compare the recoil patterns as you can see they both have some vertical and horizontal, recoil but the roll is more vertical with the second being a bit more horizontal.



When looking at the patterns, it's easy to see if the raw has a bigger magnitude of recoil than the second that is very condensed, meaning you have to make less adjustments to control that recoil, and while normally vertical recoil is much easier to control, in this instance the second is easily more accurate, but I don't find it difficult to control either weapon, and it should be easy enough for any of you to hit your shots for clarity.

I would say I missed fewer shots with the sack and then the raw, although in my stats I have an identical 23.08 headshot percentage, which is on the higher end for my long-range weapons that aren't snipers, so take what you want from that knowledge now I'm going to transition to the stats that you may not find to be sexy but that truly impact how the weapon performs and could make the difference in which weapon you prefer to use.

More stats


I will start with the average damage at close and long range, where the raw will be better with 48 to 37.8 and 44.2 to 29.8, which results in way fewer shots to knock, which is why the time to kill is much faster even though its fire is about 100 rounds per minute slower. We're talking about 2 fewer bolts to kill with the raw needing to hit fewer shots.

This can sometimes mean it's easier to use and requires less skill with fully automatic weapons because you don't need to control the recoil for as long. Another category that plays a big part in weapons and is a light machine gun strong suit is damage for magazines, where, even though the second has a hundred rounds to the raw's 75, it will still lose the long-range damage for magazines by a good margin at 34.50 to 2900; this makes almost no difference because both are plenty for any mode in quads.

best lmg warzone 2

A full team has a thousand health, and if you want to add capping them on top of that, they'll be at 1400 health, and you should be able to complete the whole fight without reloading, whether you win or not. The raw can theoretically knock out 13.8 players before reloading, or a team of four before reloading.

Whether you would need to hit 29 of your shots, at mid-range, that should be easily possible, and that's if you don't have any help from your teammates. Let's take a look at long-range damage per second, where the raw will be better because it just outputs damage at an insane rate. 426 to 315 The DPS pretty much just equates to time to kill, so whichever weapon has the faster damage per second will generally have the faster time to kill, and with that being said, long range fights also come down to accuracy, where the second is better, but what about the mobility that still plays a factor in these long-range fights with these sets being somewhat similar, but the second will still have the advantage here with a better aim down side speed, better ad speed, movement, sprint speed, and reload time.

You will certainly notice the damage and sprint speed differences while playing with these two weapons, and since the second has a smaller magnitude of recoil, you can help the movement a bit more with its build. The second won't be flying around, but it won't feel like you're stuck in mud like you kind of do with the raw, and the last side I want to go over quickly is going to be bullet velocity, which is very important on our long-range weapons, and the raw is going to be slightly better; it's 730 meters per second compared to 700 on the base weapons, which is certainly a small benefit to the raw at long range, making it a little bit easier to hit your shots on moving targets.

This is also a nice benefit to both weapons over assault rifles like the ISO hemlocker attack 56, where their base bullet velocities are 590 meters. This only starts to become a factor at about 50 meters, but you will have an easier time with these LMGs because of the higher bullet velocity.

My opinion

My opinion

The raw just has too much firepower to compete with, even with its painfully slow mobility. I hate when I look at my stats after using both weapons and see that Katie is twice as good with the raw to the second.

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