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In this article, we're going to be ranking all of the weapons in Warzone 2 Season 2. We've got a few new additions, and obviously we've got some buffs and nerves, so we want to go over which ones are the main meta weapons to try out, and, if you've already got them unlocked, obviously go ahead and unlock them and use them.

Basilisk, Is definitely top-tier upper at the moment, but it's still absolutely broken. They never actually even nerfed this gun, which is quite surprising, so with the snake shot ammo, this is a two-shot kill with full armor plate, so it's definitely worth using as a secondary. The Bryson shotgun is definitely usable.

It is not one of the better shotguns in the game, and this is the Bryson 890, but again, it is usable for the most part. Bryson 800 is in the same kind of category; you can use it, but it isn't great. The Deco pistols are actually usable. I've been using them as ground loot. I don't know if this has anything to do with the new armor health or armor damage that we're getting inside Warzone, but it does feel pretty good.

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I got the EBR, which is again usable. Semi-automatic with great attachments does make it feel pretty decent. The expedite is definitely top tier, and it's definitely one of the better shotguns. It's a bit more spammable, which is obviously what we're looking for when it comes to shotguns in general.

The Fenik 45 is still the meta SMG to use right now and still absolutely deletes, even though I've got a bit of a Nerf. It wasn't anything major, so they probably will go ahead and nerf that again. The Ftech Recon is kind of in the trash category at the moment, and the reason why is because the magazine capacity is a bit too low, even though it does similar damage to the other Marksman rifles.

The HDR56, again, is either in the top tier, lower tier, or usable category. 4 lmgs You can pretty much get away with 90 of them, to be honest, or pretty much all of them at the moment, given the hurricane, which in my opinion again is in the usable category and not a great SMG. It's not the one I would recommend using, even though I do like it as a weapon.

call of duty modern warfare ii

The Icarus is top-tier Lord as well, along with the HC-IR, and both are in that top-tier lower section, in my opinion. The Joker is also cheaper and more usable because it's very niche, and not a lot of people will use this in more zones too because there aren't a lot of super high buildings there.

Um, it is kind of just in that category there. Casper 545 is top tier lower and again not one of the better assault rifles in the game, but it's definitely by no means something you cannot use, so I'm going to put it in the top tier lower cast of the 74U, which is definitely top tier upper and probably still one of the best sniper support guns in the game.

Um, not the best though, but definitely one of the best. It's definitely a solid choice. You can also run it like an SMG. It's still a very good choice, and the 762 is still a super-solid choice. I still think it's a meta rifle, and even though they did nerf it a bit, it still doesn't feel like it's been nerfed.

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Moving around to the lab now, if you use the insundee in any round, you can get a one-shot kill or a one-shot headshot with all the sniper rifles under a certain range, and the lab, in my opinion, is an aggressive snow person. I'm going to put it in the top tier with Loree Lochman, 556. I actually think it's a solid weapon, to be honest, and it just doesn't really output a ton of damage, but in terms of recoil control, it's very easy to manage, so I'm going to put it in a top-tier lower lockman.

762 is a semi-auto weapon. I'm just going to put it in usable lockman, sub, which is the mp5s. Absolutely admit a choice right now; it's probably a matter of choice. People are not trusting the Fenik too much because of the little Nerf, but I still think the Fenik is the main weapon. And they've got the LMS again; it is usable, so I'm just going to put it in this category here.

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Not fantastic; the 300 is probably the worst shotgun in the game, and I would recommend standing as far away from that one as possible. The M16 again for Warzone and also for Resurgence I just need to stay away from this gun because it's very inconsistent, and that's the main issue. I thought, to be honest, that the M4 with this new armor damage is probably just going to be a gun that is very easy to use, and overall, it's a solid choice.

Then we've got the McPR, which is one of the better snipers when it comes to that incendiary ammo, so I'm going to put in the top tier upper snipers, which are kind of creeping up in the middle but have one stick and one shot headshot pretty much without any additional attachments and things, so I will put them higher up on the list.

The money back I do think is top tier upper right now; it could even be meta to be honest, because it feels really good in game. I don't really know if they've made any slight adjustments to this gun at all, and they never really mention it in the patch notes, but it does feel really good, to be honest, because it's a top-tier upper and could potentially push into the mix slot as well.

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Lockwood, MK2 people were running this for some reason; I don't really know why, and it doesn't really feel too great to me when I use it, so it is definitely usable. MX9 is definitely a top-tier lower; it is a good SMG to be honest, but it doesn't really beat out some of the other ones. The p890s and akimbo are now usable, but they were heavily nerfed.

Now the PDHW is good for movement, but in terms of TTK, it's not really fantastic. I'm going to put it in the usable category, or it can even go on the top tier lower, which I'll put in here actually. Pila is niche once again for vehicles and things, and so obviously you can use it, but it's not something I'd super, super recommend, and a loadout specifically anyway; the rel mg is still limited.

In my opinion, if you build this correctly, it still has pretty much no recoil, and the TTK is absolutely broken. The wrap is a top-tier upper that is basically like a super-fast fire gun similar to the M13; it has a bit more capacity but a bit more recoil, but overall it is still an easy-to-manage RPG that is again usable because it's a niche weapon for vehicles and other things, but RPGs are still broken and still a matter of choice.

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Even though it got nerfed, it's still probably one of the best long-range rifles in the Saab. It's going to go to the top tier again. I can't really put any of these marksman rifles any higher up until we get one-shot headshot snipers in the game. Second in my opinion is top-tier upper, or even mid, to be honest; it has a very solid choice for LMGs at the moment.

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