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Ammo type

Now the only four sniper rifles actually have this and I'll show you all those guns throughout this article I do want to mention that I have tried to counter test this it's kind of hard to do that and especially at Super far Rangers and public matches but, for the most part if you do land your shot then.

I do believe you do get the one shot kill to the Head specifically now when it comes to other location multipliers it definitely does not work 100 like. I've tried shooting people with two armor plates. And it still doesn't give you a one shot down so you need to make sure you land a headshot that's the first thing and the second thing is that this attachment significantly.



Reduces, your bullet velocity now I mean like an absolute ton so we're going to run through some quick builds of the four snipers that are in question here so first of all we've got the mcpr this, actually got added to the mcpr this attachment it wasn't originally here but now it is and you can use this for that one shot kill potential the rest of the attachments are an absolute must so you do need to use a no sound this is the best suppressor.

for Billet velocity these are all going to be used as heavy snipers at range so don't expect to like get some quick scopes for these because that is not how it's going to work and, this is going to give you the best buildup velocity then you do want to use the omx barrel again for the best Billet velocity and that is the main thing we're focusing on because the amount that this attachment tanks.

Your Billet velocity is ridiculous and then we are using the oily laser to bring more of the kind of speed back in the weapon and we're also using the. VR grab the cheetah grab here to get but more of the aim down sight back in the weapon but you can also. Use the flange resistance one as well and the reason why I say that is because there's quite a bit of flinch on the snipers now probably the last thing you use a sniper was quite a while ago.

Um but now if you notice in this game if, you get shot like once your shots all over the place and. I do recommend maybe swapping between these.



Two rear grips , moving on to the next gun is the vector so I did mentioned this earlier but you do also get the 50 cal explosive, ammo with this one as well so that is obviously what you want to equip again similarly we're going for Billet velocity here now the only unfortunate thing when it comes to the victors is that the best barrel for Billet velocity is the mammoth but if you do equip the mammoth here it, actually doesn't allow you to use any suppressors with it which is a bit unfortunate so what you actually want to use here is the Mac super and.

also pair that with the Brewing countertops now it's going to give you similar Billet velocity to what the mammoth battle would do by itself but allows you to be suppressed as well so you might as well get that bonus with it so like I said do, this pairing it would be better for you then. You do want to use a laser for the better Endo site speed once again it's going to be the seven milliwatt laser for the best possible ads and then when it comes to rear grip again you could choose your personal preference you could either choose the Bruin.

Q900, for the aim down site and split the fire which will definitely help. Or you could choose the Flinch resistance one instead again this will also help.



Like I said there's quite a bit of flange honestly right now so the next gun that has this ammo type is the signal 50 and the signal also does have the 50 cal explosive ammo so like I said this is what you need and. I did test this gun and it does give you a one shot kill to the head with the explosive rounds even though it's usually a two shot and, that is how the signal works but the good thing about this gun is that it does fire really quickly so obviously you can get that next shot off but there is quite a bit of recoil on it now especially with the explosive ammo when it comes to Billet velocity on, the signal you do need to use the Brewing counterop suppressor, once again it is the best when it is available and.

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The kilo 50 is the best barrel for, the, signal again this is going to give you the best possible Billet velocity and. Then we are using the oily laser once again for the bear aimed site speed and. Then also we are using the aim down site speed grip once, again similarly, to before you can use the French Resistance grip last.

Jfx imperium

But not least we've got the new fjx Imperium which has got the explosive ammo16, again and. The belt is going to be kind of the same as before so the now sound is actually the base of pressure I, actually made a mistake in, my previous article going over the best build for this gun the nail sound is better than the Brewing agent when it comes to build velocity now you do want to use the fahrenheit Barrel this is the best battle for this gun for sure and it's either this or The Cedars, and I'm gonna obviously try and do some testing to see which one is the best when it comes to Billet velocity but first of all the fahrenheit probably be the one that you unlock first but, also it does look like it's going to be the best part possible velocity.

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From what I've seen and tried in private matches and seven milliwatt laser once again for the better aim down sight speed and once again when it comes to the rear grips and there's actually only two options this time one does help with aiming stability and. French Resistance once again and the other one helps with the aim down sight and splint the fire, now overall do I think this brings sniper rifles back into the game I'm gonna potentially say no not really here because these guns actually do feel really weird with a then a lot of flinch that's on the snipers at the moment in my opinion and because they have been nerfing it along the way it's just people who haven't really been using sniper rifles in general.

But not only that. Um this bullet velocity issue, um as well with this now obviously that is a balancer mechanic for sure.

4 MAX DAMAGE SNIPER CLASSES. META SNIPER BUILDS SEASON 3 UPDATE This video covers the new explosive snipers in Warzone 2 and gives the best class set ups.
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