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This article is going to go over that now that the patch notes did state that the Nerf has some weapons that are going to be close-range options, and we also got the addition of a new close-range weapon as well, and this article is going to go over the five best options. Based on feel, if you want the stats, we will be making an updated article later on.

Starting off at number one, we do have the Fenik 45, and this gun did get an "air," if you're right, but for some reason it still feels really good in this game, and any of the nerfs that took place with this update didn't really adjust the guns too much. In my opinion, an exclusive race has actually made a article all about this as well, and it pretty much concludes the exact same thing: it did nerf the weapons, but it didn't nerf them enough, and that's the same thing that happened with the fennec, so therefore it's still going to be the number one best choice.

What you do want to use in terms of attachments though you do want to use a stock cap for better movement speed. Sprint to fire movement speed and hit fire accuracy—or recoil control, for that matter. We are using a seven-milliwatt laser, which you can also use. The G3P point helps a hit's accuracy.

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It just comes down to personal preference really, but I do like having a faster ads time attachment tuning, which is what you're seeing on screen just now. You do get a really solid choice in the way to build the gun that moves really quickly as well, especially after the plating animation is done so.

Therefore. I do think this is a really solid choice in the way to build the gun, and then we are using the Precision 40 under the Battle Reverse, which is the best under the Battle Reverse, which is the best under the Precision 40, which is the best under the Revers, which is the best under the Precision 40 under the Battle Reverse.

which is the best under the Battle Reverse, which is the Combat Reverse, which is the best under the Battle Reverse, which is the best under the Battle, which is the Battle, which is the Phoenix, and especially with the attachment tuning, it allows you to get better hip fire accuracy, which is super important with close range weapons in general, and then lastly, we're using the 45-round magazines, which are the base magazines to use now.

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If you're not sold on what I've told you about the Phoenix, then the next best option is the Lochman sub, which is actually my favorite option. Mod AIM is now like speed sprout to fire movement speed, and you get all the good strafing speed bonuses as well, so overall, it's definitely a solid choice.

You do want to make sure your movement is as fast as possible. Vok, or with the seven milliwatt laser with the attachment shooting you see on the screen just now; this is going to help with the aim-down site speed, aim stability, and spreading the fire. So overall, really good bonuses are here with that attachment.

You can go for the hipfire attachment if you really want to once again use the AVR compensator because it is the best compensator to control recoil on SMGs, and if you do want to go for a suppressor. I will give you the best suppressor option as well in just a second, but this is the attachment tuning that you do want to go for with the AVR compensator now for suppressors.

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The best suppressor is the black kite suppressor, which is going to give you recoil control. If the bullet velocity doesn't cut your aim too much so that you do need a suppressor for whatever reason, then the black key is the one to go for. It's equivalent on other weapons, of course, and we are using the Precision 40 once again because it is just the best under-battle grab to use on every single weapon at the moment, so that is why we're going for it.

This time around, tuning is more for hipfire accuracy; if you're using a long-range rifle, you tune it the opposite way, of course. When it comes to mags, 50-round drum mags are a bit overkill if you're playing maybe solos, duos, and even trios in some cases, but I do think you should just get used to using it because it is a really good option to have on your weapon, especially if you're trying to engage in gunfight after gunfight without having to reload too often.

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It is a really solid choice, but that is the Lochman sub. Next up, we've got the broadside shotgun, which is the new shotgun that got added with the Season 2 update, and there's probably a couple of different ways you can build this, but my personal favorite way to build this gun, especially after testing it in private matches, is the 12-shell magazine.

Now you can go for $25. It's kind of overkill even for quads, but if you find yourself in buildings and clearing them out all the time, then maybe go for the 25. Then the dragon's breath rounds obviously because this is what's going to make this gun absolutely broken, so you do want to go for the dragon's breath rounds there, the warrior roof battle, or you could choose to have no barrel, which might be a good choice if you are going for the 25-round mags because then you could choose no stock for better movement, so it's a bit of a mix there, but I do like the Warrior will for its versatility.

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The recoil controls the fire accuracy and the bullet velocity because the dragon's breath does not exceed velocity. Therefore, we are using the point g3p, which is going to help with fire accuracy once again and spread to fire speeds; we do need hip fire with a shotgun; and then lastly, the dashboard, which is going to help with fire, and therefore in turn, we're going to make that ttk even faster.

Now what's good about the broadside shotgun is that it's super spammable, so it's going to make it very easy to use and easy to clear out buildings with. It kind of reminds me of the origin shotgun from Modern Warfare 1, and obviously, 10 meters is quite a far distance to use a shotgun, and below 8 meters is usually where the damage drop-offs are, so just keep that in mind when you're using a shotgun like this, but overall, this is going to be an absolute beast.

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Next up, the 9K. The Vasnav is a solid choice. You could build it a couple of different ways. You could build a sniper support, and it works really well. And you can also build it as an aggressive SMG as well, because it has one of the best damage drop-offs, so you actually get better TTKs than even an authentic or an MP5, because the RICO is a bit easier to manage and the TTKS are pretty good in that kind of medium range, and so we are building this aggressively, of course, so we are using the stockless mod once again or the VOC stockless.

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