News - Operation Nightmare Haunting Event Guide For Warzone Dmz Season 6 (dmz Tips & Tricks)

Ghost train

However the ghost train is the only exception being a one of one and once somebody actually beats you over to the train manages, to do the little puzzle there and get to the end once that train is actually completed, it can no longer be done again in the same run so at that point you would have to extract, go back into your next run and go ahead and try to be the first one to the ghost train first up we have the ghost train this was the most straightforward, as a it is found on the train tracks in alaz, and does currently replace both the trains we had previously, you guys will be able to open up your map at any given time look on the train tracks and be able to find the train going around now it is important to note if you guys do not see the boss icon that means another team has already cleared this you won't be able to do it in the exact same run as it is the only boss it will not be repeatable, so you guys would then obviously have to xfill.

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And fill into your next match and hope to be the first team there, and once you guys have identified where the train is and made your way over to its location, you guys are going to want to obviously jump on it. You guys won't be able to get on until about 2/3 of the way through the train, where you guys will see its first flat car.

You guys will go ahead and climb up onto this car, getting access from the back and pretty much heading their way through the cars towards the front. Now it is important that, on your way through the cars, you come across Claymores. Proximity, mines, the wires that are hooked to the grenades that will explode, and even some sentry guns along the way, so you guys are going to want to be cautious of these and take them out as you're going through the cars.

One thing I did notice is that the Claymores were bugged for me, so I wasn't able to shoot them. We did have to use one of our teammates pretty much as a shield and have him run through all the claymores, giving us pretty much free access through the cars. Once we made our way through the cars, we did get access to a heat-resistant key, which you guys can use to open some of the crates in the highest or furthest car forward. Once you guys make your way all the way to the front of the train you guys will also see a safe that you can open that can give you quite a bit of loot but above the safe will be a little statue thing or there and you guys will pretty much be able to interact with this to grab the heart once you guys grab the heart, the train part is actually complete, knocking out the ghost train which will also spawn in a portal that you guys can use, basically go through the portal it'll spawn you in the air and you can fly over to some other area of the map once you guys are ready to leave the train though you'll go through the portal and that'll knock out the ghost train, next up we have the swamp cre feat this guy's going to be taking us just south of Alazar.

Swamp creature

Swamp creature

City into MAA Marsh, you guys should be familiar with this as it is fairly close to the downtown post office a little bit south of that is there make your way over to this area where there will be a yellow ring on your map obviously there can also be a swamp creature icon you guys can ping to get to this location easier, they'll make your way over to this area and within this circle you guys will see these egg pods that you can go over and interact with opening them up is kind of like a loot cache.

Within these, you're going to be looking for a golden tiara. Once you guys get access to the golden tiara, you will see a glowing ritual signal on the ground or sign on the ground. We'll take the golden Tiara over to that, which is kind of on the little island there in the middle of the swamp, because we'll then be able to interact with this, obviously placing the golden Tiara down and spawning in the swamp creatures.

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I think there's like two or three of them, and they are fairly easy to take out; they just have a bit of armor, they don't really do a lot of damage, and they're pretty easy to stay away from. Guys are going to continue to shoot them in the head or eliminate them one by one once you guys have eliminated all three of them that spawn and you guys have knocked out the swamp creatures.


Next up we have the Pharaoh, and this guy's going to be located in the Oasis, so if you open up your tack map and look a little bit northwest of that Loc, you guys will see some ruins with a couple holes in the ground. One of those holes in which you drop down, kind of taking a left in the hole in the wall, leads you over to the Kosai complex entrance.

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This is going to be pretty much in the exact same area as that. If you guys are familiar with that location, you guys are going to basically make your way to the exact same spot now once you guys have actually made your way over to the Oasis and made your way into the tomb. Again I definitely recommend opening a protac map and pinging the Pharaoh in order to make the sarcophagus easier to find they'll make your way into there into the bigger room where the sarcophagus is going to be located now the sarcophagus, has five slots on the front of it which can hold cursed skulls these cursed skulls can be acquired by eliminating the zombies in the area some zombies do have green eyes others have a magenta or pink If you eliminate the ones that have pink or magenta eyes it do drop that cursed skull you're going to need to collect five skulls in total taking them over to the sarcophagus, and placing them in those slots once you've filled each of the five slots with a cursed skull you then will awake the Pharaoh and be able to challenge him now the Pharaoh is definitely one of the more difficult bosses from all the ones that we have from this event as the quarters in the area are a little bit tighter making it a little bit more challenging and less room to move around and it is important to note if the phoh does manage to grab you it will perform an assassination.

Operation Nightmare Haunting Event Guide For Warzone DMZ Season 6 DMZ Tips Tricks In today's I have a quick guide for all the bosses and objectives ofr the haunting event in Warzone DMZ operation nightmare. We get to battle against The Butcher, A Pharoah, UFO, Swamp Creature and even a Ghost Train. Hopefully this will help you knock out the event quick and have you dealing with less jump scares. Thank you for all the support and I look forward to seeing you in the next one.
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